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(2019-12-11 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Xavier frets; Lyra and Zephyr are patient.
Rumble on the Road
(2019-12-11 • The Wastes) The Convoy to the ruins is ambushed by Scavengers hoping to loot the ruins themselves.
Like Catherine Wheels
(2019-12-10 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Lounge) Faustina and Kitten pump the Scavenger siblings for more information. Mark and Faustina discover why Rebar and the Anchor Man have agreed the charioteer will take Kitten's spot as Rebar's gunner on this run.
Bizarre Bazaar
(2019-12-10 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) In the wake of the War Party's departure people talk in the bazaar.
Wanderers of the Wastes
(2019-12-09 • The Wastes) Charlie and Vishys rescue a brother and sister with information about possibly unlooted ruins revealed by the storm.
The Ancients Were Assholes
(2019-12-09 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Xavier and Timmy listen to Lyra play and talk about past and future.
Seeds of the Future
(2019-12-07 • X Hut) Xavier confesses to making a seed bank to Faustina and the ethics of Monitors and rulebreaking are discussed.
Riding Out the Storm
(2019-12-05 • Private Lounge) Locke thinks about the hints Eden was throwing down on the Main Concourse and comes to ride the storm out with her for a while.
Radioactive Rain
(2019-12-05 • Sanctuary - Garden - The Farm) The savvy try to save the plants from the deadly rain. KissThisThen and Xavier nearly take a long fall.
Mind the Dust
(2019-12-05 • Sanctuary - Prime - Main Concourse) In the Main Concourse, people talk, plan for/around the storm, and watch the radioactive ambient commotion as the brave come across the catwalks during the weather for meals in the Mess Hall.
You Cant Go Home Again
(2019-12-04 • Sanctuary - Prime - Gilded Cage) In which the rules regarding non-Fortunates being in the Gilded Cage are made clear.
Savvys Share
(2019-12-04 • Sanctuary - Garden - Fungus Farm) KissThisThen gives Xavier a fungus cave tour.
We Bleed Beautiful Rubies
(2019-12-03 • Sanctuary - Prime - Gilded Cage) Zephyr comes to Eden winding down for the night to make her aware of a bloody situation.
Nothing to See Here
(2019-12-02 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Central) Some trading and questions in the scavenger's marketplace.
No More Kama Sutra
(2019-12-02 • Sanctuary - Garden - Hospice) Cinder makes yet another trip to see the Healing Hands, this time with a legitimate medical issue. Gasp.
Donation Gone Wrong
(2019-12-02 • The Sick Room) Drak cleans up after a blood donation gone wrong. Zephyr, Cinder, and Locke arrive in the aftermath.
Cin and Blood
(2019-11-29 • Sanctuary - Garage - Sick Room) Rebar is unwell.
Directing Workshop
(2019-11-28 • The Workshop) This is a log of the first Directing Workshop run by The Director. Please Read This if you are planning to run scenes involving Monsters/Raiders. The Director also touches upon other theme/PrP questions here as well.
Prototypes and Experiments
(2019-11-27 • Sanctuary - Garage - Workshop) An evening in the Garage
Family Therapy
(2019-11-25 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Lyra, Zephyr and Eden discuss Fortunate business.
Healing Old Wounds
(2019-11-25 • Gilded Cage) Cinder and Zephyr finally talk to one another about the past and where they stand now.
Hold This
(2019-11-23 • Curtained Alcove) Cinder and Lyra catch up
Kissy's Freaking Out
(2019-11-20 • Great Mess Hall) KissThisThen has a minor meltdown over some mushrooms.
In the Bazaar
(2019-11-19 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) A gathering of folks talk in the Fortunate Bazaar.
Omne Trium Perfectum
(2019-11-18 • Private Entertainment Lounge) Locke must wait for Eden's company, but finds it worth the wait. Supposedly, good things come in threes, and it's their third year of therapeutic companionship. The pair makes it a notable 'anniversary' by getting rather personal.
War Kids and Monitors
(2019-11-18 • Sanctuary - Prime - Great Mess Hall) A chat between the survivors.
Our Daily Ration
(2019-11-17 • Great Mess Hall) Kitten and Faustina share a meal and discuss their unique perspectives.
Birds of Different Feathers Flock Together
(2019-11-17 • Sanctuary - Prime - Gilded Cage) Phoenix and Eden take personal quality time together in the bathing pool before starting their day.
Meow Motherfucker
(2019-11-16 • X Hut) Kitten and Xavier unconvincingly claim they are sober for KTT and Faustina's benefit.
Of Mimics and Monitors
(2019-11-16 • Sanctuary - Garden - The Farm) Phoenix is walking through the farm when he encounters Xavier and his sister, Faustina.
Flashing the Bazaar
(2019-11-15 • Bazaar) A gathering of people meet at the bazaar. Trades are made, conversations are had, and a few people get flashed.
(2019-11-14 • The Wastes) A convoy to finalize a deal with the Tribe of the Sun gets ambushed by Devil Boys.
Hatching a Plan
(2019-11-14 • Bazaar) Kitten and Evelyn strike a deal in the bazaar.
Hold it Together
(2019-11-14 • Sanctuary - Prime - Gilded Cage) Cinder recovers after the group was waylaid on their way across the wastes. Phoenix is the world's worst choice for a nursemaid.
This Feather's Seen Things
(2019-11-13 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Central) Phoenix goes to find Charlie to pick up some booze for trade later, and asks if he's got any feathers for Visa.
The Sanctuary Within
(2019-11-12 • Prelude: Private Companion Lounge) It's been one year since Locke opened up and let Eden in, and it's been a year of gradual progress. The pair of them have learned to share and care in transitional ways. This is one of those moments.
Of Clothes and Cages
(2019-11-12 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Phoenix and Visa meet in the bazaar and she agrees to make him a new piece to perform in.
Better Living Through Chemistry
(2019-11-12 • Sanctuary - Garden - The Farm) Oppy change later when not at work
Prelude to a Kiss
(2019-11-11 • Prelude: Private Companion Lounge) Two years ago, Locke and Eden changed the way they spend their companion time. A single moment forges a rare, intimate connection that impacts both of them in the time that follows.
At the Market
(2019-11-11 • Bazaar) A few people meet in the Bazaar in front of a clothing stall.
A Visit To The Garage
(2019-11-08 • The Garage) KissThisThen comes to see Kitten in the Garage about a device he'd like them to build.