The Bon-Vivant

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Current Name
Diesel the Protagonist

Current Occupation


For the Director Only!



Start by admitting from cradle to tomb
It isn't that long a stay
Life is a cabaret, old chum
It's only a cabaret, old chum
And I love a cabaret!
Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is the meaning of life? All questions humanity's asked itself for millennia.

And we still don't know. Oh, sure, there've been theories. Millions of people have died over them! And yet: millennia, and no one's pinned it down.

So fuck that. What we do know is this: we've each got, what, maybe 70, 80, 90 years? A century at the outside, and all that's if you're lucky. Might die tomorrow. Might die in ten minutes. All you're promised is one life. All you're promised is now. But that's still a hell of a promise.

Eat the cake. Drink the wine. Smell the flowers, climb the mountain, watch the sunset, blast the music, kiss that new friend, take a chance. Life's for living. Live the shit out of it until it makes you stop.

Because it will.

Today you shall party, for tomorrow you'll probably die. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every last thing you can, and always leave a fabulous corpse. The world is ending - drink up!

Current Role

Thought is Centurion, probably in above-average lifespan but not by a whole lot. Gleefully violent. Yes, of course glorious eternal purpose etc., but it's fun. Probably not entirely stable. This is very loose so far.

Were you born in Sanctuary or out in the wastes?

Out in the wastes, I think. I have this mental image of tiny-him wandering in from the Wasteland alone, like his parents were trying to take him/get to Sanctuary and died along the way, and he managed through mostly luck and partly fighting things/people much harder than they expected to make it the last part of the way and just show up. And probably bite people a lot for a while. Just this small feral creature someone decided might be worth something as a fighter. ('Someone' here possibly being Rogue.)

Are you pure (completely healthy), contaminated (minor but clear defects/health issues), or sick (cancer present)?

Not sure yet. Probably not pure, though.

What caste are you in? What position do you hold in it?

Warkid Centurion. Often helps test out Vishys's new weapon ideas for him, to see just how much destruction they can cause. Likes blowing things up. I have a mental image of being at the front of a vehicle like some sort of weird hood ornament with a big ol' flamethrower.

What are your character's thoughts/views on their caste and Sanctuary as a whole?

Not sure yet. Probably positive, though, esp. on the caste.

Previous Roles

BV3 Dixon 01.jpg

Scott Dixon (Slasher)

Some people work hard, sacrifice, and put in everything they have to succeed. Other people are just lucky enough to be born attractive and talented. Scott is one of the latter group. That doesn't mean he doesn't work hard or earn what he has, but it does come a lot easier for him. Born and raised in California, he could have become the typical beach bum, living off of luck, charm and good looks, but he actually applied himself in school and went to college. A sports scholarship didn't hurt, either.

He usually succeeds at everything he does, but if he doesn't, that's okay. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Right now the journey is pretty great — he plays sports, gets good grades, is the drummer in a band and one of the leaders of his fraternity. He's the guy you want to hate but can't because he's so damn nice and likeable.

BV3 Sun 01.jpg

Dionysus (Carnival)

Coming to America

Dionysus arrived with the New Smyrna settlement in Florida, 1768; always the wanderer, he wandered to California by 1769 and inspired the first vineyard and winery out there — but the Catholic missionaries horned in and took it over, which probably did him a little damage. Still, while the priests were a problem, he made headway amongst some of the connected laypeople, who continued the slow increase of the grape and wine out there. Meanwhile he headed back across the country, and while grapes only seemed to flourish there while he was present, sugarcane did a good deal better. Mead and beer had already been folded into his repertoire over the centuries, and as his people encountered other spirits, so were they: in this case, rum.

Still, it didn't last long. By the time the settlement dissolved, Dionysus was restless in any case. He spent the next century exploring the developing country. In 1802 he was in Ohio, where the local Catawba grapes were found to make good wine; in 1820, a man in Connecticut founded the Church of Bacchus and declared himself high priest. After some pleasant time soaking up that worship, his travels took him across to Los Angeles, and for the following decades he made a bit of a circuit, building up the nascent wine industries up the West Coast, in Ohio and the Finger Lakes area, and various points throughout mainly the southern states, where the weather was kinder to the crop. His cult picked up strays as they went, as it was wont to do, American wine began to move from merely existent to actually quite good, and for a country that tended to consider itself Christian, he could have been doing a lot worse.

War was never much Dionysus's concern. Prohibition, on the other hand, was a different story. Some might expect it to have been an unalloyed disaster, and in fact it destroyed the quality (if not necessarily the quantity) of the country's wine for decades to come. But on the other hand, the spirit of the time became a more rebellious one, claiming freedom and celebration. Speakeasies, a greater fascination with mysticism, and all that bootlegging and rum-running — well, worries about the grapes aside, it wasn't too hard to maintain a little base of worship. It was also a hell of a lot of fun. By the end of the decade, he'd moved on from the exciting world of illegal production and transport (go on, let him drive) to running a small speakeasy ('The Bacchanal') with his cult in New Orleans. When the building that housed it burned down in late summer '32, he'd declared he'd been getting restless in any case, and a month or so after that, their paths crossed with the carnival's. The rest, as they say, is history. Or possibly mythology.

The God That Comes

Big Top Performer

[...the rest after I sleep, I hope.]

BV3 di Mercurio 01.jpg

Dr. Blaise di Mercurio (Project Icarus)

Penumbra has a bit of a thing for snapping up child prodigies early.

Blaise wasn't one of them.

Oh, he was extremely bright and showed definite talent in math and science, and showed right up in the various competitions for schoolchildren, but his parents felt the socialization of having a 'normal' childhood was important, and refused to even consider any sort of corporate arrangements for their children (he was the third of four, and second son) until said children were in fact adults capable of making their own life decisions. Whether one feels this was a wise choice may depend on one's opinion as to how he turned out.

At any rate, he headed off to college, then grad school, emerging with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, some fairly impressive publications, a wife, a daughter, and an assistant professorship. Just about perfect, but for a couple small issues. The marriage didn't last, for one thing; a year or so into the job, and the divorce was final. (Half a year or so later, he married one of the proximate reasons it didn't work out.) And as those first few years continued, he discovered that for all that he rather liked the teaching and did enjoy research and theory, it didn't really excite him, and the politics? Ugh. He didn't like wrangling for authorship and publications, he hated revising syllabi for every edict handed down by the board of trustees, and committee meetings could go die in a fire. What he did like, and never seemed to get to do anymore, was the practical stuff. The applied problem-solving. The exciting bits.

So he quit.

Penumbra was quite happy to have him, given background and aptitude, but there were a couple small issues. First off, the need for more hands-on experience, ship- and station-board; second, his penchant for experimentation and speculative repurposing, particularly when bored. Yes, it led to discoveries he found useful. Or just fun. And only very rarely involved anything catching fire. But all the same.... All put together, it was decided the best place to start the new phase of his career would be on Pegasus station. Overall, it went... well. Well is probably the word for it, overall. The second marriage didn't survive, mind, but he learnt what was needed in a practical environment quickly and well, and moved from newbie to assistant chief within two years. Partly, that was because it wasn't the sort of posting most people stayed in long-term, but partly, he was a natural. And he loved the place. Maybe even a little too much. He would've stayed indefinitely, if the station hadn't been shuttered for a move to a new location.

From there it was one ship to another to a station to a third ship, assistant chief on the first two and fully chief on the others. None of them were ever 'home' like Pegasus was, and after another marriage he finally gave up on those since they clearly didn't work, but he loved his work, and at least it made the transfers easier. By the last couple he was being stationed places that needed a particularly creative mind around to deal with their potential and actual engineering issues, and when the second Icarus mission came up, he was top of the list for that particular position. And it sounded fascinating. Even if things went entirely smoothly, an impossible asteroid right by a black hole was bound to be interesting, and what were the odds a mission to an impossible asteroid right by a black hole would go entirely smoothly? There'd probably be the chance to solve some really interesting problems.

He's going to wish he'd been less right.

TD says: You are now the Chief of Engineering!

BV3 Bloomquist 00.jpg

Zane Bloomquist (Bonds of Blood)

Every school has that one guy who always seems to get the male lead in the school musicals (and a fair few of the shows that aren't). 'round here, that's Zane Bloomquist. He's been a natural performer virtually since birth, though his parents most unfairly refused his request in second grade to relocate to LA so he could become a child star. He completely forgave them the next year when he discovered musicals and realised where they really needed to relocate to was New York.

They didn't go for that one either, oddly enough. Not even when he pointed out it was amazing for art galleries! (According to this book he read.) They did not, however, refuse the requests to join the dance classes Mona and Thea were sent to, or the other dance classes after that, or the singing lessons, or the local choir and theatre auditions (and ensuing rehearsals, and performances)... and as it turned out, it was not just a phase. He's worked hard for that 'triple threat' title, and he's still working. It may be paying off: he made the final callbacks for Juilliard's drama program, and is waiting to hear back from them and NYU's Tisch. If neither of them come through... well, he'll just start straight in auditioning for shows. Broadway is what he's going to do; failure is not an option. ...TV or movies might be, sure. But failure is not.

Unsurprisingly, he can generally be found among the theatre and choir kids, and most particularly with Mona Marchant; they've been best friends about as long as either of them can remember. It's never been anything but platonic, at least as far as anyone can tell; he's gone to dances with various people (including her), but generally as friends, and doesn't seem to date very much. Combined with the whole musical theatre thing, there's probably been the occasional rumour that he might just not be all that interested in girls, though the truth is there's just not a whole lot of actual evidence either way. Academically, he's just acceptable at best, but he's cheerful and friendly and often rather charming, as befits his family's reputation. If also a bit prone to breaking into gratuitous song and dance. It's fun! And he's a pretty big fan of fun. That includes parties, though he's not really that into getting drunk or high. He is, however, one of the kids who hang out and smoke behind the gym. 'cause that's cool.


ROLL: Zane rolls spirit+2 for: [3]: x3 (Set) [5]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 4 (Raw: 3 6 6 5 3 3 -- d6)

He'll be attending Juilliard in the Fall. He's very excited.

Previous Incarnations


The Bon-Vivant (2)

Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

You didn't have a choice about being born and you won't have a choice about dying. What you do have a choice about is what happens in between. Live life like it's a party and you're the guest of honor.



Hiroshi Kurokawa (Alien Mutation)

You save lives. It's who you are and what you do, and it makes you appreciate what you have. Every trip out in that suit may be your last, so you spend every minute you aren't in it living life to the fullest. There is no experience or pleasure you'll pass up, no chance to do something new that you shy away from. Your crew love you - you've saved all of them half a dozen times by now - but they think you're crazy. Maybe you are. That's okay, though, because you're having fun and living life. Whatever happens, there can be no regrets.


The Bon-Vivant (1)

Today you shall party, for tomorrow you'll probably die. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every last thing you can, and always leave a fabulous corpse. The world is ending - drink up!



Amy Erins (Isle of Dread)

You shouldn't even be alive. In your senior year of high school, you and several friends were in a vehicle hit by a drunk driver. Your friends were beat up, but you were at the point of impact. You died twice on the table, and spent four months after in a coma that they weren't sure you'd wake up from. But you did. You went down the long, gruelling path of rehab like champion. They said you'd never walk again. You jog daily. They said you'd never run again. You climb mountains for fun. You live every day to the fullest.

You're here as an attendee, just to have fun. Fun is what you do best, after all!