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Types of Stories

xxxxxAt a glance, here are the kinds of stories you'll see on the game:

  • Season Stories: Ongoing stories told by Staff that take place over several IC months.
  • Monster of the Week Stories: One-and-done stories told by Staff on a weekly(ish) basis.
  • Side Stories: Smaller ongoing stories told by Staff that may or may not tie into the Season arc.
  • Player-Run Stories: Smaller ongoing or one-shot stories told by players. May be open or private.
  • Plot-in-a-Box Stories: Pre-made stories for players new to storytelling to grab and run with.

Season Stories

xxxxxA Season runs the length of a semester of school (LHS and MU have the same basic schedule), or roughly 4.5 IC months. Summer is its own Season. Season One will run from the game's opening at the end of IC Summer 2018 to IC New Year's Day 2019. Season Two will go from IC New Year's Day 2019 to the start of IC Summer 2019. Season Three will run through IC Summer of 2019. Future Season will follow.

xxxxxA Season may have more than one major plot, but usually there is one primary story. Some Seasons may not resolve the story, ending on a cliff-hanger or leaving things ambiguous. Sometimes there will be sequels.

xxxxxSeason stories will usually feature at least one big scene or event every RL month. There may also be many small scenes with fewer players or even solo scenes. Anyone who wants to be involved in thee Season story can be, simply attend the big scene or event each month, or contact Showgirls if big scenes are too much for you to handle.

Monster of the Week Stories

xxxxxDespite the name, not every scene will feature an actual Monster. These are the regularly scheduled scenes and events that we hope to hold 3 of per RL month at minimum. They can be city events, school events, random encounters, or pretty much anything else Staff can come up with to get people out and doing something. That's one of the reasons why they won't always feature a Monster - a Monster encounter every week or so gets old and makes the routine when they should be special.

xxxxxWhile everyone can attend, in many cases there may be a certain subset of players who are featured, like when LHS plays the Milton Devils in hockey. In such a case, the players of the boys' or girls' team will be focus, with everyone else in the stands to cheer them on. Another Monster of the Week story might involve a fraternity or sorority event hosted by the players in that group. And then, of course, there's the random Monster or Strange Incident, where everyone just shows up at a place for a pre-determined reason and Stuff Happens.

xxxxxIn every case, there will be a +Event posted listing the time, day, and general idea of what it's about. Anyone can join.

Side Stories

xxxxxSometimes Staff have ideas that might not be for everyone, or may need several scenes to tell, and therefore don't really work as Season or MotW stories. These are called Side Stories, and depending on the story may or may not be open to everyone. Some may focus solely on a certain IC group, or may only have a limited number of players. The Staff Writer/Director telling the story will make these details clear when they announce the story. They should NEVER be needlessly or arbitrarily exclusive, however.

Player-Run Stories

xxxxxWe hope to see a lot of these - stories run by players for players. They can be for your team or group, or just your friends, or for whoever wants to join. You can limit the players to a comfortable level, or take anyone and everyone. Player-Run Stories are up to you. Will this result in some 'exclusive' stories and RP? Yes, but that happens, and we can't make players play with everyone. That's why Staff-Run Stories are so inclusive: it's our job as Staff to try and give everyone a piece of the pie. We can't make people share their own pies.

xxxxxThat said, there are restrictions and incentives to encourage inclusion. First, no story can have a Monster unless a Director is running it. You can tell scary stories and have spooky things in them, but a Monster that can seriously harm and/or kill PCs must be Directed. If you don't need a Monster, great! Just send us a +request with a quick outline of what you want to do, and we'll likely approve it pretty fast. These pure-RP stories are by far the easiest to get approved. Genre points cannot be awarded in these stories as, again, as these are not Directed stories.

xxxxxIf you want to tell a story with a Monster and are a Director, you can pitch us the idea in a +request and include the specifics of the Monster (see the page on Directing for details). If approved, you're good to go. If we have issues with the story or Monster, we will work with you to bring it in line with what is acceptable.

xxxxxDirected stories for a set or closed group of players CANNOT earn Genre points. Such stories can easily turn into a little clique handing out GP among their friends like candy, so we do not allow Directors in these stories to do so.

xxxxxDirected stories that are open to outsiders or anyone who shows up CAN earn Genre points, but be aware that we'll be watching those points to make sure they aren't all being awarded to the Director's friends.

Plot-in-a-Box Stories

xxxxxPlot-in-a-Box Stories are pre-made stories for people that don't usually tell stories to run, or someone just wanting to tell a ready-to-go story. You can read about them in detail on the Plots-in--a-Box page.