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Designer of Glorious Chariots


For the Director Only!



Beauty, art, music, song, these are the things that life is about, and he sees them all around him, everywhere, in everything and everyone.

He has to express himself in whatever way he can.

He wants to leave his own mark, too.

You have to express yourself, in whatever way you can. Beauty, art, song, these are the things life is about, and you see them all around you. They're everywhere. You want to leave your own mark, too.

Current Role

Born in Sanctuary, the child of Pure parents, Arthur was himself marked Pure as his albinism is a random defect and not genetic. He was raised Fortunate and showed a talent for playing and singing songs, but his real gift was designing musical instruments and improving upon them. He became an Artisan, and his life would take an unexpected turn when, interested in a challenge, he designed a new wheel for a Charioteer. It was like nothing seen before, and it made all the Children want him to design for them - wheels, weapons, rides. Anything.

This created a problem.

War Kids usually make their own stuff and trade freely within their culture, but since Arthur got lux for his design and more were willing to pay, the designers among the Children wanted to be paid in lux, too. The Mother of War put a quick stop to the chaos by pulling some strings and getting Art reassigned to the Children. Now he would design for everyone.

Renamed Art, he was blindsided by this change, and at first was enraged. It didn't help that the War Kids saw this Pure newcomer as an imposter. Sure, his albinism made him look like them, and they coveted his designs, but he wasn't one of them. He wasn't sick, a half-life, and he wasn't raised in the Church of V8.

Over time he's proven himself and they've gradually come to respect him, if not fully accept him. He's also come to accept his new lot in life, and enjoys going out into the wastes to see his newest creations in action. It wasn't the future he had in mind, but he's come to terms with it.

He later became part of a crew with himself as Gearhead (and sometimes Doof Warrior on major expeditions), Vishys as Centurion, and Sebas as Charioteer; his crewmates distinguished themselves in combat and later rose to the rank of Imperator. He bears them no jealousy, for his heart is in his creations, not war. He rarely leaves Sanctuary, usually only either to join his friends in war, or to test out the vehicles he creates, and sometimes to Bartertown, in search of rare materials and objects to use in his work-- he still has money, for he still does work on the down-low for Fortunate clients.

Previous Roles


Arthur McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

A 'cousin' raised alongside Seamus and Robert, rumor is that he's actually their half-brother. Most of their children have grown up with him being Uncle Arthur, in any case. He left town soon after finishing school to attend medical school back East and had a successful practice for a number of years there, but claims that he eventually burned out. He showed up in town a few years ago looking like he hasn't aged a day, and has been playing piano at either Sidewinder's or the family gambling hall most nights ever since. He's a very good pianist, often playing classical compositions in a livelier, more current style. He's also known to patch a family member up on occasion if the need arises.


Arthur Le Blanc (Slasher)

Born in Lyons, France, painting was always in his blood. He was something of a prodigy as a child, replicating the work of renaissance masters with stunning detail, but when his teachers would take away his references and make him create something original, he struggled. He could reproduce anything he looked at, but always came up blank in his mind's eye. He could paint breathtaking portraits, scenery, still life, but works straight from his imagination always lacked soul.

When you have a skill, you use it, and so Arthur used his to create exacting forgeries of obscure works thought to be lost or destroyed. He also made some of the very best passports and IDs in the world. A close brush with the law in Seattle put him on the radar of a cop with revenge on his mind, so when that cop came asking him to forge IDs for his crew of bank robbers, he was skeptical. The more he learned of the cop's story, the more intrigued he became. Stealing a missing masterpiece was ambitious, but the cop had no buyer or real plans beyond that. Arthur provided not only a buyer for the painting, but a replica to leave in its place so no one would ever know what was really stolen that day.

Now it's just a waiting game, then off to Paris for the sale.


Arthur Grim (Carnival)

Coming to America

The Fossegrimmen and the Nokken are quite similar creatures in Scandinavian folklore - both are associated with water, both play the fiddle, and both are faeries of a sort. The former is a kind creature, playing and teaching music in exchange for gifts of meat. The latter is a dark, malicious beast that can change into a horse and leads people, often children, to their watery death with the lure of music. Perhaps they were always different sides of a coin, or maybe time and telling has blurred them together. Whichever the case, Arthur Grim is both, brought to this land from the imaginations of the Scandinavians that settled largely around the Great Lakes.

In a sort of Seelie/Unseelie sort of way, he spends half the year a Fossegrimmen and half a Nokken. In Spring and Summer he is kind and benevolent, playing music for the enjoyment of others and living on whatever offered food is given to him. In the Fall and Winter he becomes capricious and dark, luring the unfortunate to whatever body of water is near with the beauty of his horse guise or the music he plays as a man. Their drowning sustains him.

Big Top Performer

Arthur joined the carnival early, an old acquaintance of Mephistopheles. In Spring and Summer he fiddles while his two Friesian horses perform impressive tricks and dance. In Fall and Winter he performs with them in his own horse form, three highly trained horses without a trainer on stage.


Arthur StVier (Project Icarus)

A renowned expert on art history and the role of art and architecture in culture, Arthur is a part of the Cultural research mission. If there are signs of intelligence or life to be found on the asteroid, he's going to be quite useful in finding it and figuring out what it means.


Arthur Bloomquist (Bonds of Blood)

The more quiet and mellow of Erik and Stina's twins. Where Zane is a future Broadway star and the life of the party, Art is more aloof and focused on his band 'Violent Violet'. He's supportive of his twin and attends all of his shows, but is careful to steer clear of any competition or cross purposes. Each shines in their own way. He's an art student, where everything he does is some form of portrait of David Bowie regardless of the assignment (and much to his teacher's chagrin). He laments the artificial world of the 'gallery scene' and what constitutes art, even though his father owns a gallery.

His main drive is to make it as a musician with his band, which is very guitar-driven industrial/alternative. He's the frontman, playing lead and singing lead, with Star Thistle providing harmonies on choruses and playing bass. Other positions are open, so feel free to ask about joining!

Previous Incarnations

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