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This story takes place in the ALIEN universe, in the year 2149, set after the events of the first Alien film and the Alien: Isolation game, and before the events of the second film, Aliens. Don't have any idea what that means? Not to worry!

In simple terms, it's a post-FTL (Faster Than Light) travel universe, where man has begun to explore and settle systems light-years away. MegaCorps are the true power and the Colonial Marshals are the police force and peace keepers of the times. Colonial Marines handle the heavy lifting and serious threats.

Colonies are being built in many systems, mostly by Weyland-Yutani, known for its atmospheric processors, sophisticated synthetic-person technology, and military technology. Seegson produces more rudimentary androids called Working Joes, semi-autonomous robots that lack the sentience of W-Y synthetics, though it is still a leader in communications and computer mainframes.

Penumbra is the primary fuel producer, heavily invested in mining, refining, and fusion technologies. They are also a force in manufacturing civilian goods such as clothing and luxury items, with the Tenochtitlan Station Promenade essentially being the biggest mall in space. Their creation of the Eclipse Resort and Casino marks their bold first step into creating a new space tourism industry, offering luxury resort and spa accommodations. The game will start in several locations, but threads will merge and the majority will take place on Tenochtitlan Station, primarily in the mid-levels of the station.

In closing, think of a mashup between Alien and Dawn of the Dead, being hunted by a Xenomorph(s?) in the largest space mall ever made. Who can resist that?

Week One

After weeks of finding little but detritus in the Sevastopol debris field, the Ludovica finally hit paydirt. They discovered a black box from the Anesidora that contained a mysterious jar made of materials not found in any of their databases, bearing etchings in an alien language.

With their finding in hand... they set out for the Noc, ready to set to work on their Project.

Meanwhile, the Hephaestus found itself in a bit of trouble on its final mining haul. It's what happens when you push yourself to the limit like they do. But fortunately, they make it through in one piece and start their own way to the refinery to see if all the effort was worth it.

Things on the station itself aren't all going fantastically, however. Within the Eclipse, preparations for the tourists due within just weeks hit a snag when rehearsals are interrupted by murder. Is it a warning to the diva? Or simply a matter of someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The Marshals are out and interviewing the refinery workers, trying to build a timeline of the dead individual and why someone might have wanted to kill him.

Week Two

It had been a few quiet days aboard the Noc. The Heph was off-loading cargo. The refinery was finally seeing an end to its work and people can see vacations glimmering just ahead. The scientists aboard the Ludovica were ready to see what was inside their treasure trove...

disaster strikes! There's a core breach in the fusion reactor in the Tenochtitlan. The resulting explosion rocks both ships and the results are... disastrous, including the loss of many lives.

Aboard the Ludovica, the contents of a vial shatter and quarantine measures are enacted. At the same time, the cargo bay and 'Heph' both find themselves severely damaged by the same core breach. The umbilica to the mining ship is practically severed and a few lives are lost in the incident.

While the scientists are stuck in decontamination, Thorne and Deavers do manage to repressurize the Ludovica and Thorne contacts Weyland-Yutani to inform them both of the incident in the lab as well as the fact that the rest of the team is compromised, asking if there is a change in orders. She is merely told that they are to proceed with the Project.

Week Three

After abandoning the Ludovica, Thorne visits the Noc's Science Officer and informs him of what's been going on. She fills him in on the details of that 'quarantine' he found out about during the reactor breach. It's decided to try to get people in for medical screenings... just in case. He promises to get word to the Overseer. Meanwhile, Dr. Strickland's assistant, Elizabeth Duong requests to be given leave to quit her position so that she can return to Sol because she has found out she is pregnant.

A couple of EVA techs get to work outside the Tenochtitlan on repairs where the reactor blew, but find themselves find themselves facing down some Working Joes that seem to have received signals not from VULCAN... but from APOLLO, the AI from Sevastopol. While Katja and Hiroshi deal with the suddenly hostile Joes, Ian tries to work his way through a rather massive manual. They manage to shut down the Joes, but are left with the question of: what specimen are they looking for? And why?

After hearing what happened with the EVA techs and the Joes, Thorne approaches the Overseer with a proposal to allow one of the Joes. to roam the station (under supervision) to track down the specimen. He agrees to let one of these 'Sniffing Joes' be developed and later, Driscoll's team is hired while Ian and Pandora's body double, Mia, work on the Joe in question.

Week Four

There is concern for a guest at the resort and the Overseer as well as a few Marshals are called in to check on the woman in Suite 131. Miss Duong had not left the suite in some time with an increasing amount of room service... but even that had halted a couple days past. Upon entering the suite, they found she was barely breathing and her stomach had become grotesquely large. When Claire of the Marshals approached, Miss Duong's abdomen opened not unlike an egg and three parasitic aliens burst out, attacking those in the suite.

One was killed, but two others got free. While Chong and Bob tried to contain the parasites, Riordan and Mills fled the room... only to run into Driscoll and the Sniffing Joe.

While the Weyland-Yutani contingent tries to figure out what to do -- especially in the wake of the news that Weyland himself is on the way to the Noc -- one of the parasites reveals itself on the cargo dock. Katja is attacked and manages to get an alert out across the radio, which leads to the Marshals sending their men in. Unfortunately, it all goes poorly for one Castlereigh who ends up catching the creature with his face.

When Colorado Bates later visits the Bureau to try to use his cocaine-driven charm to work out a deal, Lydecker puts a gun to his head to sweeten the pot. This leads to a raid on the Ludovica and a claim of all evidence for the Marshals. However, ultimately, the Marshals and W-Y scientists do begin to work together. To an extent. Just with a greater resentment of each other than ever before.

Meanwhile, the Hephaestus has begun plotting their own escape, damning the Man who conspires to keep them on the Noc. Their repairs continue apace, but they've got something planned to deal with the clamps keeping their ship in place.

At the suggestion of Overseer Riordan, the Marshals make the decision to move the specimens and their compromised man to the Weyland-Yutani labs aboard the Noc. The labs are placed under heavy security and lockdown by the Colonial Marshals. Curiously, the parasite fell off Castlereigh, dead, just six hours before the transfer. Lydecker brings Deputy Chong, William Sommerset, and Wolfram Kenneson along for the transfer. Riordan sends Rhys Driscoll along to represent the station. On hand for Weyland-Yutani is Michel Thorne with Alexis January to accept the transfer of the specimens and Castlereigh himself who is still in bad shape.

However, as soon as they begin to approach the labs proper... the missing VP Tuoni Thorson appears with WYNNE, the PR synthetic. Thorson, having been missing for some time reveals just why he'd been missing. Grotesquely mutated by the goo he'd been compromised with, he is but a pale shadow of his former self. The Marshals open fire and he, in turn, spits acid at them. He also separates into two separate, tentacled parts. It becomes a fray of synthetic and mutated man against the others and in the midst of it all... a slug-like creature burst out of Castlereigh's face, disappearing off into the vents. As soon as it did, Thorson and WYNNE retreated into the labs.

Lydecker called for the labs to be locked down and the Ludovica's umbilica to be severed to the labs.


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Tenochtitlan Station


Welcome to Tenochtitlan Station, often called The Noc by its inhabitants. Following the disaster on Seegson's Sevastopol Station in 2137, rival company Penumbra Corp began construction of Tenochtitlan Station to resume mining of KG-348 and provide a new freeport in the Zeta Reticuli sector. In 2145, it was opened to the public and began full operations.

The Noc maintains a full service refinery for gas mining activities in the lowest levels, manned by both human employees and Seegson Working Joes. Mid-levels house Habitation, Flight Services, and the Promenade - the largest commercial district ever built off-world, featuring the Eclipse resort and casino. Also included are the St. Guadelupe Medical Center, and, of course, the Colonial Marshal Bureau. The upper levels of the station contain the SysTec, R & D, and Corporate facilities, with a section leased to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

Whether you work hard, play hard, or are just passing through, The Noc has something special for you!

Life on the Noc


Gas refinery. Interstellar commerce hub. Resort and casino. The Noc is many things, and home to many people. Few live on station full-time, however. Most sign on for one year shifts in their respective areas, then swap out when the next shift arrives. The tourist and commerce sections go dark every year for 4 months at the height of the refinery season, during which most of the workers in those sections go home. They return at the start of the last month to get ready for the next influx of tourists.

Our story is set during this period, as the entertainers and resort and casino employees return, the facility crew nears the end of its one year shift, and refinery season is winding down. If your character works at Eclipse, you're just arriving, ready for tourist season to begin. If you're in facilities or work in the refinery, you're in the final stretch and looking forward to time off. The crew of the Hephaestus is en route, one of the last mining ships to come in, and Weyland-Yutani has a corporate ship coming from the Sevastopol debris field around KG-348.

Accommodations are nice enough for those who work in facilities and the refinery. The work can be hard and the hours long, but the stay is comfortable. Those in corporate and the Eclipse have luxury suites, but even those pale in comparison to what the tourists get.

In addition to a wide array of eateries in the Promenade Mall, many of which are only open during tourist season, there are corporate dining facilities, several restaurants in Eclipse, and a diner on the refinery level. There's also a classic dive bar for those who find the options in corporate or Eclipse too upscale, or those looking to slum it with the miners and workers.

Colonial Marshal Bureau

As with all colonies and space stations, Tenochtitlan Station has a branch of the Colonial Marshals on-site. Working in two year shifts, the Marshals are the police and peace keepers, independent of corporate influence or control. That doesn't always mean that the megacorps cooperate or make it easy for them. Space is a new frontier, a second 'wild west' in human history, and law and order can be a tenuous thing. Penumbra is one of the more hospitable megacorps, however, and with tourism so important for the station, they usually work well with the Marshals to keep things smooth and quiet. Usually.

Please note that the Colonial Marshals are NOT the same thing as the Colonial Marines (as seen in ALIENS). Some of you may have once BEEN Colonial Marines, but aren't now. You don't get the Giant-Ass Guns.

Penumbra Corp


With its roots in what was once the American Southwest and Mexico, Penumbra is a megacorp that leads the field in energy. From mining and gas refineries to fusion technology, they lead the pack. Weyland-Yutani 'Shake and Bake' colonies are powered by Penumbra fusion reactors, Seegson communication satellites run on Penumbra solar power arrays, and many ships are propelled by Penumbra-refined gas or drive cores. With a solid grip on the market, Penumbra expanded into manufacturing and merchandise, becoming a major player in retail goods in ever system. Their launch of Eclipse on the new Tenochtitlan Station in the Zeta Reticuli sector marked their entry into the brave new world of space tourism. With interstellar travel now faster than ever, thanks in part to Penumbra's energy technology, people are coming from every system to relax in luxury and style at Eclipse above the beautiful gas giant KG-348 and buy exclusive first-look merchandise in the Promenade Mall. Some of the biggest names in entertainment have taken residencies and perform regularly, adding one more jewel to the crown.

USCSS Hephaestus


An ancient behemoth of the mining and ore hauling industry, the Hephaestus was getting old when the Nostromo went missing in 2122. It's had two extensive overhauls in the 27 years since, as it's cheaper to keep the old dinosaur going than it is to buy a more modern equivalent of that size. The most recent was eight years ago when new stasis tech was installed after the whole crew nearly died in stasis due to a glitch in 20-year-old tech.

Massive haulers like the Heph are only owned and operated by megacorps now, which has priced them out of buying a replacement, making it the last independent operation of its size. When it goes, there will be no more true-share mining ships. Because of this, the crew has something of a chip on its collective shoulder, as if they're the last in a dying breed of space cowboy. The truth is they survive haul-to-haul, and each one could be their last if it goes wrong.

They always come in late in the refinery season, and this year is no exception. Their veteran navigator retired last year, several more crew members are thinking of cashing out their shares, and their hired security team is getting bored guarding a bunch of rock. They only have a security team in the first place because their license and insurance require it. Will this be the last haul for Hephaestus and crew? It's too soon to tell, but their run is definitely nearing its end.

USCSS Ludovica


Officially, the Ludovica is a Weyland-Yutani research vessel, and that's true in the strictest sense. Calling it a research vessel is like calling a nuclear bomber an airplane - it's technically correct. What the Ludovica really is, is a mobile, cutting-edge xenobiology laboratory and quarantine center. It was conceptualized after the Nostromo went missing in 2122, and put into design and production after Seegson lost Sevastopol Station in 2137. It was fresh out of the factory six months ago, and has all of the latest, most expensive and exclusive technology available. It was made for the sole purpose of finding and containing a specimen of the Xenomorph species - A highly dangerous species that only they know exists.

The Company has had knowledge of Xenomorphs for over 25 years due to Ash - the Synthetic aboard the Nostromo, and visual confirmation of them for 12. APOLLO, the AI that ran Sevastopol, got lots of footage before it went down in the days after W-Y secretly bought Sevastopol from Seegson, but they still have no first-hand experience with it. They were set to purchase the specimen acquired by the Anesidora at Sevastopol, but obviously that went South. The only living person known to have encountered one directly, Amanda Ripley, refuses to speak on the subject.

The Ludovica has been sent to scour the debris field that was Sevastopol and hopefully find something - anything - containing Xenomorph DNA. Then it is to dock at Tenochtitlan Station and conduct research while executives from The Company come out to see the prized acquisition they've been trying to secure for nearly three decades.


Eclipse Promenade.
Juvenile metamorph.

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No factions listed.



Pale, chalky white and almost translucent, the Metamorph is a sub-species of Xenomorph XX121. It is entirely boneless, though it can harden its tissue considerably, and can shift mass to shape its body in a myriad of ways.

Components and Weaknesses


Can attack before anyone knows he's there, negating the 'First Fail' of PCs and allowing a one-shot kill. Can be countered by the Danger Sense perk.
Nowhere to Run
The alien is considerably faster than any character. Running as an action will NEVER gain the character Survival Points no matter how exceptional the successes rolled. Not even Synthetics. Putting things between you and it, hiding and stealth are paramount.
Acid Blood
Shooting or cutting an alien causes highly pressurized acid blood to spray anyone within ten feet. A dodge is required. Failure cause 1d6 SP loss. Success means clothing and/or armor gets hit first and the character must spend the immediate action taking it off to avoid damage, no roll needed, but no other action requiring a roll can be performed. Exceptional success means the character dodges completely.


Fire Bad
The alien does not like fire. It will avoid contact at all costs, and can be steered by flamethrowers on an exceptional success.

Metamorph Burster



Components and Weaknesses


Acid Blood
Shooting or cutting an alien causes highly pressurized acid blood to spray anyone within ten feet. A dodge is required. Failure cause 1d6 SP loss. Success means clothing and/or armor gets hit first and the character must spend the immediate action taking it off to avoid damage, no roll needed, but no other action requiring a roll can be performed. Exceptional success means the character dodges completely.


Fire Bad
The alien does not like fire. It will avoid contact at all costs, and can be steered by flamethrowers on an exceptional success.

Metamorph Queen



Components and Weaknesses


Can attack before anyone knows he's there, negating the 'First Fail' of PCs and allowing a one-shot kill. Can be countered by the Danger Sense perk.
Nowhere to Run
The alien is considerably faster than any character. Running as an action will NEVER gain the character Survival Points no matter how exceptional the successes rolled. Not even Synthetics. Putting things between you and it, hiding and stealth are paramount.
Acid Blood
Shooting or cutting an alien causes highly pressurized acid blood to spray anyone within ten feet. A dodge is required. Failure cause 1d6 SP loss. Success means clothing and/or armor gets hit first and the character must spend the immediate action taking it off to avoid damage, no roll needed, but no other action requiring a roll can be performed. Exceptional success means the character dodges completely.


Fire Bad
The alien does not like fire. It will avoid contact at all costs, and can be steered by flamethrowers on an exceptional success.

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Details on all things ALIEN can be found here.

Information specifically on Alien: Isolation, the survival-horror game that serves as our prequel can be found here.

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Rashid Khan

(The Addict)
on MUX as: Rashid
Pilot of USCSS Hephaestus

The adherent aliens.jpg

Addie Jansen

(The Adherent)
on MUX as: Addie
Tenochtitlan Refinery Chief


Tobias Sutterland

(The Adjudicator)
on MUX as: Toby
Eclipse Resort and Promenade Manager


Tuoni Thorson

(The Advisor)
on MUX as: Thorson
Weyland-Yutani VP of R&D


Quentin Deavers

(The Analyst)
on MUX as: Quentin
Weyland-Yutani SysTech


Isaiah Emmerson

(The Athlete)
on MUX as: Isaiah
Colonial Marshals Officer


Bailey Marks

(The Avant-Garde)
on MUX as: Bailey
Interstellar Megastar

The Beast 1.jpg

Aaron Hartmann

(The Beast)
on MUX as: Aaron
Mining Crew Chief USCSS Hephaestus


Luke Graves

(The Bravo)
on MUX as: Graves
Tenochtitlan Refinery Gas Tech


Rhys Driscoll

(The Capitalist)
on MUX as: Driscoll
Security Contractor


Claire Mills

(The Caregiver)
on MUX as: Claire
Colonial Marshals Medical Officer


Henry Erickson

(The Confidant)
on MUX as: Henry
Tenochtitlan Station Counselor


Colorado Bates

(The Coward)
on MUX as: Colorado
Weyland-Yutani Project 937 Director

The dabbler harris.jpg

Gianna Harris

(The Dabbler)
on MUX as: Gianna
Tenochtitlan Systems Tech


Wolfram Kinneson

(The Defender)
on MUX as: Wolfram
Colonial Marshals Internal Affairs


Maya Chevalier

(The Explorer)
on MUX as: Maya
First Officer USCSS Hephaestus


Ian Brennan

(The Fatalist)
on MUX as: Ian
Tenochtitlan Science Chief


Charlie Eastwick

(The Fool)
on MUX as: Eastwick
Colonial Marshals Communications Officer


Cole Monroe

(The Heretic)
on MUX as: Monroe
Eclipse Concierge


Michel Thorne

(The Hunter)
on MUX as: Thorne
Security Contractor


Amara Adams

(The Innocent)
on MUX as: Amara
Navigator USCSS Hephaestus


Raymond Chong

(The Judge)
on MUX as: Chong
Colonial Marshals Deputy Chief

Loner Callum 1.jpg

Callum McClane

(The Loner)
on MUX as: Callum
Colonial Marshals Forensics Officer



(The Lover)
on MUX as: Venus
Manager of Total Eclipse


Robert "Bob" Trevalsky

(The Martyr)
on MUX as: Bob
Eclipse Director of Security


Gavin MacVanish

(The Medic)
on MUX as: Gavin
Medical Tech USCSS Hephaestus


Violet "The Kid" Zane

(The Melancholic)
on MUX as: Violet
Comms Tech USCSS Hephaestus


Declan Riordan

(The Pedagogue)
on MUX as: The Pedagogue
Tenochtitlan Station Overseer



(The Perfectionist)
on MUX as: Wynne
Weyland-Yutani Public Relations

Rebel Alien.jpg

Adam Winterbourne

(The Rebel)
Science Tech USCSS Hephaestus


Francis Sinclair

(The Rogue)
on MUX as: Sinclair
Mining Tech USCSS Hephaestus


Dr. Joseph Eisenreicht

(The Scholar)
on MUX as: Joseph


Dr. Michael Strickland

(The Scientist)
on MUX as: Strickland
Project 937 Lead Tech


Stacker Halloway

(The Soldier)
on MUX as: The Soldier
Colonial Marshals Special Tactics


Maxine "Max" Avery

(The Stoic)
on MUX as: Max
Tenochtitlan Facilities Engineer


Katja Numminen

(The Survivor)
on MUX as: Katja
Tenochtitlan EVA Tech


Dr. Alexis January

(The Thrill-Seeker)
on MUX as: Alexis
Weyland-Yutani Bioengineer


William Sommerset

(The Vigilante)
Colonial Marshals Homicide Detective



(The Visionary)
on MUX as: Pandora
Talent Co-ordinator
Synthetic Wrangler

Supporting Cast


Brad Laroche

(The Addict)
Refinery Dispatcher


Miles Bishop

(The Addict)
Colonial Marshal


Zoe Rawlings

(The Addict)
Waste Management Supervisor

The adherent Cheryl.jpg

Cheryl Stone

(The Adherent)

The adherent vinnie 2.jpg

Vinnie Taylor

(The Adherent)
Asst. Crew Chief

The adherent wayne 2.jpg

Wayne Adams

(The Adherent)
Refinery Laborer



(The Advisor)
Right Hand Feline


Rina "Dustcloud"

(The Advisor)


Terri Arceles

(The Advisor)


Chase Marks

(The Avant-Garde)
Personal Assistant


Claire Markham

(The Avant-Garde)
Lawyer & Business Manager


Freddy West

(The Avant-Garde)


Carl Hunt

(The Capitalist)
Security Operative


Dan McCallister

(The Capitalist)
Security Operative


Maria Silva

(The Capitalist)
Security Operative


Mr. Rook

(The Competitor)
Shady Security Officer


Marla Crick

(The Confidant)


Travis Rye

(The Confidant)
Glorified Gun For Hire


Wyatt Murphy

(The Confidant)
Ex-Colonial Marshal



(The Creepshow)
Exotic Entertainment Synthetic


Sam Hain

(The Creepshow)


Arjun Gupta

(The Deviant)
Supply Clerk


Mitchell Reedus

(The Deviant)
Tenochtitlan Fusion Assistant


Stacy Pinkerton

(The Deviant)
Tenochtitlan Fusion Intern

Fatalist Ben.jpg


(The Fatalist)
Maintenance Synthetic



(The Fool)
Communications Engineer



(The Fool)
Evidence Technician


Hannah Gibbons

(The Healer)
Waitress for the casino


Serina Gold

(The Healer)
flustered nurse


Shae Thompson

(The Healer)
Medical Assistant


Sir Reginald Pantaloons "Pants" the Third

(The Hunter)
Emotional Support Animal


Saffira Dragic

(The Hunter)
Delivery Girl


Stryker Thorne

(The Hunter)
Eclipse Poolboy


Fergus Castlereigh

(The Judge)
Junior Marshal

Loner Clara 1.jpg

Clara Jacobs

(The Loner)
Lab Assistant

Loner Luke 1.jpg

Luke Jacobs

(The Loner)



(The Lover)
Espionage Synthetic


Aiden Thayer

(The Lover)
Security Contractor


Gerard Everhausen

(The Melancholic)
Data Analyst


Kipsy Ratanelli

(The Melancholic)
Security Grunt


Jon Brown, A.K.A "Lugnut"

(The Melancholic)



(The Pedagogue)
Synthetic Assistant


Hannah Riordan

(The Pedagogue)


Sonia Morgan

(The Pedagogue)
Penumbra Legal Attache


James Fisher

(The Penitent)
Dock Worker


James Alexander

(The Perfectionist)
Senior Financial Analyst

Bad ass.jpg

Nina Nayland

(The Perfectionist)
Bad-Ass (Bodyguard)

William rygar.jpg

William Rygar

(The Perfectionist)
Biological Human Specialist


Elizabeth Duong

(The Assistant)
Laboratory Assistant


Bob Peeves

(The Stoic)
Facilities Repairman


Pauline Polix

(The Stoic)
Facilities Repairwoman


Peter Harrow

(The Stoic)
Facilities Engineer, Max's second



(The Survivor)


Rosie Nash

(The Survvior)


Silas Kane

(The Survivor)



(The Thrill-Seeker)
Frankenstein's Monster/Pet



(The Thrill-Seeker)
Synthetic Assistant


Adlai Kolvek

(The Visionary)
Disgrace to Humanity
"Retired" Project Lead



(The Visionary)
Body Double



(The Visionary)
Body Double
Tech Specialist


Central Casting


Sofia Almanderez

Penumbra Corp VP of Tourism


Kelvin Lydecker

Colonial Marshals Chief


Steven Ward

USCSS Hephaestus Captain


Constantin Weyland

Weyland-Yutani CEO

Are We There Yet The Finale
(2018-10-01 • Maintenance Corridor) Wolfram and Driscoll try to find their way to the main reactor core before the station explodes.
(2018-10-01 • Secondary Reactor Room) Riordan pushes the red, candy-like button.
This is It
(2018-09-29 • Eclipse - The Promenade) The final stand. It ends in catfights, lost limbs, and fire.
Lurking in the Halls
(2018-09-28 • Noc - Cargo Dock) Skulking the halls is terrifying, but maintenance must be done!
The Friendliest Fire
(2018-09-27 • Various parts of the Promenade and Eclipse) Totally not causing any trouble. Or fires. (Yet.)
A Coin for the Ferryman
(2018-09-27 • Hephaestus - Common Room) The Hephaestus contacts the Noc about their updated status, and bargains to take on refugees.
How To Outwit an Alien
(2018-09-25 • Hephaestus - Common Room) The Hephaestus crew put their plan into action to try and get rid of the unwanted visitor.
What Happened?
(2018-09-25 • Noc - Afterburner Bar) Shorley finds Michel after the recent alien encounter.
Nature vs. Nurture
(2018-09-24 • The Geekery) A different future far beyond the Noc emerges.
Better Circumstances
(2018-09-23 • Noc - Medical Center) Ramona waits until Thorne wakes up from her KO. Thorne is salty... as par for the course.
The Clock is Ticking (Part 2) - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badass
(2018-09-22 • Back Corridors & Warehouse) The trackers find the hive, and chaos ensues.
Best Way To Die
(2018-09-21 • Eclipse - Total Eclipse) Chatter in the Eclipse.
The Plan
(2018-09-20 • Overseer's Office) Riordan and Colby devise a plan to survive this station apocalypse.
It's Worse Than You Think
(2018-09-20 • Colorado's Room at the Eclipse) A former project lead talks to the one responsible for the current Weyland-Yutani team, and the news isn't good. (Would be 2018-09-16.)
Silent Promise
(2018-09-20 • Hephaestus - Medbay) Rashid and Driscoll communicate silently during these tense times.
My Best Synth Friend
(2018-09-19 • Noc - Main Concourse) Kylie and Ramona share a moment.
Hunter's Hunted
(2018-09-18 • Hephaestus - Common Room) An attack on the Heph takes a life
The Clock is Ticking (Part 1)
(2018-09-18 • Marshals Bureau Office) Strickland brings a new tracking advice to the Marshals, but the clock is ticking.
Sexting. In. SPAAAACE!
(2018-09-18 • A text conversation.) Maya and Rod make contact with each other for the first time since all hell broke loose. Rod asks Maya to do something she considers unthinkable.
Everything is Awful
(2018-09-17 • Communication) Overseer Riordan reaches Driscoll on board the hephaestus, and they exchange the statuses of their beleagered vessels.
The Trackers Work
(2018-09-16 • Eclipse - The Promenade) The S team gather to start working on a plan.
Back Channels
(2018-09-16 • Smuggler's Tunnels) Time to raid the stash and make some plans.
Parting Gift
(2018-09-16 • Outer Station) A team heads out to retake control of the station's systems.
Scavengers and Synthetic Tattletales
(2018-09-15 • Eclipse - The Promenade) An injured Addie wanders into a scene of Max and some of her crew looting the mall for supplies (on orders) and gets immediately tattled on by Vinnie
Not a good time for emotion
(2018-09-15 • Eclipse suites) After vanishing for a night, Shorley wonders where she was.
(2018-09-14 • Twin Stars Observatory) Can synthetics get migraines? Pandora is likely about to find out.
How To Deal With An Unwanted Guest
(2018-09-14 • Hephaestus - Bridge) Several of the Hephaestus crew find themselves in the Heph's Bridge to talk plans of action.
Pengineering Forty-Five Hundred Thousand!!
(2018-09-13 • Tenochtitlan Fusion Office) Maya wanders into a paper airplane tournament.
It Could Be Worse
(2018-09-13 • Casino Floor) Henry catches up with Katja.
Tour of the Eclipse
(2018-09-13 • Eclipse - The Promenade) Kylie sees Ramona again, reactivated.
Bad Ideas Squared
(2018-09-13 • Eclipse - Twin Star Observatory) Graves and Thorne get drunk, commiserate over their current state, and discuss bad ideas.
Creative Solutions
(2018-09-13 • Office) Pandora comes to Riordan with some creative solutions to their various problems.
Who's Nice?
(2018-09-12 • Eclipse - Supernova Theater) Chatter between Alexis and Kylie
A Queen's Report
(2018-09-12 • Headliner Suite) Lady Eve reports on her encounter with the rival Queen
(2018-09-12 • Eclipse - The Promenade) A volunteer sweep almost walks into a trap.
What To Do?
(2018-09-12 • Office) Chief Heller and Overseer Riordan convene to discuss where to go from here.
Disable Neutral Mode
(2018-09-12 • Suite at the Eclipse) Roughly three years prior to current events. Code has consequences, sometimes unpredictable ones.
The Hephaestus' New Guest
(2018-09-10 • Hephaestus - Common Room) A synth and an alien crash the Hephaestus party.
Off the Leash
(2018-09-10 • The Promenade) Thorne and Colorado get a few things hashed out between them.
(2018-09-09 • Eclipse - The Promenade) People and cats reunite after the Promenade seals off.
(2018-09-08 • Space) A group of survivors in EVA suits make their way to safety.
Sudden Decompression Sucks
(2018-09-07 • Eclipse - The Promenade) Two survivors meet up with some of the residents of the upper levels of the station.
Shorley She Made It
(2018-09-06 • Noc - Main Concourse) Shorley breaks land-speed records.
Escape from Precinct 13
(2018-09-05 • Noc - Colonial Marshal Bureau) A mad dash from the bureau leads to a few finding themselves outside the Promenade in EVA suits. Will they find their way out of their latest mess?
Addie's Run
(2018-09-05 • Noc - Refinery Control) Addie and friends run for the core.
Queen Battle
(2018-09-05 • Eclipse - Supernova Theater) It's Queen vs. Queen in the theater!
(2018-09-05 • Noc - St Guadalupe Med Center) Dr. January is scanned for mutation.
Hartmann Receives More Bad News
(2018-09-05 • Hephaestus - Common Room) After waking from a nap, Driscoll fills Aaron in on the bad things.
(2018-09-04 • Noc - Upper Levels) Transfer of the specimens to the Weyland-Yutani labs on the R&D level of the station does not go as planned.
The Hephaestus' First Guest
(2018-09-04 • Noc - Cargo Dock) Several ANVIL operatives escort Saffira Dragic to the safety of the Hephaestus
Relaying the Ground Rules
(2018-09-03 • Hephaestus - Common Room) Driscoll informs Hartmann of the 'deal' he cut with Riordan.
A Grand Conspiracy
(2018-09-03 • Overseer Office) Just as one meeting ends, another begins.
Stress and Panic
(2018-09-03 • Noc - Main Concourse) Shorley meets some people in what is becoming the main shelter for the Noc workers.
Hephaestus Preparations Part 1
(2018-09-02 • Noc - Cargo Dock) Thorne relays information to the Hephaestus crew as they are in the middle or preparations. This comes immediately before A Grand Plan
A Grand Plan
(2018-09-02 • Overseer Office) Driscoll comes to Riordan with a plan, and the two work out the details.
Visiting Pants
(2018-09-02 • Shorley's Quarters) As promised, Driscoll makes a delivery to Shorley.
Purchasing Some Boom Boxes
(2018-09-01 • Shipping Office) Driscoll meets with Dragic to purchase some explosives for reasons.
Surely Some Revelation
(2018-09-01 • Noc - Colonial Marshal Bureau) A contingent from the Weyland-Yutani inspects the specimen at the Marshal Bureau.
Escape Plan
(2018-09-01 • Hephaestus - Common Room) Aaron, Driscoll and Hiroshi discuss the current state of the Noc and an escape plan is put into place.
Not Enough Faces or Palms
(2018-09-01 • Noc - Colonial Marshal Bureau) The Marshal's IA guy gets the rundown.
Unwanted Cargo
(2018-08-31 • Noc - Cargo Dock) An encounter on the cargo dock goes poorly for a rookie Marshal.
Troubles My Sight
(2018-08-31 • Noc - Colonial Marshal Bureau) Bates visits the Marshals. Things do not go according to plan. Someone wet the floor a little.
An Offer of Escape
(2018-08-31 • Noc - Danny's Diner) Thorne and Driscoll keep each other informed with current events at the diner.
Playing Escort
(2018-08-30 • Noc - Main Concourse) Driscoll escorts Dr. January back to the Ludovica after her meeting with the marshals.
No Plan, Just Coffee
(2018-08-30 • Danny's Diner) Katja and Halloway converse; he confirms some rumors. Spoilers: it's not radiation.
What to do?
(2018-08-30 • Twin Star Observatory) Kylie Shorley finds Katja after the EVA's encounter in the cargo dock.
The Centre Cannot Hold
(2018-08-30 • Ludovica - Commons & Marshal Bureau) Strickland takes his story to the Marshals.
Mere Anarchy
(2018-08-30 • Ludovica - Laboratory) The Marshals are summoned, Colorado is stymied, Jenette is updated, and Thorne is on another bug hunt.
From Bugs to Machine
(2018-08-30 • Eclipse Hallway) Riordan, his lawyer and Mills escape the room with the bugs only to find themselves in the path of a potentially hostile Working Joe.
Gibbe Alien Pl0x
(2018-08-30 • Noc - Colonial Marshal Bureau) Dr. Alexis January approaches Deputy-Chief Chong for possession of the specimen.
Wellness Check
(2018-08-29 • Suite 131) There's a checkup needed...
What Was Proposed
(2018-08-29 • Synthetic Maintenance) After Overseer Riordan signed off on this, Thorne gathers Brennan, Driscoll and a pair of synths to put this proposal to work.
(2018-08-29 • Ludovica - Commons) The W-Y crew hold an emergency, informal meeting about the events on the Noc.
What Rough Beast
(2018-08-29 • Noc - Main Concourse) A meeting of security-minded people.
A Proposal
(2018-08-27 • Overseer Office) Thorne finally meets with Riordan and proposes an... idea.
(2018-08-26 • Eclipse - The Promenade) Kylie is wondering what to do -- And happens across Ramona with a similar curiosity.
Seeking the Real
(2018-08-26 • Noc - Danny's Diner) Callum and Aaron discuss seeking realness.
Celebration Cut Short
(2018-08-26 • Noc - Cargo Dock then the Twin Star Observatory) The Hephaestus crew go to the Twin Star to celebrate their cargo unloading in style before a drunk Ian ruins the good mood with tales of killer Working Joes.
Gossip and Blackjack
(2018-08-26 • Eclipse - Casino Floor) A small gathering in the casino leads to some thoughts (and concerns) on the Joes...
Tit for Tat
(2018-08-25 • Eclipse - Twin Star Observatory) Bates comes across Thorne and delivers a succinct threat to bring the Weyland-Yutani contractor back to the fold. She brings him some troubling news in return.
Bad Signals
(2018-08-25 • Outside the Station)
Calm Before The Storm
(2018-08-25 • Eclipse - Twin Star Observatory) A drunk January tells Driscoll her life story.
Enter the Coward
(2018-08-24 • Ludovica - Laboratory) Project Director Colorado Bates comes in to chew on Strickland.
Vacation Time
(2018-08-24 • Total Eclipse) Ramona ask Venus for an unusual vacation.
Hephaestus Repairs Part 1
(2018-08-23 • Noc - Cargo Dock) The crew repairs the umbilica to the Hephaestus so that the cargo can move again.
Word Gets Around
(2018-08-23 • Noc - Danny's Diner) Shorley finds Thorne and demands some answers. She gets them...but so does Thorne.
Mixing Business and Pleasure
(2018-08-23 • Driscoll's Hotel Suite) After her discussion with Shorley, Thorne meets with Driscoll.
More on Your Plate
(2018-08-22 • Ian has an Office I Guess) Thorne searches out Ian, to let him know what happened with the Ludovica and to warn him that the Noc may be at risk as well.
Quiet Dealings Beneath The Stars
(2018-08-22 • Eclipse - Twin Star Observatory) Driscoll informs Saffira of further delays due to the Hephaestus' cargo umbilica being destroyed. Sommerset joins the party.
(2018-08-22 • Ludovica - Lab) Dr. Strickland gets some shocking news and says goodbye to a dear friend.
Celebrating Life
(2018-08-21 • Eclipse - Total Eclipse)
A Place To Crash
(2018-08-20 • Driscoll's Hotel Suite) After putting the Ludovica under quarantine, Thorne escapes... to Driscoll's hotel room.
Revealed Past
(2018-08-20 • Afterburner) Hannah Riordan gets information out of Kylie Shorley after the explosion on the Noc.
Fuck This Shit We're Out
(2018-08-20 • Ludovica - Bridge) While Deavers fixes the pressurization loss and the umbilica issue on the Ludovica, Thorne checks in with the Company to find out if there's any changes to her orders...
We Will Rock You
(2018-08-19 • Noc - Cargo Dock) The Hephaestus and cargo bay are rocked by a sudden explosion.
The View From Up Here
(2018-08-19 • Twin Star Observatory) The Eclipse employees get a bird's eye view of the fusion reactor disaster.
Core Breach
(2018-08-19 • Noc - Refinery Control) A contamination breach in the core of Tenochtitlan's fusion reactor causes a domino effect of problems.
Catching Up With An Old Friend
(2018-08-18 • Noc - Afterburner Bar) Old friends from Driscoll's stint as a marshal, Rhys and William catch up and share information over drinks.
An Unexpected Turn of Events
(2018-08-18 • Noc - Danny's Diner) Thorne and Driscoll discuss their work over dinner (Note: This occurs before the events of 'This is Life' due to timestop.)
This is Life
(2018-08-17 • Ludovica - Laboratory) The crew of the Ludovica finds itself in a spot of trouble while trying to study its recent find. Things go awry. Things go very, very awry.
Safekeeping the Keeper
(2018-08-16 • Colonial Marshal's Office) With the arrival of the Weyland-Yutani crew, Pandora and her 'sisters' have concerns for the safety of their legal owner.
Visiting the Madam
(2018-08-16 • Eclipse - Total Eclipse) Driscoll meets with the Madam at the Total Eclipse. It's all business.
Getting Things Started
(2018-08-16 • Shipping Office) Driscoll meets with Cole Monroe's right-hand, Saffira, to discuss both business and life on the Noc.
The Secret
(2018-08-16 • Erickson's Office) Ash has a bit of a secret. Well, it's a bit of a big secret, though she's not gonna tell, or is she? She has to make that decision for herself. Read on. The sceen begins in the bar and ends in the office? Oh dear.
Looking for Answers
(2018-08-15 • Near the Diner, Lower Levels) Shorley and Hannah Riordan meet up after shift and chat a few minutes. Something is revealed that is of particular importance to the Overseer's daughter.
To Blend or Not to Blend
(2018-08-15 • Afterburner Bar) Kylie is tinkering, Kira is not drinking, and each becomes curious about the other.
Recruitment Opportunity
(2018-08-15 • Eclipse - Twin Star Observatory) Hearing that Michel Thorne was aboard the Noc, Driscoll delays his meeting to try and recruit the merc.
Black and Orange
(2018-08-15 • Noc - Danny's Diner) Violet meets a bright-haired stranger at the diner, and gets an overview of life on the Noc.
Better Late Than Never
(2018-08-15 • Noc - Cargo Dock) The Hephaestus finally docks.
Welcoming Gift
(2018-08-14 • Rock Bottom) Thorne finds herself a small restaurant/bar tucked away on the Noc. Cole spots someone he only glimpsed once years past.
Rise and Shine and Still Alive
(2018-08-14 • Hephaestus - Crew Quarters) The crew aboard the Hephaestus wake up from Hypersleep.
Getting to Know You
(2018-08-14 • Noc - Afterburner Bar) Michel meets with Kylie for the planned date. There's talk of power loaders. And dancing.
All Heading Toward Inevitable Death
(2018-08-13 • Hephaestus - Bridge) The crew of the Hephaestus wrap things up and prepare to head to the Noc.
Not a Robot
(2018-08-12 • Noc - Afterburner Bar) One of the Ludovica's security complement has a personal issue in the Afterburner.
A Rehearsal Gone Bad
(2018-08-12 • Eclipse - Supernova Theater) The crew of the Ludovica obtain a mysterious box
Lightning Strikes Twice
(2018-08-12 • Hephaestus - Common Room) First the ship is damaged, and then the crew is struck with some good news, as the Hephaestus performs her final mining haul before returning to the Noc.
The Jar
(2018-08-11 • Ludovica - Bridge) The crew of the Ludovica obtain a mysterious box
Playing for Beer
(2018-08-10 • The Afterburner) Chong judges a game of darts. Katja suggests the Marshals need a surprise drill.
(2018-08-10 • Twin Stars Observatory) Katja and Ramona discuss hobbies, life, and death.
This Is Not A Crime Scene
(2018-08-09 • The Noc Main Concourse) A broken cargo transporter attracts an audience.
Get to Know Your Workouts
(2018-08-09 • Ludovica - Cargo Hold) Some of the Ludovica crew get a healthy workout in.
Diner Philosophy
(2018-08-09 • Danny's Diner) Agent Orange and Detective Mood Ring discuss synths and justice.
The Last Run
(2018-08-09 • The Hephaestus) The Hephaestus begins her high-risk final mining op of the season before returning to the Noc.
Pants or No Pants
(2018-08-07 • Ludovica Commons) A couple of security contractors and the resident doc on the Ludovica try to pass the time.
Go Big or Go Home
(2018-08-07 • Hephaestus - Bridge) Rashid pilots the Hepheastus through an electrical storm.
Dancing Around The Issues
(2018-08-07 • Overseer Riordan's Suite) Riordan and Ramona have dinner, and the synthetic provides the Overseer with some crucial information about the Sevastopol disaster.
Checking the Goods
(2018-08-07 • Noc Cargo Facility #224) Cole Monroe and his assistant, Saffira check on an outgoing shipment.
Beer and Darts
(2018-08-07 • The Afterburner) A glimpse into the lives of those who live and work on the 'Noc.
Sleeping Aid
(2018-08-07 • Total Eclipse) Riordan checks in with the Eclipse employees to see if they have any last requisition requests before the final orders go in. Oh, and to hire Ramona for the night.

 (Archetype): Blew up with the station core.
: He died as he lived: monologuing explosively.
 (Archetype): Was badly damaged when trying to board the Hephaestus, but then was eventually 'killed?' in the Noc's reactor core by a gun to the head by Lydecker.
 (Archetype): Impregnated by a facehugger, they were then given a mercy killing by fire.
: Died in the shower with company when the core blew, immediately before being ravaged by a xenomorph who had probably used up all the hot water already, like a jerk.
 (Archetype): Sterling died on December 5th, Year 2149 after suffering severe blunt force trauma to the head inflicted by a matured xenomorph.
 (Archetype): Horribly mutated into two monstrous creatures to vomit acid and present a menace. (Whereabouts Unknown.)
 (Archetype): The Last Stand - As part of a suicide squad that went to keep the queen in her nest, Thorne died alongside a few others while fighting a swarm of aliens and the queen. Her cybernetic leg was torn off of her and she died while using it to fend off the alien that killed her.
 (Archetype): Died on a suicide mission to take out the Alien Queen. Impaled through the head.
 (Archetype): Took a surprise spike to the head from a Xeno that came through the ceiling panel above on the Hephaestus.
 (Archetype): Found torn to pieces, presumably by the xenomorph, on the Hephaestus.
 (Archetype): Found torn to pieces, presumably by the xenomorph, on the Hephaestus.
 (Archetype): Declan sacrificed himself to self destruct the reactor core of the station, to keep the aliens from getting any further. He was survived by his daughter, Hannah.
 (Archetype): Suicide after being infected in a trap.

Death Pose: It's funny really. How time can slow down right before horrible things. The way the mind and adrenaline work to just process everything infinitely faster than usual. Right before the last click of authorization was given, Max Avery saw the gleam of the sprinklers somehow. Saw and just...knew. There was no crying out. Way too late for that. No attempts to dodge, even if her body instinctively flinched. There was just the watching of glittering black droplets starting to fall. Beautiful really. And horrible. All the more horrible when they strike and the world comes back to full speed.

The horrific realization that paints her gray-blue eyes as they fall from the sprinklers, the shuddering through her, body wracked, tentacle erupting from one wrist, eyes wide. She sees Lydecker's offer, shakes her head, and then her hand's moving. The one with the gun, shuddering with pain, but steady as it plants the muzzle beneath her jaw and, gritting past the pain, she manages to call out. "No hentai jokes. Good luck, Rod!"


A spray of black and red and golden hair, a cry from Harrow like he just saw his own kid die. In a way, he did.

Stoic to the very end is our Max.

: Died in the final explosion with his owner.
: Became a host for a facehugger's spawn.
: Failed to make it to the Promenade when the Noc was being vented. Had a late start due to trouble on the Hephaestus.
: During the shuttle evacuation, Driscoll found himself pinned by the shoulder to the wall by one of the aliens. Silva tried to help free him and was impaled through the back by the creature herself.
: Helped take down Wynne before she could board the Hephaestus, only to be murderized by the alien already onboard.
 (Archetype): Infected by black goo from Wynne's booby trap. Was shot in the head as a mercy killing by Callum, but not before setting up a kill switch to blow the whole station up if necessary.
: Sucked into space when Wynne overtook VULCAN and vented the atmosphere from everything but the station's core.
 (Archetype): Impregnated by a facehugger, they were then given a mercy killing by fire.
 (Archetype): Impregnated by a facehugger, they were then given a mercy killing by fire.
 (Archetype): During the events of the shuttle evacuation, in the panic and heat of the moment, Henry was caught in Thayer's crossfire when the security contractor was shooting at aliens.
: Was about to complain about all the racket going on before he was murdered by the alien aboard his ship.
: Infected by black goo from Wynne's booby trap. Was shot in the head as a mercy killing by Callum.
: During the events of the shuttle evacuation, in the panic and heat of the moment, Henry was caught in Thayer's crossfire when the security contractor was shooting at aliens. Travis, in turn, shoots Thayer dead in retaliation.
: Turned into an egg by the black goo.
: Sucked into space when Wynne overtook VULCAN and vented the atmosphere from everything but the station's core.
 (Archetype): Defeated via alien cracking her skull after a catfight with Dr. Sterling. There was scientist-on-scientist biting involved.
: Bravely captured the xenospawn with his face, from which it later erupted. He will be missed.

 (Archetype): Project 937 Lead Tech
: Bartender
: Exotic Entertainment Synthetic
: Mercenary
 (Archetype): Talent Co-ordinator
Synthetic Wrangler
: Mechanic
 (Archetype): Weyland-Yutani Project 937 Director
 (Archetype): Weyland-Yutani SysTech
: Senior Financial Analyst
: Biological Human Specialist
 (Archetype): Pilot of USCSS Hephaestus
 (Archetype): Eva Rescue Tech USCSS Hephaestus
 (Archetype): First Officer USCSS Hephaestus
 (Archetype): Navigator USCSS Hephaestus
 (Archetype): Mining Tech USCSS Hephaestus
 (Archetype): Science Tech USCSS Hephaestus
 (Archetype): Tenochtitlan Refinery Chief
: Engineer
 (Archetype): Tenochtitlan EVA Tech
: Entertainer
 (Archetype): Tenochtitlan Fusion Tech
 (Archetype): Manager of Total Eclipse
 (Archetype): Interstellar Megastar
 (Archetype): Colonial Marshals Homicide Detective
 (Archetype): Eclipse Concierge
: Lab Assistant
: Mercenary
 (Archetype): Colonial Marshals Special Tactics
 (Archetype): Colonial Marshals Internal Affairs
: Engineer
: Personal Assistant
: Bodyguard
: Lawyer & Business Manager
: Medical Assistant
: Waitress for the casino
: Bad-Ass (Bodyguard)
: Emotional Support Animal
 (Archetype): Colonial Marshals Deputy Chief
 (Archetype): Security Contractor
: Penumbra Corp VP of Tourism
: Weyland-Yutani CEO
: Waste Management Supervisor
: Colonial Marshal
: Refinery Dispatcher
: Eclipse Poolboy
: flustered nurse
: Asst. Crew Chief
: Maintenance Synthetic
: Espionage Synthetic
: Right Hand Feline
: Evidence Technician
: Sycophant
: Fixer
: Repairman
: Data Analyst
: Security Grunt
 (Archetype): Weyland-Yutani Bioengineer
: Custodian
: Refinery Laborer
 (Archetype): Eclipse Director of Security
: Synthetic Assistant
: Frankenstein's Monster/Pet
: Tenochtitlan Fusion Intern
: Tenochtitlan Fusion Assistant
: Supply Clerk
: Facilities Engineer, Max's second
: Facilities Repairman
: Facilities Repairwoman
 (Archetype): Tenochtitlan Systems Tech