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The Facility

Active Dates: Ongoing

In between stories, your Archetypes exist in a place with no windows and no tie to an outside world. The Facility, the Hotel, the House - whatever they choose to call it, it's the only true home they have. It consists of a long hallway of doors, each opening to a personal room, a communal parlor, a communal dining room, and a room best described as a dispensary. There is no time in the Facility, no day or night, and no clocks. It simply is.

All of the Archetypes' needs are provided for. They have a closet full of clothing that suits their personal archetype, touch screens in the dispensary offer every kind of cuisine and beverage they can think of, and they can do anything they with their time. There are no jobs, no chores or duties. It's timeless leisure.


The Last Road

Active Dates: November 9th - ???

Almost 80 years ago, the world died.

In the wasteland, survival is all that matters.


Bonds of Blood

Active Dates: August 2019 - October 2019

Set in Spring of 1994, Bonds of Blood is a Vampire story in the mold of Lost Boys and Salem's Lot. It takes place in 90's Spring Break mecca Lake Havasu City, AZ., where the old London Bridge was moved in the late 60's. It's a tourist trap town on the Colorado River built around the Bridge and a kitschy English Village next to/under it. While it's a fun place to visit - and MTV does for Spring Break each year - it's like any other small town to grow up in - slow and boring. A bit odd, but normal for most of the year.

PCs this story can be High School Seniors (18), or adults (18+). There are five families to choose from, and each has extended family options. Each age group and each Family have certain Perks and Quirks tailored just to them.

Read Family (faction) pages and pick your family. Contact TD with your ideas.


Project Icarus

Active Dates: June 1st, 2019 - July 24, 2019

In 2231, an anomaly in space was identified - an asteroid that is slowing down the closer it gets to KV-273, a black hole. Initially discovered on a deep space scan for precious Rare Earths, the asteroid was found to contain the largest concentration ever found anywhere in our galaxy. Scientists mapped its trajectory in preparation for an expedition and found it heading directly at KV-273 at staggering speed. Frustration set in as they wrestled with the physics of getting to it before it gets too close to the singularity, but then something truly impossible happened: it slowed down.

At its current rate of decline, it will come to a full stop before crossing the event horizon, something that simply should not be happening. They have dubbed this asteroid Icarus.

Having determined that Icarus is stable and has a strong gravity well, a series of probes were sent, followed by a manned mission in 2244. What initially started as a mining mission has become much bigger as the secrets behind Icarus' existence could rewrite physics as humanity knows it. That first manned mission ended in disaster as the small crew fell victim to some sort of mania. Penumbra Corp, the megacorp behind the Icarus Project, are convinced that they have isolated the cause of that madness and solved a number of other issues the first mission struggled with, and have launched a second mission.

You're set to enter the Icarus gravity well and awaken from stasis in 2249.


Carnival of Wonders

Active Dates: March 15th, 2019 - May 13th, 2019 (Part One)

In the beginning, man created the gods to help explain the universe and make sense of it. They were born of belief and given power through it. Now the age of reason looms, and as man unlocks the secrets of the universe with science, he stands on the verge of creating a false sun and usurping the gods he created.

These are the last days of magic and wonder, the end of times for the gods man no longer needs.



Active Dates: January 4, 2019 - February 28, 2019

Beaver Lake, Oregon, is home to the Eager Beaver Lodge, one of the best kept secrets in 1980's American vacationing. Far from civilization, it has breathtaking views, rustic accommodations, and more than a few dark secrets. When the lodge plays host to the Nu Mu Beta Fraternity and Zeta Eta Pi Sorority from the University of Oregon, a group of adventurous film students from California, and a gang of bank robbers from Washington, it's a perfect storm to bring long-buried secrets back from the grave.

A mash-up of every slasher-genre trope and convention, this story is balls-to-the-wall 80's horror in RPG form, set in 1989.


Prosperity's Price

Active Dates: October 8, 2018 - December 15, 2018

The story is called Prosperity's Price, and is set in Prosperity, NV, starting in August of 1902.

Prosperity is a boomtown by the richest silver mine in the state. In 1824, the founding families made a literal deal with the Devil to make it succeed. You're all descendants of those families.

People come and go, but those 'of the blood' always get pulled back. Each year, from October through December, a flash-flood season hits, and with it a reaping.

Those of the blood know what it really is and have been complicit for generations. Yours will decide to end the curse. That's the victory/survival condition for this story.


Alien Mutation

Active Dates: August 8, 2018 - October 2, 2018

This story takes place in the ALIEN universe, in the year 2149, set after the events of the first Alien film and the Alien: Isolation game, and before the events of the second film, Aliens. Don't have any idea what that means? Not to worry!

In simple terms, it's a post-FTL (Faster Than Light) travel universe, where man has begun to explore and settle systems light-years away. MegaCorps are the true power and the Colonial Marshals are the police force and peace keepers of the times. Colonial Marines handle the heavy lifting and serious threats.

Colonies are being built in many systems, mostly by Weyland-Yutani, known for its atmospheric processors, sophisticated synthetic-person technology, and military technology. Seegson produces more rudimentary androids called Working Joes, semi-autonomous robots that lack the sentience of W-Y synthetics, though it is still a leader in communications and computer mainframes.

Penumbra is the primary fuel producer, heavily invested in mining, refining, and fusion technologies. They are also a force in manufacturing civilian goods such as clothing and luxury items, with the Tenochtitlan Station Promenade essentially being the biggest mall in space. Their creation of the Eclipse Resort and Casino marks their bold first step into creating a new space tourism industry, offering luxury resort and spa accommodations. The game will start in several locations, but threads will merge and the majority will take place on Tenochtitlan Station, primarily in the mid-levels of the station.

In closing, think of a mashup between Alien and Dawn of the Dead, being hunted by a Xenomorph(s?) in the largest space mall ever made. Who can resist that?


Isle of Dread

Active Dates: July 13, 2018 - August 2, 2018

No overview available.