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Brave and brash, the bravado of the blindly bold. Leap from tall buildings, try the daring-est of fashion, the strangest of foods. There is nothing that is not worth doing, if just to prove that it can be done, and done with panache.

You're basically a bully, a ruffian, the one who has to be hard-edged and tough as nails. No one tells you what to do, and no one crosses you without a price.

Current Role

Perfect. Smart. Witty.

Those are words that could describe the woman known as Nocturne. If only on the surface of things, because beneath the facade there are hidden depths, and a mean streak that is barely kept in line by self-preservation.

Life started out much the same for Nocturne as it did for many others, she was born into a shit world, blood and pain were as much a part of life from the very first moment as it is to this very day. That willingness to rat out others was noticed early on when she turned in her own mother, and from there she was taken in by the Monitors and put to work as a Tattler.

That mean streak has served her well, she knows when to apply pressure to people, when to push, and those smarts have taught her when to not push on things. She's got a quick tongue, and has skills in talking people down from a proverbial cliff, and has learned to parlay that into getting a little extra for her. Reminders that she could have made situations worse for them....but didn't.

Except for those times she's had to wade into a fight and crack a few skulls. But that has all been in the name of being a Keeper. It was part of the job....right?

Previous Roles


Roxie Moretti (Slasher)

Roxie's always been smart. A genius, even. The problem is, she knows it, and will tell anyone and everyone. She was always showing off as a child, which not only gave her problems making friends but got her beat up on a number of occasions. This led her to turn her focus away from her classmates and deeper into her studies. She became particularly interested in electronics and the early advances of computers.

A degree in electronics and a job designing security devices - card scanners, fingerprint readers, etc. - got her into more trouble when she decided to use that knowledge to start a series of hi-tech robberies. She broke into places people weren't supposed to be able to, often only taking something small and always leaving something behind, a calling card of sorts. It wasn't about the money and riches, it was about the challenge and the glory. Showing off. Her little calling card ended up getting her busted by Johnathan, but instead of bringing her in he blackmailed her into helping him pull off heists of his own. She had little to do for the string of robberies leading up to it except wear an outfit and hold a gun, but when the big job came up she suddenly realized why he needed her. Only she could get into that lock box with all the extra security. Even now she still owes him, she's got an equal share of everything like an actual partner when she should be in jail.


Mermaid (Carnival)

Coming to America

There has always been stories of monsters in the water, lurking beneath the surface. Waiting.

But sometimes those monsters are something beautiful, spoken about with hushed voices and thinly veiled desire that says "this is the way I want to die". It was from these whispered stories that she was born, so far back that she couldn't even name a year, or even say what people originally thought of her. Some point to the Greeks as the originators of the stories, the tales of half-fish, half-human women that lured men to their doom.

All she knows is that the water has always been her domain, and that men sailed on it. Sometimes they were fine, she never even noticed them. But they began to fish more, sail more, invade more. And that is when she went on the offensive. She took matters into her own hands and begun luring those ships towards the cliffs, towards the rocks. Sisters joined her, then brothers. She was no longer the only one that swam beneath the oceans and fought back against the men that were invading.

When they headed for the new world, sailing across the ocean, they brought her and her kind with them. More whispers about the mermaids beneath the ocean, some stories had them as man killers, ship destroyers. But then other stories whispered how if you were able to answer a question right, or somehow were found to be appealing to her, that she would save you if your ship was destroyed. Holding you beneath the surface....dying or surviving, trapped in the cold, loving arms of the mermaid.

Callie the Mermaid

These days she plays into her role. What she was, is. Only there is a whole lot less ship destruction that happens while on dry land. When the show is going on she is in a tank, swimming and showing off for the paying customers. When the show is over she will often indulge in a little bit of seduction of those very same paying customers.


Katya Minin (Project Icarus)

Yekaterina Vladimirovna Minin was born and raised in rural Tennessee after her family left the Ukraine. Her mother was an astrobiologist that specialized in astroecology, while her father was a mathematician and theoretical physicist, so science and math was a part of the day to day life for Katya and her siblings. They were all expected to work hard, apply themselves, but Katya always wanted to be outside, exploring things in person instead of reading about them in books. She was a doer, unable to sit still for long, and always driven towards adventure, as a kid that was heading out into the woods, and into the mountains as she got older. The obsession with geology grew from the escapes she took from the mountains of school work she was forced into by her parents.

It seemed reasonable to major in geology when she went to college, continuing her adventurous nature by traveling everywhere she could, making sure that she explored mountains, canyons, volcanic islands. Simple geology, that was her goal in undergraduate school, but then when she felt she’d exhausted everything on Earth she turned her attention to the stars, and got a masters in exogeology. Easily she could have gone on and done research, or as her parents called it, safe work. But she didn’t want safe, she wanted to be out there, so on the eve of her graduation she signed on with Penumbra Corporation’s mining division. It was hard, grueling work and she loved it. As hard as they worked they also partied, and when a job was done they were able to hitch a ride and go anywhere they wanted, explore any of the space stations, any of the other sites.

Work hard, party hard. It’s the partying hard part that got her in a bit of trouble once, coming to a site still drunk from the night before she wasn’t paying attention and nearly got herself and everyone else hurt with a cave in. If someone hadn’t helped clean up the mess she’d been out of a job, and that still looms in the background. But she’s proven herself since then, making sure that when she’s on the job she doesn’t screw up like that. She’s good at what she does, and has been working for the Corp for several years now on a variety of sites. When the chance to be part of the second group heading for Icarus she got tapped to head up the mining crew. Now the pressure is on to pull off what might be the biggest job of her career. Of anyone in the crew’s career, honestly.

Truth be told. She's not going to let anyone fuck this up for her, either. Not herself, and not anyone else. Whatever it takes they are going to get this done, and walk out of here with the biggest pay day. They'll be legends, rich legends.


Lennon Lester (Bonds of Blood)

Lennon is Karl's youngest with Claire, and the younger sister to Morrison Lester. She's currently a high school senior, which means that she's supposed to be tending to all the things good little teenagers do. She's a school yard bully, picking on others, beating them up and getting into fights with anyone that crosses her. One thing that she does that might seem like it'd soften her is she's artistic, a photographer, but it really doesn't seem to have softened her attitude at all. As much of a bully as she is, she can be slick, all flattery, all flirt, when the mood strikes her. It doesn't always work out for the target, though.

Previous Incarnations


The Bravo (1)

A bully, a ruffian, the one who has to be hard-edged and tough as nails. No one tells you what to do, and no one crosses you without a price.

Might makes right. Life is an eternal struggle, and if you aren't doing your best to beat out every other sorry son-of-a-gun, you're doing it wrong. What else does a man have 'sides his strength, his pride and his will to live?



Luke Graves (Alien Mutation)

Hard work and hard living, you know all about both. You grew up on stations not unlike this one, cut your teeth in janitorial, worked in the boiler room, melting ore before you could legally drink, and now you run the gas operations on Tenochtitlan Station. Next to fusion, gas is the most dangerous area on station, and that suits you just fine. You're not afraid of dying. Space has tons of ways to kill a person, what's one more? You also know better than to push your crew too hard. Accidents don't pay like safety bonuses do. When you're off work, you spend most of your time drinking, socializing and playing with whatever you find attractive in Total Eclipse. May as well enjoy the money you work so hard to make.