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The Last Road

Pitch 2

Name: Sony or Saga or Winter
Music Inspiration: "Lady of Worlds by Miracle of Sound", "Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez"
Were you born in Sanctuary or out in he wastes?
Born a healthy and perfect child it was no doubt she'd be a Fortunate when she wound up in Sanctuary. Found a day's ride from Citadel, sitting in a rig empty of gas. Their small band had died except for her. An eight year girl dragged the dead and rotting bodies of her parents, siblings, and friends into a pile. Setting fire with the remains of their alcohol. The smoke would bring death or rescue she knew. With no water left she curled up in the rig to await her fate. Clutching her mother's machete. Citadel Warkids (Rogue and Sebas) found her and the charred remains of half a dozen bodies. They took the rig and the girl back to Sanctuary where she was treated for dehydration. The rapidity with which she bounced back and her robust health and unmarred body meant one thing. Even if she wanted to stay with the Warkids who rescued her, she would be a Fortunate.

Are you pure (completely healthy), contaminated (minor but clear defects/health issues), or sick (cancer present)?
She is pure.

What caste are you in? What position do you hold in it?
Fortunate. Breeder. She wanted to be a War Boy or even a Savvy when she first arrived in Sanctuary. Her role was decided by her rustic health and unmarred body. She is the bird that flutters against the cage, that sees the outside world and yearns for it. Remembering what it was for open skies and dirt beneath your feet.
Her artistic talent is in capturing the stories and history of Sanctuary and turning them into stories. Written and spoken. It means she gets to speak with War Boys and Scavengers more, giving her tantalizing touches of the outside world. Soon it becomes too much and she'll try to break free. Not just accept brief moments in the sun.
I think her being pregnant when story started would be a fun edge to play along. Already having had one child, two-three years previous, perhaps even being the Fortunate caste leader's?. Current pregnancy courtesy of possibly Confidant, <>,
Perk: Gifted - Writing/Expression

Quirks: Small Favor to Rogue, Small to Scholar. They also get access to her shower. They took her out for a secret moonlit ride after much begging and pleading and promises. Small favor to Bon-Vivant for keeping his mouth shut.
Original name: Bonnie
Rescued from wastes at age 8 by scholar and rogue. Became a Meanie shortly after.
Learned how to express herself in the written and spoken word as well as singing. When she discovered the difficulty in going outside again, she began to spend as much time with the Warboys and Scavengers as she could. Earning tokens, learning stories, writing epics, songs, and stories. When she became a Companion she took on a new name: Saga. Much of her enterainment while a Companion involved retelling stories of bravery or cleverness, along with sex.
After a few years of a Companion and her robust health being proven again and again in her blood to the War Kids, she was shuttled to Breeder in the hopes that future generations would be as robust. She was less than amused. Children aren't her fortay, but she tries. A gruff teacher who expects excellence. While pregnant the first time, she found herself ansy. Restless. Wanting to be outside. She managed to convince the men who originally found her to take her for a last spin outside. Wind in her hair. All that.
First baby maybe by Father Fortune or Green Man?
Current pregnancy by Confidant