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PC Types - Ages and Families

This story, in addition to having 5 Families, is broken into two distinct age groups that will approach the story quite differently. Each comes with unique Perks and Quirks and have different starting perspectives regarding the supernatural. This is all covered below.

Adults (18+)

Any characters that have graduated high school (which CAN include 18-year-olds) are considered Adults. They have jobs, responsibilities, and believe in reasonable, rational things. The supernatural isn't real. There are no such things as vampires. Everything has a believable explanation. They know how the world works, and it will take a LOT to convince them otherwise.

Adults who are 38 and up must be willing to take on an 18-year-old kid PC if requested.

Adults all get a free Area of Expertise Perk (10P), and a Quirk called Adult Mindset (10Q) that makes them try to rationalize and explain away the supernatural, even when experienced firsthand. Secondhand stories are immediately rejected and rationalized, and firsthand encounters require a Spirit Check - a Success means they start to believe as their adult mindset cannot shut down the possibility that Something Really Happened. A Failure means their mind re-writes what happened to something more believable (he wasn't flying, he just jumped!).

High School Seniors (18)

Seniors are technically adults, but they haven't yet graduated and are still more open to the strange and unusual. Senior PCs are in school until IC graduation, then have Summer before going on to whatever they do next. For this group, growing up and facing mortality is a key part of the story. Every 18-year-old in this group needs a parent or parents from one of the 5 Families. Even a distant cousin with patents you design is fine, they don't all have to be kids of Central Casting.

All Seniors get a free Perk called Youthful Exuberance (10P) makes your one re-roll per scene free instead of 3GP. They also get a Quirk called Unreliable (10Q) that reflects that even at their best they're still kids and not always taken seriously or believed. It can further get them in trouble for being out late, being somewhere they aren't supposed to be, and so on.

I've worked it into the story that there is a highly unusual number of twins and even a set of triplets or two among the five Families. It's A Thing, both mused about and mentioned IC. Feel free to lean into that.


PCs this story must come from one of the 5 Families listed in Factions. Your last name need not be the same, and you might only be related by marriage instead of blood, but you're still 'in the family'. Married-in PCs can still get Family Perks and Quirks that reflect the Family traits, but they haven't always had them. Marrying in (or being related to someone who has) and moving to town are required to trigger them. Before that, you didn't have them. See Bloodlines below for details on these Family traits.

The Supernatural

This story takes place in a version of our world where the supernatural is real, though most are unaware. It should be treated ICly as our own world for the most part, but PCs will discover of the story that there's much more going on than they realize. Starting with ACTUAL supernatural knowledge is not allowed, but believing in pop-culture tropes and hokey mysticism is fine. Be kooky, but it won't be accurate.


While they are unaware IC, each of the 5 Families are descended from supernatural bloodlines. Again, THIS IS NOT KNOWN IC! It may be learned through RP, but you have to earn it. That said, there are just some traits that people generally accept as being that Family's 'thing'.

Thistle: Known to have an interest in ghosts and spirits, and are sometimes sensitive to odd things. Strangeness follows them, and they're considered 'weird' by most.

Bloomquist: Known to be lucky and charismatic, always skating by on charm. They're also terribly curious.

Marchant: In addition to their vast wealth and class, they seem to radiate confidence and respect, and are hard to ruffle. They also have arrogance issues and blind spots.

Freeland: Known for strong will and determination, coming up big in clutch situations. Their ambition sometimes overwhelms them, though, and bites them.

Lester: Seeming to possess sharper senses than most, and famous for their tempers. They can be intimidating, but also lose their control.

Perks and Quirk further detailing these qualities are covered further down.


Vampires are the main Monsters of this story, but no one ICly knows about or believes in them when the story starts. These are NOT going to be vampires from any specific game system, world or canon. I'm giving them unique rules and powers from folklore, pop culture and more, so don't be surprised when they can (or can't!) do things you aren't (or are!) used to. You can discover their mythos in the course of the story.

Perks and Quirks

The standard 50 points in Perks (50P) cap is in effect this story. As always, you CAN have more than 50 points in Quirks (50Q), but they do not give extra Perk points.

Each Age Group and each Family have specific Perks and Quirks only for them. Some of these are free, and do not count towards your standard 50P max. Others have a cost and do. Read carefully!


10 Point Perks
Good Luck

Re-roll 1 die. Once per Scene. You must select which die you wish to reroll.

Adrenaline Boost

Can add an additional +1 die. Once per Scene.

Area of Expertise

Your college education or extracurricular activities give you an edge in a specific field. Can add an ADDITIONAL +1 to a Brains or Finesse roll once per scene in that field.

Bloodline Trait

FREE. Every member of the Family gets these. Always active, not limited use.

Thistle: Spirit sensitivity and resistance. Can roll Spirit to sense the presence of ghosts/spirits nearby (Vampires included), and get +1 on rolls resisting their powers.

Bloomquist: Luck and charm. Get +1 for luck ONLY on rolls where they have no positive quality or bonus of any kind, and get +1 on rolls to charm their way into or out of something.

Marchant: Dignity and class. Get +1 on rolls to resist intimidation or intentional fright (not all Freak-Out Checks), and +1 on rolls involving manners and decorum.

Freeland: Tenacity and drive. Get +1 on rolls to succeed against the odds (where they are at a negative of any kind), and +1 to finish something they've started.

Lester: Keen senses and animal friendship. Get +1 on any roll involving their senses, and can roll Spirit to befriend animals and interact positively with them.

Youthful Exuberance

Restricted to SENIORS ONLY. Free.

Your 3GP cost for a re-roll is waived. Obviously you're young and indestructible.

20 Point Perks
Found Item

At a crucial moment in the story, you can find an object or item you desperately need. Can only be used once per story.

Scream Queen

Once per scene the character can make a blood curdling scream that will stun the monster for the next round.

Steel Yourself

Use before a Freak-Out Check to automatically succeed once per Scene for 3GP.


Use a Positive quality in a tagential (other) Stat Check once per Scene.

Bloodline Boon

NOT FREE! This Perk must be bought with points. Can be used only once per scene.

Thistle: Can roll Spirit to communicate with ghosts and spirits and interact with them. On an exceptional success, can compel them.

Bloomquist: Can roll Spirit to manipulate luck around them, causing freak accidents or lucky occurrences. These are minor - tripping someone, a light fizzling out, a traffic signal going green - unless an exceptional success is rolled.

Marchant: Can roll Spirit to exude an air of confidence and authority that gets others to listen and pay attention. On an exceptional success, can get NPCs to go along with basic requests without question.

Freeland: Can roll Spirit and apply the result as bonus dice to a roll of great importance, allowing for great feats under pressure.

Lester: Can roll Spirit to trigger Freak-Out in others through feral intimidation - even Vampires. An exceptional success puts the target at -1 on the Freak-Out Check.

30 Point Perks
Let's End This

Double SP gain on a Stat Check that has a Matched Set. Once per scene for 3GP.

Obscure Death

When your character dies, this Perk is triggered and a body is never found. You may return to play later, alive and kicking.

Back for More

If put in negatives, roll 1d6. On a 4-6, stay at 1 SP and continue. Once per scene for 3GP (if successful).


10 Point Quirks

Deserved or not, you got a bad rep, and it follows you. -1 Spirit on your first social roll once per scene. Others are encouraged to RP your reputation with and around you.

Two Left Feet

You're clumsy, and your first athletic-type Finesse roll in any scene is at -1. You are encouraged to RP it beyond this.

Small Favor

You owe someone else in your group a small debt.

Bloodline Taint

MANDATORY. Everyone must take this, but it counts towards your 50Q.

Thistle: Strangeness. The Director will have odd things happen around you that you get blamed for.

Bloomquist: Curiosity. The Director will tell you when this is triggered, or you can choose in non-directed scenes. Once triggered, you will go to great lengths to get the answer.

Marchant: Arrogance. Intentional or not, you tend to come off as having an ego and thinking less of others.

Freeland: Hubris. You have a habit of getting in over your head and acting before thinking.

Lester: Temper. The Director will tell you when this is triggered, or you can choose in non-directed scenes. Must roll Spirit to resist lashing out (verbally or physically, up to you) in anger.

20 Point Quirks
Jilted Lover II

You have an ex present in the story, and he or she will try to make your life miserable. This level is a Supporting Role character played by another player. Can be a Useful NPC.

Faint Hearted

You have to make Freak-Out checks at any bloody or gruesome sight, not just when freaky things happen. Failure leads to the character passing out cold.

Big Favor

You owe someone else a big debt.

Can't Swim

It's vacation at a lodge on a lake. Everyone can swim. Everyone... except you.

Bloodline Bane

OPTIONAL. You can CHOOSE to take this, like any other Quirk.

Thistle: Creepy. All social rolls with people outside your family are at -1.

Bloomquist: Iron Allergy. All wrought and cast iron (cold iron) puts you at a -1 if within 10 feet.

Marchant: Severe Anemia. Cannot have Brawn over Normal, no Strength-related Positives.

Freeland: Catastrophe. Any failure that is a Straight results in horrible consequences of TD's choice.

Lester: Lunacy and Silver Allergy. On the full moon, you are -1 to all Spirit rolls EXCEPT intimidation, which gets an additional +1. Silver causes a -1 to rolls if in skin contact.

Tasted Blood

Restricted to SENIORS ONLY. In the past month before the story starts, you tasted Vampiric blood without realizing it, and are now one step down the path to becoming a Vampire. The side effects so far are minor, and you don't even consciously notice them or that anything is wrong. You're clueless for now.

The sun's a bit bright to you now, and you try to avoid it where you can, but it's Havasu and it's hot so that's not too strange. You struggle to wake up in time for school and feel more awake at night. Again, this may not even be something new for some of you.

Other things may come up in Directed scenes.

30 Point Quirks
Jilted Lover III

You have an ex present in the story, and he or she will try to make your life miserable. This level is a PC.


You're going to die in a horrible way. When the time comes for your character, no rolls are made, no GP can be spent. Your time is up.

Supporting Roles

You are allowed 2 Supporting Roles this story, one of each Age Group. They get any free Age Group Perks/Quirks. They can be distant relatives of Families, but not direct, and do not get Family Perks/Quirks. They cannot buy standard Perks/Quirks, either, and are basic SRs. Ideally they should be friends or co-workers, people outside the Family, to help populate the rest of the town.