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Checking In
(2249-06-04 • Icarus - Upper Level - Rec Room) Angel checks in for his mandatory daily psych eval as previously ordered.
Old Faithful
(2019-05-12 • Yellowstone Park) Leona goes through a transformation.
Big Sky
(2019-05-10 • Out on the Prairie) Kemen tries to talk Colorado into changing and they discuss sundry things with Oh.
Promises For the Hereafter
(2019-05-10 • Kemen's Camp) Diamanto and Kemen promise to look after each others' loved ones should they not make it through what's to come.
Whistling In the Dark
(2019-05-09 • Outside the Camp) A meeting of friends and fellows on a hot summer night.
Agent of Change
(2019-05-08 • Diamanto's Trailer) Diamanto, Kemen, and Oh talk about what they're going to become.
A Good Arm
(2019-05-06 • The Midway Dunk Tank) Kit lures a rube into dunking Thomas.
A Family Way
(2019-05-05 • Camp) Diamanto and Holden make a fruitless effort to become parents. Kemen and Oh come around to visit.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
(2019-05-05 • Ballgame) Nikki takes Lorraine to show the Weeping Woman something of her plans.
Lightning Crashes
(2019-05-04 • Aviary) Leona asks a favor of Zeus in teaching her about the power of the storm. Lightning has been known to spark many transformations.
Appointment In Samarra
(2019-05-03 • The Midway) Bik and Diamanto deal with an obnoxious Rube.
The Confidant Optimist
(2019-05-03 • The Tent of Ouroboras) The Confidant and the Optimist discuss matters of the future.
Snake on a Plane
(2019-05-02 • Out Standing in a Field) Oh gets that plane ride; Dionysus is somewhat better at amends than apologies.
Say Sekhmet!
(2019-05-01 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) The Big Cats draw a huge crowd and Eleanor tries something different at the end of her act.
Smaller Things Grow Larger
(2019-04-30 • The Bacchanal) Dean and Kemen discuss Plans.
Fly Away Home
(2019-04-29 • Barnstormer Field) Dean, Holden, and Diamanto steal a plane. Oh and Aya flee ahead of the mob.
He Who Dares
(2019-04-29 • Flying) Erik, Kemen, and Rana go see a barnstormer that's been buzzing overhead all day. Erik confronts his fear of heights and finally asks a question.
Bearing Gifts
(2019-04-29 • Apothecary Tent) Lorraine, Urania, Low-Key, and Diamanto visit Hypnos' opium den and come bearing gifts.
Indulgence and Denial
(2019-04-28 • Apothecary Tent) Nemesis visits Hypnos' den of iniquity. The pair engage in a philosophical discussion of self-indulgence and self-denial, and weigh their options and prospects for the future.
We Are Family
(2019-04-27 • Egyptian Camp) Diamanto and Keman talk about her future.
(2019-04-26 • Egyptian Camp) Sebastianus, Leona, Oh, and Osiris try to think of Avatars for each other.
Ghosts in the Graveyard
(2019-04-25 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Mr. W's minions deliver a message: Management is to meet with Washington at a specified location in exchange for Mephistopheles.
Here Comes the Snake
(2019-04-25 • The Big Top) Oh performs the Rope dance.
The Lily Among the Thorns
(2019-04-25 • Outside Escanaba, MI) Itchy and Sebastianus exchange various gifts.
Down in the Valley
(2019-04-23 • Valley Forge) After that close call in Industry's warehouses, Kemen, Leona, Diamanto, and Sebastianus go on a hunt.
A League of Their Own
(2019-04-23 • Midway) Assorted rubes dunk Thomas (Osiris).
Planning for the Future
(2019-04-23 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Oh has an idea, Brigitte has a better one
Where In The World is Mephisto?
(2019-04-22 • The Workshop) Management sends a group to try and find Mephisto who has been missing for quite some time.
Declaration of War
(2019-04-22 • The Shore of Lake Superior) Oh and Kemen discuss scent and transformation. Oh declares War on the new Gods.
Patrol Stories - Starry Night
(2019-04-22 • Lakeside) Sekhmet and Diamanto are patrolling around and outside the Carnival. They happen upon Urania and her cult trying to relax.
On a Long Lonely Road
(2019-04-21 • A road in Minnesota) Holden, Diamanto, and Charlie head out to pick up a few new believers. They have car trouble along the way.
Chance and Strategy
(2019-04-20 • Carnival of Wonders - Illuminated Sheepwagon) Kemen meets Shashthi, teaches Sebastianus a boardgame.
About a Cat
(2019-04-19 • Outside Paradise, MI) Itchy and Olivia discuss a certain manticore.
Strawberries and Wine
(2019-04-19 • Diamanto's Camp) Kemen and Leona stop by Diamanto's camp for a visit one starry night in Spring.
Stay By My Side
(2019-04-19 • Kemen's Trailer) Kemen and Leona talk after the mass teleportation about their future.


Whatever We Shall Be
(2019-04-19 • Along the Potomac) Holden and Diamanto discuss their future and what they might become.
Teleportation and Other Unlikely Events
(2019-04-19 • Oh's Tent) Colorado goes to find Oh and tell him why they are suddenly in Michigan.
Paradise Found
(2019-04-18 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) The group sent to town for supplies returns with dire news and a mob not far behind them.
Truth and Boundaries, Michigan
(2019-04-18 • Games Area) Sekhmet seeks out Loki amidst the chaos post-teleport. Because where else will you find a trickster but in the middle.
Welcome to Paradise
(2019-04-18 • Carnival Grounds - Paradise, MI) Itchy and Dash decompress after an eventful day of running for their lives in various ways.
Extra Extra
(2019-04-17 • Town Store) Some of the carnies go into town to get supplies before the caravan moves out. It very much does not go as expected.
Tending the Garden
(2019-04-17 • Egyptian Camp) Bik and Kemen set up the container garden in Paradise.
Rite of Spring
(2019-04-17 • Egyptian Camp) The Wonders and their Mortal Followers celebrate a Fertility Festival.
Fifty Miles Away
(2019-04-16 • Fifty Miles Away) The unicorn and Kemen flee in terror. Kemen tells him his story.
Fear and Loathing in Truth or Consequences
(2019-04-15 • Egyptian Camp) A simple conversation about options for transformation and choices becomes horror and chaos and the monsters reveal themselves.
What Then to Do?
(2019-04-15 • Hot Springs) Oh and Kemen discuss Feminism and transformation.
Confused as a Cat
(2019-04-14 • North Star Troupe Circle) Confusion continues to flow about the options the wonders have regarding their uncertain future.
Holden Gets a Hug
(2019-04-14 • Midway) Holden is drunk again. Bik gives him some tough love. Later, Diamanto and Benaim watch as Oh gives Holden a hug, serpent style.
Let's Not Talk About It
(2019-04-13 • Hot Springs) Four fellas relax in the hot springs and do NOT discuss the news from Management.
Show and a Dinner
(2019-04-13 • Show Tent) Hermes puts on a show and has a meal with Alecto after, during which she catches him up to speed.
The Hunt
(2019-04-12 • New Mexico Desert) Holden and Diamanto go on their nuptial hunt as newly minted husband and wife.
Between a Rock and Several Hard Places
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Urania informs the myths on what's to come and the various choices that they can make. Most of which seem difficult or horrible.
Spanish Web
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) Benaim and Oh look at recruiting Philomena to the Spanish Web!
Speaking to the Dead
(2019-04-12 • Kemen's Trailer) Bik surprises Kemen and Leona during the day.
With Sequined Scales
(2019-04-12 • Egyptian Camp) Oh consults with Aya about costuming.
Four of Wands
(2019-04-12 • Carnival of Wonders - Ignota's Tent) Rattled by what she heard when Urania spoke to the wonders of her dream and their coming choices, Olivia goes to Holly for a reading.
Four Roads
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Having options isn't the same as having good options. Urania delivers the news from Management to the carnival.
How to calm a unicorn
(2019-04-12 • Ignota's Tent) Kemen and Sebastianus visit Colorado to calm him in the wake of the trip to the cinema.
The Unhallowed Trinity
(2019-04-11 • The Carnival) With strange dreams come even more unnerving revelations.
The Sweet Clover Crown
(2019-04-11 • Nikki's Tent) Kemen offers Nikki the Crown.
So What's His Deal Anyway?
(2019-04-10 • Desert Wedding) Oh and Benaim have a serious talk.
Always a Woman
(2019-04-10 • Desert Wedding) Leona, Kemen, and Diamanto continue celebrating Dia's nuptuals.
Hollywood, Where Dreams Go To Die
(2019-04-10 • Lycium Cinema) Several of the carnival troupe visit Truth or Conesquences' cinema in order to meet with Ishtar.
Bonds Beneath the Desert Sky
(2019-04-10 • New Mexico Desert) In the midst of chaos, two souls unite beneath the desert sky one night in Truth or Consequences, embracing their own truth in the process.
Am I More Than You Bargained For
(2019-04-09 • Carnival of Wonders - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico) Sebastianus takes Itchy for a picnic.
The Great Game
(2019-04-08 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Kit Coyote ballies for the carnival, is teased by a townie, thwarts a thief, receives a warning. All in a day's work.
Blowing Smoke
(2019-04-08 • Apothecary Tent) In the guise of Thomas Mayne, Osiris pays a visit to Hypnos' den of iniquity with a request and finds it crowded. Lorraine grimly weighs the possibilities, Holden and Diamanto discuss marriage, and Theodoro and Elene become kissing cousins.
(2019-04-08 • Big Cat Pens) Diego discovers Erik's backstory.
New Mexican Midway Morning
(2019-04-07 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) And it's a mess.
Disturbing Dreams
(2019-04-07 • The Edge of the Desert) Oh and Kemen discuss a dream of unmaking.
A Little Gossip A Little Chat
(2019-04-06 • Downtown Truth and Consequnces) Rhap and Rana Gossip about their Goddess and God.
The Sweat Tent
(2019-04-06 • Oh's Tent) Oh hosts a cleansing event in his tent. Diamanto and Kemen show up.
Dust and Flowers
(2019-04-06 • Hot Springs) Sebastianus and Kemen discuss Love and Death at the Hot Springs.
Girl Talk
(2019-04-06 • A Fly Specked Bar) Natsuki and Rana talk about what thy like.
What the Oracle Said
(2019-04-05 • Carnival of Wonders - Ignota and Company's tent) Sebastianus seeks a reading from Holly.
On the Hunt
(2019-04-05 • In the New Mexico Desert) Two great cats stalk one another in the desert.
Girl's Night Out
(2019-04-05 • Hay-Yo-Kay Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico) Holly, Excellent, and Olivia go for a night of bathing in town.
The Hermit Reversed
(2019-04-05 • On The Road) Kit's follower Tybalt gets a Tarot reading from Holly. They discover they have more in common than they thought.
A New Alliance Formed
(2019-04-04 • New Mexico) On the first morning in New Mexico, Holden gets startled AND lost and it's all Bik's fault. But the pair for an alliance of sorts. Not all is lost.
An Understanding
(2019-04-03 • On the Road to Truth or Consequences, NM) Sebastianus runs something by Colorado, because he's polite.
Twilight Revelations
(2019-04-03 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Mephistopheles chats with the carnies about radio. Afterwards, more carnies continue the conversation.
A Decent Proposal
(2019-04-03 • Starry Night, Outside of Nowhere) After the revelations of Mephistopheles, a nymph and a god catch the night air.
The Torments of Itchy Book 3
(2019-04-02 • Carnival of Wonders - Cooch Tent) Itchy's broken nose is tended to. (Directly follows Devil's Dance Floor.)
The Gas Station
(2019-04-02 • A Gas Station) Nikki and Lorraine stop at a gas station to refuel. Things get dark. (NSFW log)
Breakdown, Middle Of the Night
(2019-04-02 • Ignota's Tent) Some philosophy between beasts and a king.
Devil's Dance Floor
(2019-04-02 • Carnival Grounds - Cooch Tent) Itchy is called to fix some broken lights in the Cooch Tent. It goes about as one would expect. Soundtrack: Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor, Camille Saint-Saens - Danse Bacchanale
Smash the Radio
(2019-04-01 • Carny Camp) Sebastianus brings the distraught unicorn back to camp. He and Kit talk about Radio.
A Broken Teacup
(2019-04-01 • Teahouse) A mysterious visitor to Meng Po causes trouble.
(2019-04-01 • Eve's Tent) Cedric and Eve spend some time processing and planning in her tent after visiting Radio in Nowhere.
The Odinson's Choice
(2019-04-01 • Holden's Trailer) The twin gods discuss Radio and the presented offer. Hodr comes away with a crisis of sorts.
The Weight of a Heart
(2019-04-01 • Behind the Midway) A drunken Thomas has a peculiar encounter with Bik, then it tended to by Erik and Diamanto. In return he helps Diamanto council Holden.
Things To Nibble On
(2019-04-01 • Diner) Leona as Erik and Kemen as Beniem go get a bite to eat after The Radio meeting.
War of the Worlds
(2019-04-01 • Nowhere) A large group travels to hear The Radio's message.
The Lady and the Snake
(2019-04-01 • Camp) Diamanto and Oh take some time to get acquainted, and a friendship starts to bloom.
King of the Night Time World
(2019-03-31 • Apothecary Tent) Hypnos hosts Eve and Andrasteia in his tent to impart some news. He's then left to ponder with the fae queen before laying her out with his soporific therapy.
Tempting Consequences
(2019-03-31 • Truth or Consequences) Nikki drives Lorraine and Cedric and a few others to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico ahead of the rest to drum up some interest for the Carnival's arrival.
The Feast
(2019-03-31 • Farms and grazing land outside Nowhere, Colorado) In which the hungry bellies of three hunters are filled under Kemen's watchful eye.
ReBirthday Party
(2019-03-31 • Carnival Grounds - Adult Area) The Children Of A Lesser God have a reason to celebrate. Everyone's Invited.
(2019-03-31 • Leona and Kemen's Camp) Kemen finds a gift left by the faeries. Leona calls for blood. Faerie pranks ensue, kegs are brought out, and people come to drink and discuss Radio's offer.
Picture Perfect
(2019-03-30 • Eve's Tent) Eve goes to steal some of Diamonte's time to sit for a painting with Theodore in her tent.
Return of the King
(2019-03-30 • Carny Camp) Sky brings Kemen back to camp, to an admiring audience.
Making It Rain
(2019-03-30 • A Struggling Family Farm in Colorado) In the evening, Kemen, Sky, and some assistants gather prayers to try to save a farm.
Beauty of the Unhidden Heart
(2019-03-30 • Villeneuve Farmhouse and environs, Nowhere, Colorado) The unicorn seeks out Sally Villeneuve. Soundtrack: The Beauty of the Unhidden Heart - The Glitch Mob
Breakfast with a Mermaid
(2019-03-30 • Mermaid's Tent) Cedric pays Callie a visit with his breakfast in hand. He asks about her last meal and fills her in on the current buzz that's been going around the carnival grounds.
Old Dog, No Tricks
(2019-03-30 • Staff Camp - Callie's Tent) Kit pays Callie a visit giving her a rather generous gift in exchange for something he missed.
Running With the Pack
(2019-03-29 • Nowhere - Midway) Nearing the end of the last day of Nowhere Kit brings word of alert and caution to the head of Security.
You Know My Name
(2019-03-29 • Ignota and Mysteria's Side Show) Come one, come all, to see Ignota, the Hidden Master of the Mind, and his assistant Madame Mysteria.
A Trunk Full of Treasures
(2019-03-29 • Carnie Camp - Illuminated Sheepwagon) Sebastianus and Kemen chat over tea, and the manticore shows Kemen some of the contents of his personal trunk.
Threat Lodge
(2019-03-29 • Big Cat Pens and Oh's Tent) Diamento, and Kemen, and Oh visit Leona at the Big Cat pen; Oh turns up to offer a sweat bath, which Leona, Colorado, and Kemen try.
Time and Change
(2019-03-28 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Two wonders chat about the changes of time and perception at camp in the later hours between shows.
Sing me to sleep
(2019-03-28 • Apothecary Tent) Lorraine stops by the apothecary tent to get some help sleeping.
The Sídhe Condition
(2019-03-28 • Homestead Grounds) Eve and Cedric go child hunting before the Carnival leaves town. As so often happens with faeries, their luck in managing goes both ways.
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
(2019-03-28 • North Star Troupe Trailers) Urania catches Loki up on current news.
Friendly Chat
(2019-03-27 • Diamanto's Trailer) Kemen visits Diamanto after her day gig.
The Cruelest Month
(2019-03-27 • Foothills near Nowhere, Colorado) The unicorn thanks the manticore for his assistance.
Echoes of Memories
(2019-03-27 • Kemen's Trailer) Sekhmet drives Kemen back to the Carnival of Wonders. There is lots of cuddling and talking and sillyness.
Sex Ed for Snakes
(2019-03-27 • Ouroboras' Tent) Kemen and Oh discuss, sex, hope, and purification.
Priests and Cannibals
(2019-03-27 • The Colorado Wilderness) Lorraine, Leona, and Kemen stumble on Dean and Diamanto and their thiasus.
Shadow of the Colossus
(2019-03-27 • Carnival Grounds - Colossus) Kit seeks out Logan to ask about the encounter with Radio.
Truth or Beauty or Both
(2019-03-26 • Morning Woods) A unicorn and a coyote make a deal.
Shake Your Tail Feather
(2019-03-26 • The Cooch Tent) Philomena and Rana Dance for a rough crowd and poor, sweet, Erik.
Radio Blah-Blah
(2019-03-26 • Nikki's Tent) Lorraine drops by Nikki's tent and learns about the radio message.
There Must Be a Morning After
(2019-03-26 • The Steps of Kemen's Trailer) Dean checks on Kemen after the Party.
On the Nature of Being
(2019-03-26 • Carnival of Wonders - Illuminated Sheepwagon) Oh and Sebastianus discuss the nature of being.
In the Tea Room
(2019-03-26 • Carnival of Wonders - Madame Willow's Tea Room) Cedric, Madame Willow, and Sebastianus discuss radios, job offers, and missing gods over sweetened huangjiu and bai tang gao.
The Children of Nyx
(2019-03-26 • Apothecary Tent) Cedric and Eve bring news of the Radio to the Children of Nyx. Now they wonder whether the Association of American Avatars know what happened to Thanatos.
Backstage Tea
(2019-03-26 • Backstage at the Cooch Tent) Lorraine and Rana plan to help Philomena out.
Keep Me Warm
(2019-03-26 • Holden's Tent) Diamanto comes to Holden's tent to get warm, and they cautiously feel out the potential for a loving relationship.
As Heard on the Radio
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) Natsuki and Sebastianus discuss Radio's offer.
The Aging Beauty
(2019-03-25 • Justiciar's Tent) Mabel returns to the Justiciar's Tent after she believes her husband, George, had left her.
All Together Now
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) A small gathering around the 'Egyptian' camp turns into a brain storming and deep talk.
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) The Big Top puts on a flashy show in Nowhere, Colorado to draw repeat visitors and spark belief in magic.
The Story So Far
(2019-03-24 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) A fairly typical carnie morning turns to less typical conversation concerning a particular radio ad. They learn others went to investigate and talk about that.
The Bearded Lady
(2019-03-24 • Bearded Lady's Tent) Kemen comes to see Diamanto in her tent, then walks her to her trailer, where Oh joins them.
Spreading the Word
(2019-03-24 • Hodr's Wagon) Baldr comes to tell his brother what he discovered in Nowhere.
Bing Crosby's On Notice
(2019-03-23 • Miller Appliance and Repair - Nowhere, Colorado) Some of the carnies head into town to the address specified in the strange radio ad. They meet 'Radio'.
What Happens in the Junkyard...
(2019-03-23 • Junkyard outside Nowhere, Colorado) Itchy and Dash take a trip to the junkyard outside town. It does not go as planned.
Talk on a Hill
(2019-03-23 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Three gods converge on a hill to talk about this, that, and the world.
The Full Monty Python
(2019-03-22 • Carnie Camp Showers) Kemen keeps Oh company while he takes a shower. Human hygiene, courting, and mating are discussed as well as the true nature of the Ouroboras and the destruction of books.
Justice is Served in Nowhere
(2019-03-22 • Carnival Grounds - Cooch Tent) Nemesis tracks down her prey and his young girl-toy to the Cooch Tent where she pulls the strings of Fate while weighing out his misdeeds. Meanwhile, the Burlesque show is going on with a Mermaid and the Diamond Devil as their guest performers. Some time after all is said and done, Cedric, Sky and Thomas have a discussion about an odd radio advert that Thomas had heard.
The Lure of the Mermaid
(2019-03-22 • Mermaid's Tent) Cedric checks in on the mermaid after her daytime show. A man named Robert comes in hoping to catch another glimpse of the mermaid and perhaps something more.
(2019-03-22 • Flying) As offered, Sebastianus takes Kemen for a flight.
Wild Things
(2019-03-21 • Colorado Hills) Sekhmet and Osiris run into Oh out in the wilderness. A hunt ensues.
Us of Lesser Gods
(2019-03-21 • Apothecary Tent) Eve goes to check on Hypnos after the night's show. She fondly prods him into doomsaying and partakes in his familiar brand of nightcap.
Real Magic
(2019-03-21 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) The Unicorn comes to ask Baldr what he would like as a thank you, for helping to save him.
An Afternoon in the 10-in-1
(2019-03-21 • Carnival Grounds - Ten in One) An afternoon in the 10-in-1, featuring Kit ballying for Greta, Gunter, Olivia, Excellent, and Oh.
Going Nowhere Fast
(2019-03-21 • Nowhere) Nikki shows off her car to Dean and Lorraine on a trip to Nowhere, where they run into Rana, Leona, and a more unexpected familiar face...
Stand Off
(2019-03-20 • Camp) Holden and Kemen have it out, and Diamanto tries to mediate. An intriguing ad plays on the radio.
Drinking from a mug
(2019-03-20 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Lorraine and Nikki finally catch up since the carnival came to Nowhere. Dia joins the conversation.
This Present State of Grace
(2019-03-20 • Eve's Tent) The unicorn comes bearing gifts during a visit to the Faery Queen before the night's show.
Before the Show
(2019-03-19 • Midway) Before the carnival opens for the day, a few performers gather by Diamanto's tent and visit.
Zechariah's Vision in the Temple
(2019-03-19 • Carnival of Wonders - Ignota's Tent) In the wake of Colorado's rescue, Sebastianus checks up on Colorado, and apologizes to Itchy.
Never Ending Circles
(2019-03-19 • Carnival Grounds - Cooch Tent) Thomas attends a Burlesque Show, which has a guest performance by Dia.
The Story of Mabel
(2019-03-19 • Justiciar's Tent) Sweeney pays the Justiciar a visit, being curious about her work. Before too long, a woman named Mabel wanders into the tent, hoping that Adrasteia can resolve her marriage woes.
A Meeting By Moonlight
(2019-03-19 • Outside the Camp) Diamanto and Kemen meet outside the camp, and they discuss their issues. A tentative peace is reached.
The Cat Returns
(2019-03-19 • Kemen's Trailer) Osiris wakes to a pleasant surprise. Sekhmet.
Tea with a Manticore
(2019-03-19 • Carnival of Wonders - Kemen's Campsite) Kemen invites Sebastianus for tea.
Lost in Wonder
(2019-03-19 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Two townie urchins sneak into the Carnie Camp. Chaos ensues. Conclusion: Found in Wonder
(2019-03-19 • Carnival of Wonders - Carnie Camp) In which a unicorn is rescued.
Found in Wonder
(2019-03-19 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Logan, Gunter, Greta, Kit, and Inali return two wayward children to their parents. Follows Lost in Wonder.
An Ancient Flower
(2019-03-18 • Ignota's Tent) Sore hearts in need of healing.
Wearing Our People Faces
(2019-03-18 • Kemen's Trailer) Oh comes to Kemen looking for a rat to borrow and gets advice on sexing mammals.
A Dance to Nowhere
(2019-03-18 • Midway) A brief meeting on the midway.
With Wonder and a Wild Desire
(2019-03-18 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) People try out some new things at the Big Top tent during rehearsal and gain some familiar idle spectators. Afterwards, they mingle before the night's shows require rest and ready.
A Visit To Nowhere
(2019-03-17 • Nowhere, Colorado) Kit brings some of the carnies into town to get supplies.
Something Sexy This Way Comes
(2019-03-17 • Carnival Grounds - Cooch Tent) The fine people of Nowhere, Colorado are entertained by the Carnival of Burlesque.
(2019-03-16 • North Star Troupe Side Tent) A new arrival catches a unique sort of attention from a rarely surprised muse. Cat-staring ensues. (Backscene, roughly 3 years ago.)
Two Faeries Walk Into an Opium Den
(2019-03-16 • Seedy Opium Den) Toward the end of '31, Eve takes Cedric on a trip ahead of the carnival stops, to San Francisco. She seems to have a personal reason for expediting the acquisition of two particular gods.
Early Morning In the Rockies
(2019-03-16 • Carnie's Camp) Before dawn, a few carnies gather to talk, shower, and eat shawarma.
To Do Lists
(2019-03-16 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Kemen and Sebastianus relax after the day's shows, and are joined by Gran.
Breakfast in Nowhere
(2019-03-16 • Carnival Grounds - Camp) The Carnival of Wonders rolls into Nowhere overnight, and the next morning breakfast is served before setup.
Three of Swords
(2019-03-15 • A clifftop) A god and two monsters meet on a hill. (Backscene)
I'm Shipping Up to Boston
(2019-03-14 • Boston, MA: O'Flannery Warehouse - Basement) In the Spring of '31, The Queen of the Fairies and Kit Cody hit up Boston in search of a Leprechaun when the Carnival of Wonders reaches Massachusetts
The Happy Clam (September, 1927)
(2019-03-14 • Atlantic City - Happy Clam CLub) Osiris and Nikki meet up before everyone gets depressed.
Bar Fight
(2019-03-14 • Somewhere in Kentucky) A few carnies head into town for a drink.
No Rest for the Wicked
(2019-03-13 • The Cooch Tent) Bree and Sebastianus discuss what needs be done.
(2019-03-11 • Somewhere in Iowa) Diamanto and Holden meet at the cistern on a hot summer night.
By the Light of the Moon
(2019-03-11 • Somewhere in Minnesota) A unicorn meets a manticore.
Hard Bargain
(2019-03-10 • Carnival Midway) Olivia meets a Unicorn.
The Torments of Itchy (and Holly) Book 2
(2019-03-10 • Carnival Grounds - Ignota and Mysteria's Tent) Holly receives a special delivery.
The Torments of Itchy Book 1
(2019-03-08 • Carnival Grounds) Itchy goes to find Dash, finds someone else instead. That's how it starts.
Post Chaos
(2018-04-16 • Fenrir's Truck House) After the chaos at the camp site, Urania sends one of her cultists to check up on the Big Bad Wolf.
April Showers Bring May Flowers
(1934-05-17 • Kemen's Camp) A group gathers to share news around Kemen's camp
Dark Skies
(1933-06-05 • Somewhere in the Dustbowl) In the late spring of 1933, a black blizzard hits the Carnival where it has stopped to shelter between towns.
Long Walk Home
(1931-01-06 • A Road in the Dustbowl) The twin sons of Odin are nearing the end of their days, desperate to find worship, with the last of their believers literally being carried on Hodr's back. They're found by a representative of the Carnival of Wonders, and of the original gods of the land, and are saved for the time being.