The Stoic

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The Stoic

Known As

Maxine "Max" Avery

on MUX as

The Stoic

Has Been

Tenochtitlan Facilities Engineer

Apparent Age


Played By

Sharon Stone (mid-90s)

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The Stoic can take a lot of forms, but at its core, it's about powering through hardship without flinching. The Stoic may hide pain behind steely cold, biting sarcasm, or unrelenting cheerfulness, but they'll never let you see them sweat. They'll face down imminent death with a big middle-finger. Or would at least, if they weren't so busy getting their damn job done and done well. Professional, direct, and sometimes overconfident, the Stoic dives in uncomplaining. Sometimes right in over their head, but doing so with that even dependability that's needed. The Stoic will hold the line.

Never let them see you sweat. You are the mountain, unmoved and unmoving. The immovable object. Others look to you for reassurance, and you never let them down.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

A flattened bullet she's managed to attach to a chain as a necklace


Stoic-Facility2.jpg Stoic-Facility3.jpg Stoic-Facility4.jpeg


Peter Harrow (Alien Mutation)

Facilities Engineer, Max's second
Pete is Max Avery's number two. An intimidating crewmaster that's nicer than he looks and just as strong.


Bob Peeves (Alien Mutation)

Facilities Repairman
Peeves is one of Max Avery's repair crew and a bit of a problem child, always shirking duties and getting chewed out, but he's a decent tech and loyal despite it all.


Pauline Polix (Alien Mutation)

Facilities Repairwoman
Pauline is one of the younger members of Max Avery's repair crew. A bit of a nervous, flighty sort, but a quick worker and loyal. If only she'd stop making out with the wrong guys in the maintenance tunnels.


Maxine "Max" Avery (Alien Mutation)

You basically keep the station running. The fusion generator, life support, comms - you fix it all. You and your team know every inch of this station, every duct and every corridor. You know it better than anyone. It's only been around a little over a decade, so it's pretty new and in good shape, but every station has its share of problems. When something goes sideways, you rush in and deal with it without breaking a sweat. That's your job, and you're good at it.

Welcome to Bizarro Land
(2018-09-17 • The Facility - Dining Room) Stoic's introduction to the crazy that is the Facility. Thankfully Fatalist has been through it already and is only mildly fatalistic about the situation.
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