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Once is never enough. Sweet release is fleeting, and once it has passed, the emptiness comes. Nothing will fill that void except to indulge again, and again, and again. Each time, push a little further, do a little more. Always more.

Every fix comes with a cost. They swear this is the last time, until the next time.

It may change from story to story, but there's always a deep, insatiable hunger for something - alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, sex, attention - and the worse the craving gets, the more unpredictable you get.

Current Role

Kitten was born pristine at the Sanctuary. With their intellect, they could have been a Savvy. It was the path laid out for them. Then, as a child, they caught a fever that lingered for weeks, and when it finally cleared, they weren't their old self anymore. Rumors say that fever fried their brain. They have very little impulse control now, and their awareness of reality fades in and out, though sometimes their unique point of view gives them interesting insights.

With their erratic personality, they weren't suited to the self-awareness and discipline necessary to study science or medicine, nor were they a good candidate for being a companion. When they started coughing up blood once every once in awhile, that was the final deciding factor. They were contaminated. They became a War Child. Regardless of their good beginnings, it's clear Kitten isn't slated for a long life anyway. That's okay. Most of the time, they're happy this way. In rare moments of clarity, maybe not so much.

Kitten is still intelligent, and they've got a gift for all things mechanical. They love tinkering, and while they can fix a car easily enough, what they really enjoy is making things go boom. They also enjoy sniffing, smoking, shooting, drinking, and huffing anything that might get them high. Their real addictions though are pain and speed, the faster the better.

Kitten has a collection of bolts with symbolic scratches etched into them. They claim they can 'read' the bolts and tell the future. They... can't. But sometimes it's an entertaining way to pass the time.

Previous Roles


Martin Munson (Prosperity's Price)

The son of the prodigal son, Martin is the bastard child of Eleanor Munson's wayward son Albert. Though Martin was brought up in the East, everyone of the Blood returns to Prosperity, and Martin has accompanied his father home. There were mishaps along the way, and Albert arrived home in a pine box. Martin now finds himself among strangers he must rely upon to survive, with nothing more than a pittance left to him by his father.

Martin was a librarian back in Indianapolis, though work has never been his strong suit. He loves books, but it's the people he can't stand. He would much prefer to spend his days taking it easy and enjoying the comforts wealth has to offer.

One of those comforts is laudanum. Martin was introduced to the stuff after he took a painful injury to the shoulder. The injury healed, but the pain never did, not wholly. Martin has come to learn that, without the laudanum, the pain becomes downright unbearable. He's not proud of what he would do to acquire the stuff should he run out, but one must understand, he simply needs it. It's the only thing that will make him better.


Danny Novak (Slasher)

The son of organic hippie farmers in the nowhere wasteland of Coachella, California, Danny grew up with little to do but play music and do drugs. He was smart enough to get into college, and his parents are certainly wealthy enough to pay for it, so college it was! He should have a degree in something by this point, but he never applies himself. He's mostly about the music and the drugs.

He knows a fair bit about a variety of things - he has taken a lot of classes and actually pays attention in the ones he likes, and is far from useless. He just has a hard time taking anything too seriously or really committing effort. His Mom's boyfriend hanging around doesn't help as he's the supplier of the drugs. And no, his parents aren't divorced - they're hippies.


Diamond Devil (Carnival)

Coming To America

Diamanto was one of the ancient nymphs at Nysa, there to receive the infant Dionysus when he was brought to her and her sisters by Hermes. They nursed Dionysus and he in turn slowly drove them mad. It wasn't the god's fault. To love him was to adore madness. As he grew stronger the nymphs of Nysa lost their minds wholly to his power, and his maenads were born.

Those were blissful days, raging through the wilderness in a frenzy of wine, copulation, and violence. Life was one unending party, and if mortals got caught up and torn apart in the frenzy, that was the cost of perfect ecstasy. They were creatures of the wild, and nature is red in tooth and claw.

Diamanto started to wane when new faith began to supplant the old. There was no place for her in the Christian church, who likened her beloved lord to their Satan. His followers became the new church's sworn enemies. As belief shifted, the maenads weakened. They were rounded up and punished. Most of them perished in time, and Dionysus retreated from this new and offputting world.

Worship was relegated to small, remote places done in secret, and Diamanto had to survive off those scraps for centuries.

Wars came, empires rose and fell, and at the dawn of the Twentieth Century, even the small and remote places in Greece could no longer sustain her. Diamanto left with a small clutch of her worshipers on a boat that brought them to a new land. There was so much wilderness to explore! But her worshipers settled in the city, a place called Chicago.

There were no trees, no streams, no beasts to tear apart. Still, the urban jungle is just another kind of wild if one knows where to look. By the time Prohibition had come along, Diamanto went by Dia, and she ran with gangsters in the seedy underbelly of the city. She was a shining star of the speakeasies, and though she still had to present herself carefully, there was always a niche to appreciate her particular brand of womanhood.

Once Prohibition was over, though, Chicago wasn't any fun anymore. Most of her worshipers had been forced by circumstance to forego revelry for the soul-sucking necessity of hard work. They were lost to her, and this wild city had been tamed. It was time to move on.

Carnival of Wonders

With a few of her remaining worshipers, girls whose heads Dia filled with the ideas of living free and unrestrained in this society of men, Dia left the city in search of anything that would keep her alive. For days her and her entourage wandered the dry and withered land until they found an oasis of belief in the form of a carnival.

Here, she could sustain herself on the awe of mortals who came to gaze at her. She could slake her passion on rubes looking for a good time, and if she broke one once in awhile, well, she would just have to be careful to pick men no one would miss.

It wasn't perfect. She had to let her facial hair grow to be seen as an oddity instead of the beauty she was. She reveled in it, though, watching men grow hard despite themselves, to see them wanting her even though she broke every rule of femininity. Every time she could turn a nice Christian man into a depraved animal, she avenged her god and fed her aching soul.

Yes, this new home would do nicely.

Diamanto knows she's only delaying the inevitable. She is the last of her kind, and one day she will join her sisters in oblivion. There are days she remembers who she was before Dionysus' madness took hold, but those memories are dangerous. They threaten to separate her from what she is, what she needs to be just to keep from fading away. She drinks to keep those memories at bay. She drinks a lot.

Besides, nymphs are silly creatures who fall in love and end up turned into trees or rivers. The lure of a husband, a cottage, and a white picket fence is deadly poison. Every time some rube promises her a happily ever after if she'll run away with him, she has to push back, because part of her wants that, and it would be her death knell.


Braden Flower (Project Icarus)

Braden grew up on a space station, the youngest of two. His sister Jazz was the bossy one and Braden was the follower. He was very smart when it came to academics and dumber than hell when it came to personal life choices. That's how he ended up a father at sixteen. Unable to care for his son Ben, he left him with Jazz to raise, then went out into the world to get his shit together.

There were a few detours along the way. During his higher education, Braden got caught up in addiction and petty crime, in a group marriage with people who weren't good influences, and on his way to rock bottom. He always found money to send home to Ben. It's just that the source of that money was often questionable.

Fortunately, Braden pulled himself out of his tailspin with the help of faith. He joined a religion that believes the cosmos is sentient and self-aware (and is more or less God). He left his old life behind, and he changed his name from Bloom to Flower to get a fresh start. He doubled down on his studies and became one of the youngest doctors in his fields of xenobiology and xenopsychology.

His work is already getting him recognition among his fellow scholars, though he's not in it for the accolades. He wants to prove that the cosmos is sentient, and that his faith is true. When he heard about an asteroid ignoring physics and exhibiting self-preservation, he jumped at the chance to be one of the scientists going to explore it. His sister got him the gig, and while his faith is his primary motivation, he also wants to get rich with her so they can both give Ben the best life possible.



Devereux Jaden Marchant (Bonds of Blood)

The youngest of the Marchant triplets, Devereux Jaden "Jade" Marchant has been fighting since he drew his first breath. He was a sickly baby and a weak child, but where others would fall behind and eventually give in, every time life knocked Jade down, he got back up. What he lacks in physical strength he makes up for in visceral determination.

He's got a complex about being seen as the lesser son. His older brother Theodore is so much more accomplished, and he plays the role of Marchant scion well. Jade struggles to fit in the family mold. He's too strange, too wild, and there are just a few quirks he knows he's not going to grow out of. He resents Theodore for making him look bad, and he's jealous. So, so jealous.

He's deeply attached to his sisters, and maybe from the outside looking in it might seem like he's too attached. Maybe it's because, by comparison, he doesn't seem to spend all that much time around girls. Not in a way a typical teen-aged boy might. Plenty of friends who are girls, but no girlfriends.

He claims he has a girlfriend named Amanda. She lives in Paris, and she's a model. She's super hot, and she's totally real. He could show you pictures. He just doesn't want to.

In December of 1993, Jade's best friend Tasha was killed, and her body was found just outside of town. The police haven't found the perp yet. Jade was the last one to see Tasha alive, and since her death, he's been partying a little too much and hitting the drugs too hard. Some say he's spiraling.

Previous Incarnations

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The Addict (1)

For some, it’s a substance. For others, it’s a behavior you just can’t shake. Whether we’re talking booze or shopping, drugs or sex, the addict has a fixation on at least one thing, and it’s a thing that threatens to consume. His life is about living with the consequences of these urges. When it gets bad, treatment is an option. Most of the time, though, it’s easier to say fuck it and just give in.



Amir Valeh (Isle of Dread)

You're a smart guy, you know you're the heir of a major, influential Iranian-American family (you know some of the Shahs of Sunset people, who are actually small-time compared to your family) and your future is already golden, but it doesn't hold your interest. You've always had what they often call an 'addictive personality', much to your Persian family's dismay, but opioids are the best of the best. Other drugs are great and can hold you over or distract you for a while, but only for a while. It threatens to destroy everything, and one day probably will if you can't get it kicked, but right now you're still young and supposed to be having fun, right?

You're attending the festival for fun - you bought a ticket, you have no responsibilities - but you know that you'll get hit up for investment money or whatever by someone at some point. Rich kids don't all get together like this without sharks circling. If you can make some kind of business venture while there, maybe your family won't see it as a total waste of your time. If not, no sweat. They never expected anything, anyway.


Rashid Khan (Alien Mutation)

You're a good pilot - a damn good one, always have been. You'd be a wealthy star on the racing circuit, or getting paid bank to fly prototypes, but you have a problem. A big one. You gamble everything you have away, time and time again. You've washed out at more companies than you can count, taking advances on pay, borrowing from co-workers, and you always blow it all. The Hephaestus might be your last shot at steady work, and so far you've done four years with them without blowing it, but they haul to the Noc, and it has the best casino there is. Luckily they're closed when you guys come in, but last year the haul was late and the refinery took longer to process it and so you were around when Eclipse opened for tourist season. It only took a few days, and now the Casino Manager (Gambler) and Chief of Security (Martyr) are watching for you, and you owe Hartmann, Winterbourne and Chevalier more money than your share for this haul. You made a deal with (Heretic) to smuggle in some Drift, a highly illegal drug, but you only have about half of what he wanted, so you have no idea if he'll pay now or how much. You need cash. Fast.