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Risks are for other people. You know a lot about a lot, though, and you're always ready with advice. Is it your fault they don't always listen?

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The Advisor (1)

Few people who attain power are smart enough to remain there on their own, and that's when you call on me. The right hand, the whisper at your ear, the one behind the throne. Morals and ethics are only tools to maintain the status quo. I have advice for any given situation, wisdom gleaned from books and experience, the ivory tower and the underworld. You have a problem? We'll solve it. Just remember who told you how, and that loyalty is a bought commodity, like anything else.



Karl Webb (Isle of Dread)

You grew up with the Wellsons, a few years ahead of them, sure, but you ran in similar circles. Just as they are trying to blaze their own path in their family, so are you trying to make a future of your own. You went to law school, as was expected of you, and you have a junior partnership at a prestigious firm, but you really want something that's yours. Advising friends on the side has proven lucrative, and this current venture is just the latest.

You came with the Wellsons to help them run things and advise them on site. There's a lot of potential for reward, but no shortage of risks, either. Help keep them on the right path, out of legal jeopardy, and when things get big for them after this festival you'll be there to share in the spoils.


Tuoni Thorson (Alien Mutation)

You are the quintessential Company Man. You've steered the Research and Development sector of Weyland-Yutani through some of its biggest triumphs. The 'shake and bake' colony explosion was developed on your watch. Breakthroughs in Synthetic tech were guided by you. And now Project 937 is closer to fruition than it's ever been. Recent scans of the debris field that used to be Sevastopol Station show genetic markers never seen before - alien DNA - and you're certain it's from the Xenomorphs that took over the station. Now you're on the Ludovica in person to make sure they get a sample and get it into the lab. The weapons and defense tech the specimen represents could triple revenue by itself. You've brought along Wynne to make sure the job gets done. No escapes, no explosions. Xenomorph XX121 is in your grasp and you aren't letting go.

Now known as 'Thorrorson', the still-living monstrosity in two parts terrorizing the station.

Pedro Pascal Headshot.jpg

The Advisor (2)

The Advisor is someone who has experienced life but doesn't have all the answers. They have the common sense of things figured out but for the true questions that individuals have all they can do is give their best guess. There is innate belief in humanity and general positive outlook associated with this kind of approach to life and perhaps a modicum of nosy interest too.


Pedro Pascal Slasher.jpeg

Raul Santiago (Slasher)

Always a groomsman, never a groom. That's been Raul's life in a sentence. He comes from money and power, but he's a middle child, so none of it will be his in the end. He did good in school, but others always did slightly better. He was a track star for a time, but blew his knee out in college. Rinse, repeat.

He reads a lot. Travels a lot. Writes and even acts, but he's better at coaching others than doing it himself. He goes from place to place, doing whatever work he can get, then eventually gets bored and moves on. At present he's the overnight manager at the Eager Beaver Lodge, which mostly means he does some bookkeeping and watches reruns on late-night TV. It's not terribly exciting, but it leaves him time to write!

Chiva main.jpg

Chiva (Carnival)

Coming to America

1917 Puerto Rico joined the United States of America as a Territory

That same year a wave of young Puerto Rican immigrants hit Florida, New York, and Chicago all looking for that American dream. With them came the culture of the Carribean... Beautiful women, succulent food, and of course their game Dominos. Belief can be such a small thing. Don't make a face or it'll get stuck like that. Throw salt over your shoulder for luck. If you lose a game of Dominos completely you get a Chiva. Small beliefs are still beliefs and sometimes they cast long shadows. No one wanted a Chiva and the only way to get rid of it was to give it to someone else by beating them the same way. It was a ritual of sorts and from belief and rituals came the American Chiva.

A spirit named after a Goat for bad luck and annoyance. Gain a Chiva by losing and your luck is sour. Give them to someone else and your luck is good. No one wants a Chiva, unloved, and unwanted but still they play the games and say the names. Tethering the spirit to the land.

In the Carnival

Veles Assistant Middle Management is unpopular and what better place for one of the most unwanted spirits to be than assisting the big boss and annoying the acts. It just fits really the goatish opinionated man and always being avoided and shooed away with his dull talk of schedules and needs and duties and the like. The one thing everyone knows is don't get to far out of line because the Chiva meddles in luck and mortals rarely win his game. Unlucky mortals in a carnival of myth might just ruin someone's night.

OOC: What is a Chiva?

Chiva Goat Spirit Bad Luck A variant of Dominos played in the Carribean

When playing the game of dominos you can lose 100 to 0 or 10 games to 0 depending on the variant. When you do this you get a Chiva. It is an invisible goat spirit that brings you bad luck. The only way to get rid of this spirit is to pass it on to someone else by beating them 100 to 0 or 10 games to 0. When you pass off the Chiva you are considered 'lucky' again because it's lucky to get rid of it. Also winning by those margins are normally very hard so it is considered lucky for it to happen in the first place. This is a Puerto Rican / Carribean folklore that exists around the game of Dominos and has for quite a long time. It's really more of a superstition than a full-blown myth but even today when I'm playing dominos with other Puerto Ricans we talk about giving each other Chivas.


Silvio Bloomquist (Bonds of Blood)

+ Son of Erik and Stina + Advice Columnist + Elder brother to twins Zane and Art