The Athlete

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Current Name
Warren Rambeau

Current Occupation
Security Officer


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You're strong, or fast, or coordinated - or all of the above. You're also a competitor, pushing yourself to do more and be better at every opportunity.

Current Role

Warren Rambeau is brash and confident, and he thinks he diffuses it with his sense of humor. Never one to take things seriously unless he has to, there's a reason that Warren never made it past security officer--he's a maverick. If he had been an astronaut, they never would have let him aboard Apollo 10. With a ringing cry of "They have to be lying about how much fuel is in the lander, they 'knew' I was going to take it down" he would have sealed his fate right there.

Maybe his style of keeping the peace would have worked in the wild west, but the Company needs someone who can follow orders. For this fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants jockey, this tour is half retribution, half sinecure, and all last chance.

Previous Roles

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Previous Incarnations


The Athlete (1)

You're strong, or fast, or coordinated - or all of the above. You're also a competitor, pushing yourself to do more and be better at every opportunity.



Isaiah Emmerson (Alien Mutation)

As one of the younger and newer Marshals on station, you're still settling in and mostly assigned to patrol duty. You were an athlete in school and a natural competitor, always pushing yourself to do better, and coming out into deep space to be a cop on a resort and refinery station seemed like a fun challenge. You just want to prove yourself, and you work hard for the Marshals to do that. You also play hard, which some don't like as much as others. Keeping the two sides of your life separate is going to take effort, but you're up for the challenge.


The Athlete (2)

The Athlete is a seeker after a prize. The prize, in whatever form that might take. They will sacrifice and strive and put in any amount of work necessary to attain it.

An athlete is one who competes in a contest to win the prize. It could be a goal they have set for themselves, fame, riches, or even their life. Possessed of strong minds and extremely capable bodies, athletes have the willpower necessary to prepare endlessly for the next challenge and the one after that.



Warren Beausoleil (Slasher)

Growing up in the country, Warren did a lot of running and swimming as a kid - there's simply not a lot else to do. He did decent in school, ran track and was on the swim team, both as a distance/endurance racer rather than speed, but his knack for hitting threes on the basketball team landed him a scholarship in-state. Now he competes for the Ducks.

He is a country boy at heart, a bit wet behind the ears and unaccustomed to big campus life and modern culture. He joined a fraternity to try and broaden his horizons, and is slowly adjusting to the frenzy and pop culture that surrounds him. He's pretty much your all-American, small town boy.


Hermes (Carnival)

Hermes as Houdini