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Current Name
Danielle Lester

Current Occupation
Mechanic/Assistant Manager at Lester's Auto


For the Director Only!



Rules and responsibilities: these are the ties that bind us. We do what we do, because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves. I will do what I have to do. And I will do what I must. - Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Book of Dreams

Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns. An ideology, rule of law, loyalty to a person or group, or even just a plan. Once you've set a course in motion, you just have to follow it through. After you've started, there's no time to turn back, and no sense in second thoughts. Self-doubt will only hold you back. Even a bad plan is better than none at all. So you keep your head down and push forwards. Always forwards. There's no time to go backwards, and no point in looking to your sides.

Every story has a dominant paradigm, and you follow it. The world is the world, the system is the system, and the rules are the rules. Without that structure nothing makes sense or has meaning.

Current Role

Danielle, known as Dani to most, is one of the older children of Amber Lester, if not one of the more responsible ones. Mostly. Like the majority of her family, she's got a hair-trigger temper, one that's got her into trouble and fights more times than she can count. Dani's wild, aggressive, feisty, and sometimes outright vicious when set off by the slightest provocation, but as an adult with responsibilities, bills to pay, a job to keep, and a family business to help run, she's got to keep that shit reasonably contained.

During the day, she works as a mechanic and assistant manager at Lester's Auto where the facade of professionalism is required - at least in regards to the social aspect - but by night, Dani gets to be herself. Off the clock, she can let her hair down, give the world the finger and let loose. Reasonably. She frequents the clubs down in the English Village, primarily Reflections, though occasionally blesses the Marchant operated Kokomo with her presence. When the work mask comes off, she's aloof, rude, and sometimes a total bitch. She doesn't take shit from anybody.

True friends are few, relationships and hookups are even rarer - Dani's just not an easy person to get close to. Unless you happen to be something automotive. Some days she simply tunes up her beloved Bonneville or cleans it up to spotless perfection, other days she lounges in her screened back patio, lighting up a joint to try and mellow the fuck out. She's got her own modest home on Vagabond Drive, just off of Route-95 on the southeastern edge of town, close to city limits, where she's got all the privacy to do whatever the hell she wants.

Previous Roles


Victoria Duchamp (Slasher)

The rules in any game, organization, or society are there for a reason: the greater good. Some things are bigger, more important than one person. Victoria has understood that from an early age. Her father is a cop, her mother a librarian, and she was raised in a sensible, orderly home. She did what she was told, got good grades, and stayed out of trouble. It kind of made her a buzzkill.

Now in college, she's learning to unclench a little. She joined a sorority, parties (responsibly!) and has fun. She's making friends and experiencing more. But nothing will completely erase that sense of order and responsibility deep inside her. She just doesn't try making everyone else live by her own morals anymore.


Nemesis (Carnival)

Coming To America

In the beginning there was the great void, Chaos, from which the primordial deities of Grecian lore were born - at least that is how some stories go. Chaos being, perhaps, a time of great upheaval and confusion for the continuously evolving mortals who were trying to determine their place in the cosmos, and the Gods were needed to give them order and structure. Regardless, from that void came Erebus and Nyx, darkness and night, and it was the latter that brought Nemesis into being - scholars could never accurately determine who her Father was or if she had one! Who's your Daddy? Fuck if she knows.

A primordial deity birthed into the realm of belief near two thousand years before the existence of Christ, give or take a few decades or centuries, no one knows for sure, Nemesis has reigned in Greece since ancient times, and she had thrived as a Goddess of Divine Retribution for countless centuries. As man learned to travel the earth and sail the seas, cults and worshipers of the Greek pantheon (Nemesis included) began to spread, popping up in the islands and coasts of Ionia in Asia Minor, to Sicily and southern Italy and the Western Mediterranean.

The advent of Christianity brought about a gradual decline in the belief of the old Gods, and for hundreds of years Nemesis held on with the tidbits of cults and worshipers that refused conversion. However, in time, they too, began to fade out. It wasn't until the formation of New Smyrna Beach, Florida in 1768 that new life began to breathe into her, brought to the New World by a slim few hundred Greek settlers. At least for a time. The settlement barely lasted a decade, and a handful of survivors escaped to St. Augustine, where Nemesis loitered for nearly a century. In the 1850's she later ventured to New Orleans, where there had been an insurgence of immigrants from Greece, enough to create the first significant community.

With the passing decades came a rising number of Greeks in the United States, fleeing war and turmoil in their homeland by the hundreds of thousands. The uptick had a beneficial effect in the revival and growth of Hellenism in America, but it was slow going. So wherever they were en masse, Nemesis went to join them, and from New Orleans it was to New York from the mid to late 1920s to 1933. Then the dream came, along with an urgent need to find her brother, Hypnos.

Carnival of Wonders


A little niche was relatively easy for Nemesis to find in the carnival following the year she joined. Despite the end of the prohibition, the Great Depression provides many a desperate soul who would do anything for a turn in luck. Millions are unemployed, the Dust Bowl has put the hurt on those who farm the plains, the dust storms stripping the topsoil, not to mention the drought. People are hurting. Organized crime is on the rise, many have fallen into criminal acts and lawlessness, and there's a plentiful amount of justice to be served, as well as scales to be balanced.

In a small, inconspicuous tent, marked by a sign bearing the image of a winged woman carrying both sword and scale, hovering beside a wagon wheel, Nemesis plies her trade to those she deems worthy. Mortals who still believe in magic, Gods, and beasts know to find her there, mortals with no recourse, desperate for a turn of luck or seeking justice, having been wronged. There's no shortage of mortals down on their luck, mortals who have lost everything, mortals who have done everything good, right, and just, yet still suffer. Then there are those who prey upon the unfortunate, taking from them to gain undeserved fortune and prosperity. With the world being in the state it's in, she has a sufficient amount of work, taking consultations and performing her divine duties, and those who stand by their devotion and conviction to her are rewarded.


Harlow Thorne (Project Icarus)

Harlow has never had any roots to any place. There was never any permanent location to call home. For all of her life, she was lost and adrift, bouncing from station to station, planet to planet, wherever work called her Dad. Mom hadn't been in the picture, her pregnancy with Harlow had been a difficult one, and she didn't survive childbirth. Hers was a life surrounded by gruff hardasses that wouldn't coddle her, but all acted in some form or another as parental figures. Not the greatest parental figures…but they did their best, and all things considered, they did well.

See, Mr. Thorne is one of those deep spacers, going where the money is, mining for those precious Rare Earths. It provided a good life for himself and Harlow, but it wasn't exactly stable, or safe. There were no guarantees, sometimes shit happened and things didn't always pan out as expected. Sometimes people went in and didn't come back home. It was a hell of a thing to grow up with, never knowing if you'd have a Father at the end of the day, never knowing if he'd come back. Always never knowing, but after a while it becomes normal, you toughen up, and learn to deal.

Harlow was smart, so she had options for her future if she applied herself and worked hard enough. She could achieve what she set her mind to. God knows she was determined enough to try - if she knew what she wanted. If there was one thing she did know, one thing she did want, it wasn't to have this life forever. It was one thing to be a miner's daughter, it was another to fall into that line of work. Unfortunately....shit happened.

There's all kinds of hazards of deep space. Sure, they can be guarded against, but there's never that 100% guarantee, is there? There's always that 0.01% risk, and that 0.01% is bound to hit somebody. She just never thought it would be her Dad. He had a susceptibility to space radiation, more than the average Joe, and it's caught up with him. Harlow had never seen him so sick, and right before an important job. Treatment would be expensive, that was anticipated, but she never could have imagined just how expensive it was. Sure they had savings, but they wouldn't last forever.

Just when she was scrambling to find a job to keep them from going broke, Penumbra stepped in with an offer that she couldn't refuse. Her Father had been a good corporate employee and she had an aptitude for his work whether Harlow wanted to admit it or not. Take basic training, go in place of your Father, we'll pay the bills and see he gets the best treatment available. How could she say no? This isn't what she wanted, but it isn't about her, anymore. Sometimes we have to do shit we don't want to do, sometimes sacrifices have to be made, and to get her Father the help he needs, she'll do anything.

That anything is an assignment to the mining crew of Project Icarus.

Previous Incarnations

The adherent 1.gif

The Adherent (1)

Every story has a dominant paradigm, and you follow it. The world is the world, the system is the system, and the rules are the rules. Without that structure nothing makes sense or has meaning.

That means, when things get scary, we follow the fucking plan that was already put in place for when things get scary. It means if we all do our jobs, we all get to go home.


The adherent 1.gif

Addie Heller (Isle of Dread)

You come from a family of musicians, and while you can play a few instruments fairly well, being a technician (roadie) pays a lot more consistently than being a struggling musician does. You've toured with small-time punk and metal bands to big-time pop and rock acts, and you've seen most of the world at one point or another. When the Wellson siblings hired you, you took the job because they knew nothing about running a concert or festival, which meant you'd have full control to do things your way. The right way. They also offered a ton of money, which is nice.

Now you're on this utterly unsettled island with no infrastructure at all, trying to put together the Next Big Event, and it's a clusterfuck. You have what you need, but you're having to put everything together from scratch, and the opening day is looming large. Plus it's hot, everything is pre-fab structures or worse, and the local islanders on your crew are spooked about even being there to begin with. You'd quit right now, but it's too late. Your name is on the line, and your rep in the industry. Time to put your head down and lean in.

The adherent aliens.jpg

Addie Jansen (Alien Mutation)

Fusion generators. Mining ore boilers. Gas refineries. You grew up with this stuff. Your family is full of engineers and technicians, and you followed in their footsteps. Unlike them, however, you like being out on the fringes of explored space, on the frontier. There's something peaceful and soothing about deep space. You feel so small and insignificant, one with the emptiness around you. No responsibilities, no duties, just you and the stars.

At work, though, you do things by the book. The book exists for a reason - lots of fuckups occurred to make those rules, each rule representing some poor bastard blowing themself half to hell. You run a safe, secure refinery. It's a well-oiled machine and you're the big cog.

The adherent prosperity.jpg

Adelaide “Addie” DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)

Eldest child and only daughter of Edmund Dewitt, Addie was raised in her father's image, much as she could be. She's the rule-follower and rule-enforcer, with a mind for justice and doing what's right. She's pursued that life to one of the logical conclusions: Law enforcement. She's a US Marshall, serving the court system in a way that's a little bit more suited to her personality (always did like to shoot, didn't care terribly for sitting and reading).