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Luring the Enemy to Icarus II
(2019-07-24 • Davies' Office) North goes to shake Davies out of hiding and force her to confront the fact that they fucked up.
(2019-07-22 • Science Research Lab) Angel and Harkaway contemplate a variety of personal options.
The Canary is Dead
(2019-07-21 • Icarus - Lower Level - Engineering) Disaster strikes as the first attack from the computer system occurs, and the crew react. Includes radio chatter log of the incident.
Odd Bedfellows
(2019-07-21 • Bathroom) Teller and Angel have a moment while shaving.
The Two Survivors
(2019-07-19 • The Workshop) The Director and Chief Security Officer receive the two survivors from the Weyland-Yutani ship.
Catching Feelings
(2019-07-18 • Rec Room) Assorted peole have assorted feelings.
Voluntary Evaluation
(2019-07-16 • Voluntary Evaluation) North goes to see Lockwood for a voluntary evaluation given all that's been happening, and the decisions that are fast approaching.
Stuck on You
(2019-07-16 • Director's Office) Decisions made, Blaise and Nyka go see Samantha to seal the deal.
Signal to Noise
(2019-07-16 • Rec Room) Samantha and Angel probe each other's mental health and outlook.
Never Say Never
(2019-07-15 • Engineering Office) We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. — Oscar Wilde
Last Rites
(2019-07-15 • The Workshop) Log Update: For future missions always pack a pocket priest.
The Psychiatrist Is In
(2019-07-15 • Rec Room) Braden comes seeking psychiatric help from Teller.
How I Broke My Nose
(2019-07-15 • Docking Bay) A friendly spar goes a wee bit wrong.
Quiet Words
(2019-07-14 • Rec Room) Angel commiserates with Malcolm, then has tea with Braden.
All Too Easy
(2019-07-14 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Kolvek and North discuss how all this seems way too easy. Is everything they do just playing into the Endolith's plan?
If We Get Out
(2019-07-13 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) MacLeod and North talk about opportunities, should they get out alive.
Tales from the Come-and-Go Cafe
(2019-07-13 • Icarus - Upper Level - (w)Rec(k) Room) It's a sure sign the stress is getting to the crew when a respectable evening of shenanigans is derailed by science and intermittent naps, pursued by a waltz to Metallica and a sharpie.
Reports, Mental States
(2019-07-11 • Commander's Office) Teller comes to tell the Director what he's learned and express some concerns.
First We Get That Drink
(2019-07-11 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) A chatting session to decide the fate of one COM MacLeod.
Cards and Journals
(2019-07-11 • Med Bay) Jazz and Angel kill time while under Observation
Running in Space
(2019-07-11 • Med Bay and The Maze) Harkaway and Braden take Angel for a run.
A Cooperative Patient
(2019-07-11 • Med Bay) Teller assesses Angel's mental state.
I Didn't Expect to Invite Them
(2019-07-11 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Samantha tells the Security Chief about her conversation with the WY ship and what she has suggested.
Come on Over
(2019-07-11 • The Workshop) Samantha reaches out to find the status of the Weyland Yutani ship after scans of it. Her sympathy surfaces and she makes what is likely going to be a mistake.
Post-Exodus Meeting
(2019-07-10 • Icarus - Lower Level - The Maze) Some of the leads meet up with Director Davies to discuss differing opinions on the presence of Weyland-Yutani, the fate of humanity, and escaping the asteroid. The conversation is interrupted by the team stating they can retrieve the core.
Core of the Matter
(2019-07-10 • The Workshop) The Mining crew's explosive retrieval mission unexpectedly turns into a core retrieval instead. Things do not go completely smoothly.
Thin Ice
(2019-07-10 • Icarus - Lower Level - Med Bay) The miners get checked over after retrieving the core.
Icarus I (NOT) Alone in the Dark with the Thing
(2019-07-09 • Icarus I) North, Ocasio, di Mercurio and Kolvek await the exodus on the Icarus I.
Whispers In the Dark
(2019-07-09 • Icarus - Lower Level - Mining Ops) Angel and Jazz talk after the move. Angel is rattled.
In The Name of the Father
(2019-07-09 • Office - Icarus I) Riordan and Harlow sit down to talk about their surprising familial relationship.
Miners Perspective (Not) Alone In the Dark With The Thing
(2019-07-09 • Icarus - Lower Level - The Maze) The Mining Team prepare to head over to Icarus I. The thing within the asteroid doesn't make the task easy.
Research Perspective (Not) Alone in the Dark with the Thing
(2019-07-09 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs)
Danger Danger, Will Robinson!
(2019-07-09 • Icarus - Transport Shaft) MOVING DAY!!!!
Moving Days
(2019-07-08 • Icarus I) North, Ocasio, and Davies oversee equipment being moved from Icarus II to Icarus I while Flowers works on cleanup duty.
(Not) Alone in the Dark with the Thing
(2019-07-08 • Outside) Officer Ocasio goes outside to escort people from Icarus II to Icarus One.
Stolen Seconds
(2019-07-07 • Chaos Theory Lab) Blaise drops in on Nyka at the Chaos Theory Lab after shift, and nothing particularly surprising happens. Well, maybe the survival of the coffee.
Salad and Sympathy
(2019-07-04 • Rec Room) A Feast to Celebrate Angl's safe return.
Cleanup on Icarus I
(2019-07-04 • Icarus I) Security begins its initial foray into Icarus I to secure and clean up the ship enough for the rest of the crew to make the journey over.
(2019-07-04 • Icarus - Lower Level - Engineering) Angel comes by Engineering to talk to Blaise, and they sort some things out.
Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst
(2019-07-02 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) North and Davies discuss the evacuation to Icarus I, the good of humanity, aspirations of survival, hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst.
Ship Shape
(2019-07-02 • Icarus - Lower Level - Engineering) Samantha drops by engineering to talk to Blaise about the current situation and options.
Miner Talk on Major Things
(2019-07-02 • Icarus - Lower Level - Mining Ops) Jazz leaves notes for some of her fellows miners. Giving them an update and letting them know she's volunteered to go get the core, and wants a few others to come with her.
(2019-07-02 • Rec Room) Alannah plumbs what afflicts Angel.
Everything Is Broken
(2019-07-01 • Rec Room) A discussion in the Rec Room ends up going poorly.
It's Like This Boss
(2019-06-30 • Rec Room) The Director is informed about the dire situation with te computers and a plan is proposed for survival.
It Just Keeps Getting Worse
(2019-06-29 • Rec Room) Horrifying new findings lead to horrifying new findings.
Stubborn Delusions
(2019-06-28 • Icarus - Lower Level - Engineering) Comfort food only works if they bother to eat it.
Lucky Thirteen
(2019-06-27 • Coffins) Time dilation. Rules. Superstition. Everything's out the window at once, and it still somehow makes sense.
Some Taken
(2019-06-26 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) Blaise drops in on Harkaway, and they probably both wish he hadn't.
(2019-06-26 • Chaos Theory Lab) Yesterday and tomorrow aren't the same. They don't have to come out the same, either -- and neither one is today. Today is confusing as ever.
Mira Wears The Pants
(2019-06-26 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) Mira Wears the Pants
That's What I Just Said
(2019-06-25 • Icarus - Lower Level - Sec Ops) Shepard comes to clear Malcolm of being an exposure risk and gets the 411 on what's happening. A class of ideals ensues, as usual as two persons take different approaches to the same goal.
State of Things
(2019-06-25 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) North, Ocasio, and Shepard discuss the state of CMO McLeod and Ocasio's exposure.
Of Radiation and Nudie Pics
(2019-06-24 • Director's Office) Mira brings some heretofore unknown information to Director Davies about radiation seeping into the asteroid, from the Endolith.
Radioactive Clusterfuck
(2019-06-24 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) The longer this circle jerk of self-satisfied horse-fuckery continues to jack off to the sound of its own ego, the less time we have to find a way off this radioactive clusterfuck of broken physics.
Examinations and Arbitration
(2019-06-24 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) Angel and Sebastian get scanned for shadow things, information is shared, and some arbitration occurs.
There's Bad News, Worse News, and Whiskey
(2019-06-23 • Mining Office) Ocasio catches up Mira and the MacLeod brothers on the situation that affects their family... and some of them present. Whoo boy. The title said something about whiskey. There is whiskey right? Because we're going to need some here.
Not Done
(2019-06-23 • Icarus - Mid Level - Stasis Chambers) Malcolm and Mira catch up for a much-needed talk, and reassurances are given.
Welcome to the Tribe
(2019-06-23 • Icarus - Lower Level - Mining Ops) During a discussion about recent mission events and personal matters, Angel and Mira realize they have more in common than they'd previously thought.
Just to Be Clear
(2019-06-22 • Icarus - Mid Level - Crew Quarters)
To Blow, To Go, to See or Not to See
(2019-06-22 • Samantha's Office) The Director, Chief of Security, Chief of Medical, Chief of Engineering, Mining Operation Head, and a couple of other staff discuss whether to see or not to see the alien writing and city, whether to blow the rock and go, or attempt to wipe out the alien life on the rock.
Rec and Rumble
(2019-06-22 • Rec Room and Research Lab) Braden and Angel discuss Engine options and existential angst until the shit hits the fan on Icarus One.
A Couple Sandwiches Short of a Picnic
(2019-06-22 • Engineering Office and Unused Storage Room) Somewhat after the shaking stops, Nyka brings Blaise a thermos of coffee, a bag of lunch, and a picnic spot. For once, pretending everything's normal loses out to the hard work of starting to get things right.
Get Ready to Rumble
(2019-06-22 • Chaos Theory Lab) The Chaos lab is in its usual chaos when things start to shake, rattle, and roll. (Radio chatter included.)
Another Fine Mess
(2019-06-21 • Icarus - Upper Level - Mess Hall) Angel runs into Nyka and Blaise over breakfast. What's that thing they say about good intentions again?
Mission Report
(2019-06-20 • Research Labs) Samantha and Angel visit Braden's lab for information and an update.
The Brave Little Twatwaffle
(2019-06-20 • Icarus - Mid Level - Bridge) Mira pilots a mining drone down through the tunnel and pocket cavern beneath Icaraus One, and she and Mads finally discover what lies at the heart of the asteroid.
Things Are Looking Up
(2019-06-20 • Security Quarters) Shepard's unconscious mind begins to weave a narrative of old traumas and new.
Liaised and Confused
(2019-06-19 • Chaos Theory Lab) Ulysses has finally come to his senses! Blaise and Nyka possibly follow suit.
Vatican Job Interview
(2019-06-18 • Riordan's Office) "Sinclair" breaks into the Priest's office in an act that turns out to be an audition for a job. Bloody hell.
Hold the Arm
(2019-06-18 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) Finally taking a moment or two of down time, Emory shares a drink and a few words with Jamie as Jamie works on adjusting his arm.
Go Fish
(2019-06-18 • Braden's Sleeping Coffin) Angel stops by Braden's to see how he's doing and play a little cards.
Official and Unofficial
(2019-06-17 • Mining Ops) Angel drops in on Jazz to take her statement and make two requests: one official, one unofficial.
A Taste of Clear Liquor
(2019-06-17 • Investigation Office) Angel checks on Teller.
(2019-06-17 • Director's Office) Ronnie comes to apologise to Samantha.
Culture Clash
(2019-06-17 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) The Cultural team discuss options.
I Want to Live
(2019-06-17 • Cultural Research Lab) Angel checks in with Alannah on how things are going in cultural. The conversation turns personal.
Emotions Run High
(2019-06-17 • Rec Room) Shepard and Rambeau vent their stress, but as usual, don't talk about it.
No Good Answers
(2019-06-16 • Director Davies' Office) Director Davies has an open door policy. Sometimes, that means many members of the mission rush in at once to add things to her decision-making desk.
A New Assignment
(2019-06-16 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) Harlow comes looking for Malcolm for a new assignment. He and Shepard share training vs. coping with fear and weird shit. Mal and Harlow find common ground trying to care for remote persons in need of medical care. no one runs out of coffee. That's the important part of it all, right?
Friendly Persuasion
(2019-06-15 • Rec Room) A case is made for sharing information accross departments.
Time to share
(2019-06-15 • Director's Office) Harkaway asks Samantha's opinion on further open sharing of information, and updates her about Science projects.
(2019-06-15 • Icarus - Lower Level - Mining Ops) Discipline is had, and a quick catch up is made, not exactly a complete one.
What NCOs Know
(2019-06-15 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Because OF COURSE they notice!
Fantastic Files and Where to Find Them
(2019-06-15 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Shepard and Malcolm play a game of cat and mouse. Who is what is entirely subjective.
Where is the Core?
(2019-06-14 • Director's Office) Mads comes to tell Samantha about the missing engine core.
Comparing Security Notes
(2019-06-14 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Malcolm hunts his partner down to compare and contrast ideas about the data feed and some Special Project that's not explained on books.
Duct Tape Fix
(2019-06-14 • Engineering Sector) Rocks Shelves fall, nobody dies. A few scuffs and bruises, though. Possibly a dragon (but not really).
The Alliance of Damned Bastards
(2019-06-14 • Chaos Theory Lab) Angel comes by the Chaos Theory Lab to follow up on rumors regarding the latest contact from the alien intelligence. Nyka provides her account, and a bargain is struck.
March of the Dwarves
(2019-06-13 • Icarus - Mid Level - Bridge) A party of eight sets forth on a perilous quest across the rock of storms, beneath the eye of George the Unblinking, George the Ever-Watching, George the Devourer of Worlds, to retrieve the scrubbers of Icarus and bring them safely home.
Security is Watching
(2019-06-13 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Remember, security is watching. Rambeau and Shepard talk with North about possible security breaches and confirm an actual security breach by the name of Sinclair.
May We Survive to Regret
(2019-06-13 • Icarus - Upper Level - Mess Hall) Lockwood and North have coffee and talk a bit about the mission and the footage.
MacLeod MacLeod MacLeod Sounds Like A Lawfirm Don't It
(2019-06-13 • Drone Control) The MacLeod brothers catch up and share new intel, some truths, assurances, and get a plan together to get KJ out of trouble.
Drunken Bastards
(2019-06-12 • Engineering Chief's Office) The blows of the day need a little cushioning. Hilarity and meowing ensue.
Anywhere But There
(2019-06-12 • Chaos Theory Lab) You're not going. Well, neither are you.
Engine Trouble
(2019-06-12 • Director's Office) The Chief of Engineering drops in on the Director with news -- good, bad, and ugly.
Suddenly There Came a Tapping
(2019-06-12 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) Jazz brings Harkaway dinner, wanting to get to the know the weird scientist better. When they get an unexpected message, things go from weird to 'fuck that!' fast.
Urgent Messages
(2019-06-12 • N/A) Father Riordan sends urgent messages to to some department heads based on his talk with Rozgold.
Late Shift
(2019-06-12 • Chaos Theory Lab) After the chaos in the engineering office, quiet settles in over the Chaos Theory Lab.
It Started With a Little Discipline And Ended In WTF
(2019-06-12 • Thornton's Office) Director Davies has some concerns she needs to speak about with the heads of the Mining Department. She then informs them of the upcoming mission to send a crew over to Icarus I.
Come and See
(2019-06-11 • Science Research Labs) A cryptic message is delivered from the Icarus I.
We're Screwed But What Else is New?
(2019-06-11 • Lockwood's Office) Hardware vs. Software stripped down: an unsexy look at neurology vs. Psychology
Ear Eels
(2019-06-11 • Icarus - Lower Level - Engineering) Angel and Jazz catch up. Jazz asks Angel a very important question. He says yes.
On The Record
(2019-06-10 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Rambeau and Shepard review security footage at the end of her shift.
True Confessions of an Impostor
(2019-06-10 • Riordan's Office) Malcolm talks to the Priest regarding very honest unspoken concerns in exchange for whiskey and a no bullshit approach to ethics.
Fantasy for Flesh
(2019-06-10 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) Just how did Harkaway get hurt? Blaise has theories.
Linguistic Virality
(2019-06-10 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) Angel finally corners Sebastian in the lab.
Meeting of the Minds
(2019-06-09 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Some of the department heads discuss the trajectory of the ship's goals while doing sweeps.
Banter and EV Maintenance
(2019-06-09 • Docking Bay) Angel pokes around the Docking bay and finds a Bosch.
Food for Thought
(2019-06-09 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) A bunch of people suddenly find themselves with little to do and wind up in the recroom.
The Question
(2019-06-09 • Mads' Office) Sebastian discusses his findings with Mads. This turns out to be a horrible idea.
What's In A Name?
(2019-06-08 • Icarus - Lower Level - Engineering) Harkaway drops in on Blaise for information. Not coffee. There's plenty of irking for all!
Mining Department Briefing 2 Durin
(2019-06-08 • Icarus - Lower Level - Mining Ops) The Mining Department hold another briefing after Durin investigated Icarus One. There's signs of unrest.
Clue by Four
(2019-06-08 • Research Quarters) 'Nyka Kolvek's Theorem: Anything that goes on for more than three days in a row has become a dangerous habit.' Some rules are easier to break than the habit.
Bosch's Art of Mining
(2019-06-08 • The Maze) Bosch teaches Harlow some of the finer points of mining.
More Questions than Answers
(2019-06-08 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) The Mining Mission Director and Dig Chief pay Security a visit.
The Lost
(2019-06-07 • Security Offices) Angel talks to Malcolm about his spouse.
Opposites Day
(2019-06-06 • Science Research Labs) A gathering in the science research department focuses on what the direction of the mission should be, going forward.
One Hell of an Interrogation
(2019-06-06 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) Security Chief North sits the infiltrator-impostor down to ask some important questions like "Who the hell are you really", and "Why shouldn't I arrest you?" You know, all that fun shit. Some things need to be asked and some anwers need to be had.
The Puzzle
(2019-06-06 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) Angel, Braden and Harkaway consider the puzzle
We Are So Screwed
(2019-06-06 • Security) Security Chief Emory North pulls in Chief of Medical Conor Dunn to brief him on the events of the drone exploration and discuss the situation with Doc MacLeod and "Sinclair" as well as how to try not to make a mistake and fuck things up even worse.
Nosy bastards
(2019-06-06 • Investigation Office) Angel and Lockwood feel each other out.
Catching A Breath
(2019-06-06 • Mads' Office) Samantha stops by to check on Mads.
Picture Day
(2019-06-06 • Chaos Theory Lab) If the mimics mirror what they mimic, clearly the answer is memorizing everyone's asymmetrical identifying marks! This is only logical.
Handling the Crew
(2019-06-05 • Emory's Office) Angel has some information on Aerglo and some concerns about crew cohesion. North has some opinions on using kid gloves, but lets Ocasio handle that part.
Into the Dark
(2019-06-05 • Drone Control) The crew gets their first look at the Icarus 1 through the lens of a drone. They get a whole lot more than they're expecting.
Put a Pin in It
(2019-06-05 • Research Quarters) (NSFWish) There probably is a coffin in the near future, and if they were to be polite, probably soon. The thing about the 'be polite' part of the brain is it sometimes sits there making polite coughs to get the rest's attention for a while before it gets through. No polite cough ever interrupted anyone's hyperfocus for a hot second. Alas?
The Check-Up
(2019-06-05 • The Maze) Harkaway is off to get his check-up with Anita and runs into Bosch on the way.
Theory and Practice
(2019-06-04 • Chaos Theory Lab) A meeting in the Chaos Theory lab leads to more chaos. You'd think they'd all see that coming...
At Least Let Us Start Drilling for the Rare Earth Already
(2019-06-04 • Engineering Office) The laws of unintended consequences, unsafety in numbers, and the scientific proof of the theory of the preservation of beverages.
Security Team Meeting
(2019-06-04 • Icarus - Lower Level - Security) The Security Team gets together to discuss the state of things, performing a security sweep, and assignments in the aftermath of the crash landing.
Our Boss is Not a Robot
(2019-06-04 • Chaos Theory Lab) The twins stress out over the current circumstances.
Are You Okay?
(2019-06-04 • A Sleeping Coffin) Angel Checks on Anita after the Incident in Rec the night before.
Engines and Drones
(2019-06-04 • Icarus - Lower Level - Engineering) The chief engineer and lead drone tech have a chat over getting things back to working order.
A Very Important Discovery
(2019-06-04 • Braden's Lab) Dr. Braden Flower shares a very important discovery with his colleague, Dr. Elizabeth Ryan.
Mining Department Briefing 1
(2019-06-03 • Icarus - Lower Level - Mining Ops) The Mining Team is briefed on the state of the Icarus after their crash landing.
The Mysterious Script
(2019-06-03 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) Mads brings Sebastian a mystery. Also she wants him to look into the message and the script used to write it.
Pea From The Pod
(2019-06-03 • Icarus - Mid Level - Stasis Chambers) The Director's finally free! But she's probably had better mornings.
(2019-06-03 • Rec Room and Sleeping Area) Various people chat in the rec room and then things go rather sideways.
Enigmatic Contact
(2019-06-03 • Science Research Lab) Angel talks to Braden about the Anomoly.
Walking Wounded
(2019-06-02 • Med Bay) Anita clears Angel for duty. They then team up to convince Harkaway to accept needed medical treatment.
(2019-06-02 • Engineering Chief's Office) Various people seek libations and/or inspiration in Blaise's office. Some even find it.
Do the Time Warp Again
(2019-06-02 • Harkaway's Lab) Amidst all the bad news, there is worse news.
So You Crash Here Often
(2019-06-02 • Ship - Mining bunks) Ssgt. Malcolm "Sinclair" checks in on his niece to make sure she's alright and assure zombies do not have neat signatures.
Wake Up and Brace
(2019-06-01 • Research Stasis) The Science and Research teams all have a rude awakening and get beat up by the crash landing.
An Inauspicious Beginning
(2019-06-01 • Corporate Stasis) Space turbulence is usually bad. This is no exception.
A Rocky Start
(2019-06-01 • Mining Stasis) The Mining Team come out of stasis to realize that something has gone horribly wrong.
Icarus Radio Chatter 1
(2019-06-01 • Station-Wide) Radio chatter from throughout the station, day one.
Sticks and Stones
(2019-06-01 • Cultural Research Lab) Conor tends the wounded.
Coffee and Drones
(2019-05-31 • Dining Hall) MacLeod, Ocasio, and North have some coffee and talk drones and the impending mission.
Black Holes as Sharks
(2019-05-30 • Rec Room - Pre-Flight) Conor, Brooks, and Emory meet in the Rec Room before the mission begins as the crew and others are arriving on the ship.
Penumbra - Better
(2019-05-28 • Penumbra Orientation) Penumbra Corp Setup
Post-Briefing Briefing
(2019-05-27 • Penumbra Office) After learning about Project Icarus, a quartet of the crew get to know each other.
Rocks Fall
(2019-05-27 • Micro Planter Klandathu) Backscene • 2225-02-02 • Bosche and Bloom thought they had a boring shaft to blow, boy were they wrong.
Sweet Emotions
(2019-05-26 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) Upon boarding and settling in, Teller and Mira reunite with their long, lost husband, Braden. How awkward.
Rec Room
(2019-05-26 • Rec Room Of Some Ship) Backscene • 2238-05-26 • Eleven years ago, Jazz, Angel, and Braden meet in a rec room on a ship.
(2019-05-26 • Some Planet Somewhere) Backscene • 2236-05-26 • A young Teller and Braden celebrate after a major score.
The Whole Story
(2019-04-30 • Icarus - Lower Level - Med Bay) The morning after Teller's brawl with Jeremiah, he receives a few visitors. The mad scientist, the wayward husband, and the other professional busybody.
Issues and Edges
(2019-04-29 • Rec Room) Anita and Angel discuss their shared past, empotionl scars, and concerns about the mission. Lockwood makes an impression of sorts.
(2019-04-29 • Icarus - Lower Level - Med Bay) News of a brawl before the ship has even left filter through to several people. Director Davies comes to have words with those responsible. But mostly with Teller.
Bruises and Brews
(2019-04-28 • Rec Room) Before launch, Teller's Rocketman cover is interrupted by Jeremiah and Harlow. Teller responds poorly (Read: Like an A-hole) and everyone ends up bloody. Except Harlow.
R and R
(2019-04-28 • Rec Room) Preparing to launch, a few crew members head up to the rec room to unwind. Angel and Harkaway have a charged reunion.
Reunions and Introductions
(2019-04-27 • Rec Room) Before launch, a few crew members meet at the Rec Room's bar and talk about, among other things, faith and the nature of the universe.
The Feels Parade
(2019-04-25 • Tiny Apartment) Mira and Teller are finally in the same place, at the same time. Teller breaks the rules to bring the feels.