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Fortunate Companion / Fire Performer


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He is the one who is willing to make the hard call, to get blood on his hands, to do what is necessary when no one else is willing to do so. Detached, for one reason or another, The Beast can be cold, ruthless, and without mercy. Sometimes charismatic, sometimes distant, sometimes with claws out, and sometimes silent, but always a predator.

Someone has to do the things that need to be done, and that's you. Some think you're cruel, or savage, or a sociopath. You know what you really are: Necessary.

Current Role

He was born in Sanctuary, one of the clean. As a meanie, he worked in the kitchens preparing meals and stoking the fires, keeping them going. He was strong, and fierce, and he took no bullying from the other kids. He had a penchant for flame, and started with fire eating as a trick to perform for others in the kitchens. He made his first set of poi out of some old chains, bits of leather, and balls of tightly wound material that would hold a flame. He began spinning fire at night after meals were over. He grew up to be athletic, and talented, and that talent was noticed. He was trained to be a performer and a Companion, his natural animal charisma an advantage in that area. He is an animal caged -- his body not his own, not free to leave the Sanctuary for fear of contamination, and sometimes literally bound in chains for the pleasure of others. Some enjoy the power in the dancer and his fire. Some like to see him chained. Few know what he might be capable of if he ever decided to slip the leash.

Previous Roles

Beast island.jpg

Connor Smith (Isle of Dread)

A rough childhood on the streets of London left you with few friends and a decent knack for fighting. No one looked at you or paid you any attention, unless it was negative, until Andrew came along. It wasn't anything big, either, just a few bucks for food when you were hungry and at rock bottom. But he cared when no one else did, and you'll never forget that.

Now you're his bodyman - a cross between an assistant and a bodyguard. You look out for him, keep him safe, make sure he gets left alone when he wants it (which is almost always). He's not what you expected a rock star to be like, and you suspect it's not what he'd thought it would be like, either. He's miserable. He keeps working, though, and you keep following him, doing what he needs done.

The Beast 1.jpg

Aaron Hartmann (Alien Mutation)

You come from a family of miners, it's in your blood. They even owned a company several generations back, but got squeezed out by the megacorps and sold it. They've been working for the megacorps ever since. Not you - you won't be a company slave. You're a senior partner on the Hephaestus, and you work for yourself and the rest of the crew. The ship has had some tough times lately, and not too many years ago you all had to chip in to upgrade your stasis tech when you all almost died in hypersleep. But that's all part of being your own man, your own boss. This ship is everything to you, and you hear the grumbling from some about cashing out soon. Fine. You'll buy their shares. Nothing is taking this away from you.


Evan DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)

Evan is one of the ones who was born in Prosperity, and will likely die in Prosperity. He's never expressed any interest in going anywhere at all. A lone wolf in a family of law men, Evan took up hunting bounties as soon as he was old enough to ride out. And he has a collection of WANTED posters that he has personally brought in -- some of them even "or alive". This didn't particularly please his father, who would rather that he had taken up as a deputy, or even a lawyer. It wasn't as though he lacked the mind for it, just the temperament. He was always more comfortable tracking, hunting, and taking down prey than he was standing around and talking about politics and making rules. So long as those who done wrong met with justice, that was what mattered. The exact nature of that justice was, on occasion, hazy. Family life wasn't ever a thing that interested Evan, either. Some say he got his heart broke early on and it never healed. Some say he doesn't have one at all. The truth might be somewhere in the middle.

Beast Young.jpg

Marc Westin (Slasher)

Keep your head down. Lead with your shoulder. Follow through. Those are the words Marc has lived by, on the ice and off. On the ice, he's a force of nature and has been since he was young. He can pass and shoot okay, but he doesn't score a lot of points. He's not meant to. In hockey, he's what's known as an enforcer. He hits hard and makes opponents shy away from whatever area he's in, helping control the flow of the game.

Of the ice, it's not much different. That quiet rage never really goes away, and he's not sure why. Or maybe he is, and doesn't want to think about it. He does the things he's supposed to, is a good brother in the fraternity, and mostly stays out of trouble. No point thinking about things that can't be fixed.

Keep your head down. Lead with your shoulder. Follow through.

Beast Thunderbird.jpg

Thunderbird (Carnival)

Coming to America

The Thunderbird was here before man called this land America, and he brought the storms, and the rains, and flew with others like him around a great mountain in the sky. He reveled in heroic deeds of great hunters, and the thrill of fighting and the hunt. But his people have been forced almost to extinction, and the way to the mountain in the sky has long been shut, his brothers and sisters have long since ceased answering his call -- whether because they cannot, or will not, or because they have already fallen, he can't be sure.

Life at the Carnival

He is the Thunderbird, one of the fantastic creature acts in the show, an enormous bird that would be impressive by size alone if it weren't for the electricity that crackles around him, flickering in his eyes, and the thunderous clap of his wings. He always draws a crowd from a fascinated audience, who delight at watching the lightning and hearing the thunder, feeling the static electricity in the air and daring to get close to the dangerous beast. He performs in the big top where he has room to fly.

When he is not performing, he will sometimes wander the midway and just keep his eyes on things -- not an official part of security, but there to help if needed.

Beast North.jpg

Emory North (Project Icarus)

Emory North began his career in the military as an investigator, and then later moved into private security before eventually being hired by Penumbra. He worked his way up through the ranks to Security Chief by being smart, dedicated, and good at what he does. He is of the opinion that the most important thing is making sure that everyone gets out alive. Survival may come at the cost of assets or information. This is why Penumbra recruited him rather than WY. And while he's received a reprimand or two in the past, no one questions his dedication to the safety of the crew and passengers on any vessel that he is on. Unfortunately, he suffered a spinal injury during one of his previous missions, which keeps him from doing any particularly strenuous lifting. That has not, however, slowed down his mind or his reflexes with with a pistol.

Read Emory North's : Mission Log

Beast Lester1.jpg

Morrison Lester (Bonds of Blood)

Morrison Lester is Karl's son by his first wife, Claire. He works in the factory by day and is a boxer by night, an aspiring fighter. He's been fighting since he was a kid. Quick to anger, and having serious authority issues -- Morrison doesn't like being told what to do. He's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder given his family's reputation and the tendency of others to look down on them like they're better because they happen to be born in better circumstances. Bar fights are a thing. He can be predatory, violent, and unpredictable, like a wild animal. He's pretty good with animals, though, particularly those of the canine variety.

Previous Incarnations

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