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Conflict - it's what makes a story go. You are always trying to solve them, to get everyone to work together and be on the same page. You know what's fair, and that's what matters.

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The Adjudicator (1)

You know all those sayings about journeys beginning with a single step, change beginning with a single voice, and the power of a single vote? Thing is, one step doesn’t actually mean a lot unless more steps follow. One voice cannot achieve change unless others join in the shouting. One vote does nothing without many others voting the same way. The Adjudicator knows this. He understands that there is power in numbers and that the only way to make it through is if everyone works together. He also understands that people are sometimes complicated, sometimes oblivious, sometimes selfish, and sometimes foolish. It’s his job to work through all that and get everyone on the same team, so those single, solitary whoevers can do their thing. He doesn’t need thanks or recognition. In fact, it all works much better when no one really notices what he’s doing. He just needs to get the gears turning together. By any means necessary.



Gregory Thomas (Isle of Dread)

Understanding people is part science, part art, and you do both quite well. You know how groups think and behave, the 'general public', and how sub-groups branch from there. You also understand individuals, ego and id, what makes a person tick. You organized classmates as a kid for group projects and charity events. You were class president and team captain. You did all this not because you're charming and magnetic, but because you know what people want and how to leverage that.

Managing famous people is like herding cats, and you're the cat whisperer. You make a LOT of money making sure pampered stars are cared for and docile. Most of the time they don't even know you're doing it. That's why you're at the festival, mostly to keep everyone from murdering Valerity, but to balance all the egos and make sure things go smoothly.


Tobias Sutterland (Alien Mutation)

You've been with Penumbra since Eclipse opened, formerly a young prodigy in the world of ultra-luxury resorts on Earth, you welcomed the challenge of running the first super-luxe in space. You have a mind for numbers, an eye for detail, and a smile that wins over anyone you flash it at.

You run the resort and mall portion of Eclipse, and along with Venus and Cooley make up the triumvirate in charge of all things tourism. Add in Jansen and Brennan from the refinery and science station, respectively, and you're Overseer Riordan's management team. The addition of the promenade was a unique hurdle in that retail management has never been your focus - sure, most luxury resorts have shopping and dining, even a full mall sometimes, but the Eclipse Promenade is the largest retail center ever attempted, a hub of commerce and a crown jewel of Tenochtitlan Station. It's also entirely independent of the rest of the station, nestled atop the center, and has its own air, water and power. In a catastrophe, it can be sealed off until help arrives.


The Adjudicator (2)

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Leon Colton 2.jpeg

Leon Colton (Prosperity's Price)

Leon Colton is currently 26, but it seems all his life he has been dedicated to managing disputes between the other families. Because his services are similar to a Judge, but a lot faster, cases like this are easily and efficiently settled. Working with people and disputes for so long, has given Leon Colton a peculiar ability to be trusted as a fair and impartial Arbiter who won't even let his family change such bias. Thus he has served the people of Prosperity for years. Always working to keep the people from shooting themselves over deeds of lands, inheritance or any of the different issues he has been brought to deal with.


Drake Ashton (Slasher)

Drake was always a thoughtful, sensitive child. His parents fought constantly but never divorced, though he often wished they had. It was only when his mother was diagnosed with cancer that his father finally made peace with her, and then she was gone. He drank himself to an early grave a few years later. The complexity of these emotions, of anger, guilt and forgiveness drove him into psychology and a career as a counselor for others going through grief. It was only as an adult that he learned that the plastics factory his mother worked in quite likely caused her cancer, and despite a drawn out legal battle including a number of other families that suffered losses like he did, the company was never found to be legally responsible or criminally liable.

A few years later, Seattle PD sent him an officer, Jonathan Hawkins, who had lost even more than Drake had and was falling to pieces as a result. Drake had shared his own anger at being unable to make those responsible for his mother's suffering pay for what they did. As hard as he tried to help Jon, he couldn't, and it has felt like a failure ever since. He found himself surprised in recent days when Jon came to him with an offer to help get payback on the man that had ruined Jon's life. The former cop needed someone to be the hostage negotiator for his heist crew, someone who could string the cops along and buy them time to get into the vault. Drake was even more surprised when he said he'd do it. The robberies are now done and they're just laying low until the heat dies down and they can go to Europe to make the sale.