The Scientist

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The Scientist

Known As

Dr. Michael Strickland
Patrick McTavish

on MUX as

The Scientist

Has Been

Project 937 Lead Tech

Apparent Age


Played By

Bob Hoskins

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Everything has an explanation, you just have to understand how it works. Magic is only science that isn't yet understood. You live in the rational, reasoning world where there's a rule or law behind everything.

Everything has an explanation, you just have to understand how it works. Magic is only science that isn't yet understood. You live in the rational, reasoning world where there's a rule or law behind everything.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

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Prosperity's Price

The Hyperion Object - The ancient jar that the Alien black goo came in, during his time aboard Ludovica and the station. Old beyond words, black as obsidian, and filled with something horrible and unspeakable.

Overweight, a bit. Balding, more than a little. A man of stern visage, but strong hands and an uncompromising stance. He's short - only about 5'5" or so - but occupies more room than his height should. He's always squared, stance tall, and his eyes are sharp as a razor, scanning the room. Deep blue, and always hanging on people a little too long. Maybe he's a little overweight, sure, but he carries it without stumbling. A golden pin on his left lapel marks him as a member of the Interstellar Workers Union - a communist organization - and while the uniform may be a little rumpled, the pin is always buffed and shining.


Liz Duong

Laboratory Assistant

Liz Duong is one of Strickland's younger assistants.

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Dr. Michael Strickland (Alien Mutation)

You've been working for Weyland-Yutani for most of your professional life, starting out as a research tech in a lab and working your way up through the ranks. Now you're the latest to be put in charge of the 937 project - the Xenomorph. Your work in bio weapons and Synthetic development has made you one of the Company'a brightest stars, but this gig is something of a mixed blessing - it has a terrible track record filled with catastrophic failure. This will either make or break your career.

You're in charge of a team that's looking for any DNA you can find in the debris field of Sevastopol Station. You have a geneticist (Sterling) who is brilliant and cut-throat, with little to no ethical boundaries, and a xenobiologist (Grey) who is the best in his field, but focused on using science only for the betterment of mankind. You also have a xeno-anthropology specialist (Eisenreicht) brought in as a consultant who has extensively studied all the data on the Xenomorph and is advising you on the behavior, culture and tactics of the creature. You'd rather not see the thing completely weaponized, but have to balance ethics with the Company's bottom line. Your project lead (Coward) doesn't care who you listen to more - the geneticist or the xenobiologist - as long as you get results.

The Company has sent along an executive (Voight), and it's making your project lead, your direct boss, nervous. The pressure is building.


Patrick McTavish (Prosperity's Price)

Patrick fled the Promise as soon as he was old enough to take a train, riding off to Chicago and the university there. He got his degree in chemistry, and met a woman who soon became his wife. She died several years later, sending Patrick into a spiral of alcohol and a return trip to the Promise. He's currently "insolvent" in town, but anyone who pays attention knows he's the local bootlegger. A handy fellow with a pistol and with little forgiveness in his heart, you're either his best friend, his worst enemy, or someone he doesn't care about at all. If you're family, you're golden - he'll go to the ends of the earth to defend you, no matter the cost. If not, well... he does have friends. A few.

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