Rosie Nash

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Rosie Nash

on MUX as

The Survvior



Apparent Age

Mid 20s

Played By

The Survvior

Role in Alien Mutation

One of the Noc's mechanics. A grease monkey. She's responsible for a lot of the motorized transportation on the station, a step down in pay (if not necessarily in skill) from the technicians aboard, and part of her is resentful of the idea that she gets most of the grunt work and none of the glamour. It's made her very interested in workers' rights, especially as synthetics become increasingly common. She's industrious and gregarious, well-liked on the Noc's blue-collar tier.


Brawn: Normal
+ Great Big Hammer (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Light On Her Feet (Positive)
Brains: Good
+ Jury Rigging Expert (Positive)
Spirit: Poor
+ Lion-Hearted Mouse (Positive)
- No Filter (Negative)
- Synthetic Hatred (Negative)


Katja Numminen

Tenochtitlan EVA Tech

The best of friends, bonded over a technical malfunction, diverse hatred, and a lot of vodka.

No badges for Alien Mutation.

Unwanted Cargo
(2018-08-31 • Noc - Cargo Dock) An encounter on the cargo dock goes poorly for a rookie Marshal.
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This Is Not A Crime Scene
(2018-08-09 • The Noc Main Concourse) A broken cargo transporter attracts an audience.
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