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Elena Firenze

on MUX as

The Survivor


The Survivor



Apparent Age

Early 30s

Played By

Milla Jovovich

K's Choice - Iron Flower

thunder, please explain

why you ask me how I am, I'm fine I

wonder is it sane

to pierce purple eyeballs made of china

I love you like a son, like a game I have won

like a toothbrush I used for the Eiffel Tower

my youth, it is gone, it's a boot stuck in the ground

is there truth to be found in an iron flower?

mmm I will try hard to be a spark of power

I will, I'll never be your iron flower

stone please explain

why your silence makes more noise than thunder

bones; is it sane

to obey me and the flesh you're under?

your words are soon gone and it hurts, I have none

take a jump from you pretty linguistic tower

the goal of speech, so obnoxious to reach

only one thing to do, melt your iron flower...

mmm I will try hard to be a spark of power

I will, I'll never be your iron flower


The IQ of a mob is the IQ of its most stupid member divided by the number of people in the mob.

The good of the many does not outweigh the good of the few.

Pragmatism is often seen as heartlessness or cruelty, but at the end of the day the Survivor is built to survive, whatever the consequences, whatever the costs. Dying is usually the easy choice. It's an end to pain, a path to glory, immortality, heroism. The last woman standing has a lot to deal with when she's standing on a pile of the corpses of people who thought they were friends and allies. She will always try to pull other people to the top of that pile too, but they're not all going to make it, and she can't help anyone at all if she's dead.

And if it comes down to the choice between you and her... you will be fondly remembered.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Being a survivor sometimes means being a pragmatist and making the hard choices. When it's you or them, you come first. You can't help anyone else if you're dead.

Role in Isle of Dread

Born in France, raised in Canada and the US. Your family moved a lot, even changing countries twice, so making lasting connections was never easy. One thing you learned the hard way was that no one will look out for you better than you will, and so you've always put yourself first. That doesn't mean you're selfish or have no empathy - far from it. Caring about others is what gets you hurt, but you're no good to them if you're not taking care of yourself. You became an EMT to save lives, and you do. You're damn good at it. You just know when to shut it off and walk away at the end of the day. Traveling a lot and working in different places helps, too.

You got tipped off to this job by a doctor you worked with at Doctors Without Borders, a guy named Steele. You guys had a brief fling, but stayed friends and kept in touch, and he suggested you for a job with the festival medical crew. The pay is good, and it's a tropical island, so you see it as a kind of working vacation. You could use a recharge right about now.

* EMT/Paramedic: She just might save your life.

  • Traveler: She's been lots of places.


Brawn: Normal Positive: Marathon Runner
Negative: Low Tolerance
Finesse: Normal Positive: Precision Work
Brains: Good Positive: Ditch Medicine
Positive: Situational Awareness
Spirit: Normal Positive: Good Timing
Negative: Flight Instinct


Dr. Steele

Chief Medic

When the good doctor prescribes a vacation, you take the vacation. Even when it pretends to be work.


Dr. "Jones"

Anthropology Professor

We met in Peru, what, eight years ago? I hope he doesn't want to go digging on this island.


Isidora Moretti

World Traveler

Let's hope for no spider bites this time.


Oliver Tully (Isle of Dread)

Rescue Pilot
A former SAS pilot, Tully retired from active service with a bunch of medals for his chest and a bunch of metal in his leg. His profound respect for the medical staff that pieced him back together in a backwater bit of hell launched him into a second career as a medical evac pilot. He became friends with Elena Firenze while they were working in West Africa. She suggested him for a job at the festival. He's surprisingly good natured, though gruff, and as he has the approximate hotness factor of a junkyard dog (especially on this island) he's often mistaken for surly. Thus he stays largely in the background, among the medical support crew.


Vivian Lancaster (Isle of Dread)

Dr. Lancaster has an MD and a PsyD from a prestigious university on the East Coast. She was in private practice for several years, before the crackdown on opiate drug prescriptions cut dangerously close to her door. Can you fault a woman for trying to ensure her patients were comfortable, mentally and physically? Though never directly implicated, she did close up shop before losing her license and went deep and low, signing up to work for Doctors Without Borders in an effort to salvage her image. She's met a number of interesting people along the way, including Dr. Steele and Elena Firenze, and it was little surprise when she ended up on the short list of people asked to come play doctor for a bunch of entitled rich kids. After all, some of them might need their 'scrips refilled or an emergency therapy session.


Wyatt Jones (Isle of Dread)

Fire Safety Officer
Wyatt is the island's fire safety officer. He was a member of the NYFD for several years before being "discovered" by a modeling agency that wanted to do a Sexy Firemen calendar, which led to a series of somewhat bad decisions on his part, which led to him being terminated from the fire department. Coincidentally, most of the evidence of his bad judgment went up in flames during a 5 alarm port warehouse fire, though there are still a few copies in circulation. Somewhere. That might be why he got offered a job working as 'Fire Marshall' for this big island shindig; he certainly fits in better than most of the more, er, qualified individuals.

No badges for Isle of Dread.

Contingency Planning
(2018-07-20 • The Kitchens) Elena and Thomas finally plan for the shit to hit the fan.
Cast  •   Elena Firenze  •  Thomas Lance  •
(2018-07-20 • Outside the food pavilion.) Elena tells Addie about the mad sacrificers. Jesse has ideas about rafts. (Follows immediately after [Days].
Cast  •   Elena Firenze  •  Thomas Lance  •
Out of the Frying Pan
(2018-07-20 • At the Evac Helipad) The medical team try to save the two survivors from the security trailer explosion by sending them to a hospital via helicopter
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Elena Firenze  •  Veronique Summers  •  Liam Steele  •  Chance Reed  •  Oliver Tully  •  Alice Woods  •
Options - sacrificial lambs or genocide?
(2018-07-20 • The Ruins) They trek out to the ruins, and .. argue about what to do.
Cast  •   Esmeralda Cortez  •  Ethan Drake  •  Thomas Lance  •  Victor Kline  •  Karl Webb  •  Connor Smith  •  Blue Rosen  •  Cameron Cross  •  Elena Firenze  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Eugene Warner  •
Four Days
(2018-07-20 • Fort Starbucks) A satellite phone was dropped from a helicopter. Hiwa and Addie are there to talk to the US government, with Elena and Thomas joining in. Four days until total destruction.
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •  Elena Firenze  •  Thomas Lance  •
Medical on Standby
(2018-07-19 • The Medical Trailer) As the sun goes down, the medical team gears up.
Cast  •   Chance Reed  •  Alice Woods  •  Helena Reed  •  Elena Firenze  •  Veronique Summers  •  Thomas Lance  •
Ring of Light
(2018-07-18 • Food Pavilion) A catchy summary of the scene. Not too long.
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Ethan Drake  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Elena Firenze  •  Madison Wellson  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Anton Grant  •  Valerity  •  Martin Skinner  •  Thomas Lance  •  Karl Webb  •
Zen, Now With More Corpses
(2018-07-18 • The Beach) Elena and Tommy talk on the beach. Valerity brings Molotovs.
Cast  •   Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Valerity  •  Elena Firenze  •
Misery and Information
(2018-07-18 • Food Pavilion) Maata learns that her brother had died while Professor Ethan Drake brings forth some information he learned.
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Ethan Drake  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Elena Firenze  •  Madison Wellson  •  Connor Smith  •  Addie Heller  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Anton Grant  •  Valerity  •
Early Morning Order
(2018-07-18 • Outside the security and medical trailers, and the residential block.) As the sun begins to rise, order is restored, much to some people's dismay.
Cast  •   Maata Kahloa  •  Elena Firenze  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Eugene Warner  •  Thomas Lance  •
Crisis Radio Chatter
(2018-07-17 • Over the Festival Crew Radio) Once Buffy's footage of the kidnapping is streamed festival-wide, the festival crew radio really blows up with chatter.
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •  Anton Grant  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Liam Steele  •  Elena Firenze  •  Dahlia Adams  •
Festival Crew Meeting about Skeletons
(2018-07-17 • Conrad Wellson's Hut) After Conrad was informed that the... dead had risen, he has to get that news out to his crew.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Elena Firenze  •  Karl Webb  •  Liam Steele  •  Anton Grant  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Dahlia Adams  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •
Eat, Drink, Be Merry
(2018-07-17 • The Beach) Elena catches Valerity on the beach. Favors are traded.
Cast  •   Elena Firenze  •  Valerity  •
The Tama Bell Early Warning System
(2018-07-17 • En Route to the Residence Huts) Elena corners Tommy for information. You won't BELIEVE what happens next!
Cast  •   Jonas Silva  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Eugene Warner  •  Elena Firenze  •
Not a Medical Emergency
(2018-07-17 • Chopper Staging Ground.) Anton gets the Wellson siblings to the helicopter.
Cast  •   Conrad Wellson  •  Anton Grant  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Elena Firenze  •  Madison Wellson  •
Post-Boar Patching Up
(2018-07-15 • Med Trailer) A catchy summary of the scene. Not too long.
Cast  •   Connor Smith  •  Liam Steele  •  Elena Firenze  •
The Great and Scary Boar Hunt
(2018-07-15 • A patch of jungle) KILL SCENE - Conrad's Great Boar Hunt goes terribly wrong
Cast  •   Cameron Cross  •  Connor Smith  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Maata Kahloa  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Andrew McInverness  •  Daniel Park  •  Ethan Drake  •  Elena Firenze  •
Rumor Mill, Beach Edition
(2018-07-14 • The Beach) Without wifi, some people are forced to find entertainment on the beach. Some start hatching a plan to sight-seeing.
Cast  •   Jonas Silva  •  Eugene Warner  •  Elena Firenze  •  Dahlia Adams  •
Festival Kickoff
(2018-07-13 • Security Trailer, then Outside the Communications Trailer) The Festival Kicks Off Hardcore style
Cast  •   Addie Heller  •  Gregory Thomas  •  Karl Webb  •  Amy Erins  •  Conrad Wellson  •  Hiwa Lahnai  •  Martin Skinner  •  Jonas Silva  •  Tama "Tommy" Bell  •  Liam Steele  •  Ethan Drake  •  Madison Wellson  •  Valerity  •  Eugene Warner  •  Elena Firenze  •  Dahlia Adams  •