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The Scholar


Imperator (Charioteer)

Apparent Age


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Rufus Sewell

Faction Membership

The Children of War
Imperator (Charioteer)

Anyone you speak with for more than five minutes can tell you're a scholar of some variety. Your family members knew you'd dedicate yourself to the pursuit of higher learning when you came of age, and you didn't disappoint. You're the academic who's read every book and paper on the subject (even the dicey ones with bad references); the researcher whose living space is nothing but research paraphernalia; the philosopher whose head is always pondering a question, be it new or old. You don't forsake your personal connections for this, but it's a near thing; it's not that you don't love them, it's that you're so easily distracted by your work. You constantly struggle to remember that not everyone is as focused on the nuances of knowledge, historical and current, and how to seek it out and make proper use of it, as you are.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Education. History. Facts. These are the building blocks of society, and you are their loyal subject. You strive to understand the world around you and learn something new in every situation. You can never know too much.

Role in The Last Road



Sebas was born out in the Wasteland, among a cult dedicated to the end of the world, the Church of the All-Seeing. His parents were loyal adherents...until the day Gran looked upon their son and announced that he was one of the Marked.

His parents had been in the Church for over a decade, had supported them without question. But this was the line in the blighted sand for them. That their child had been born contaminated wasn't a surprise, but they didn't care. He was strong and inquisitive, reading the one or two things his mother kept among her prized possessions from an early age. They loved him, and wanted him to live, far more than they wanted to bring about Gran's vision. They had only one choice: they fled into the wastes, to seek out the Sanctuary.

On the way they ran across another group also in flight; Scavengers from Sanctuary. They suspected they weren't going to survive, but Scavengers might be able to offer up a contaminated but otherwise young and healthy child. So they handed him and what they had over, and went into the desert to die.

Sebas cried for them that night, when he understood they wouldn't be coming back. In the Church there was no crying; water was too precious to waste on tears. He let himself, though, because they were his parents, and he was a child, and they'd loved him. So, just the once, he curled up and cried silently into his arm.

The next day, they obtained another boy and his guardian, fleeing from the Bulletfarm. A similar situation, in the end. He and Sebas became thick as thieves, as their ages and situations were similar. And then, they were at Sanctuary, being given over.

It didn't take long for the Mother of War to notice the pair of them, squaring off against bigger children, working together instead of against one another. She snapped them both up before the Green One could. She was old and crafty, that War Matron. She knew war needed wisdom as much as it needed ferocity, and this she found in the pair.

Sebas remembered all the wasteland stories his parents recited to him, and has traded those for even more information from Scavengers, collecting the knowledge greedily. He knows his parents are dead, but sometimes he hopes they lived longer than they expected, and that he'll hear a snippet of them here or there. He has heart problems of some sort, and is certain it will give out some day soon. He's nearly forty, but it comes more often; shortness of breath, an ache in his arm, his heart fluttering against his breastbone like a trapped animal. Hopefully, it won't kill him while he's driving, that'd be utterly mediocre.

He's as fierce as the other Imperators, but slower to anger, and much more tactically minded. He's let more than a few of them think they've angered him into a fight only to have them yielding with a knife to their throat. He'd rather make the most use of Sanctuary's resources than just send every warchild off to die their glorious death. He'll deny no one their Last Ride, but he feels it should be worth something. Useful. If their lives are short, they should squeeze every last drop of value from them, and curse this ugly world which has robbed them of something sweeter.

The Church of the All-Seeing and Gran are still out there. They sacrificed another in Sebas' place, but they still tell the story of the boy with the white streak and the mismatched eyes. If they find him, they'll take him, and kill him on the stone table, cutting out his heart and burning it on a pyre.

Just like they were supposed to all those decades ago.

Ways to engage with Sebas:

  • Reader - Sebas was taught rudimentary reading and writing by the Cult he was born into. He's no Savvy with these things, but given time he can read something. Rumor has it he even has a book, or part of one, among his personal effects, though almost no one has ever seen it.
  • Former Cultist - There's a scar on his back which has been tattooed over now, but which once was the tattoo of the Cult he came from. A keen eye can spot where it used to be, but any trace of that original design is long gone.
  • Older War child - Sebas is old for a War Child, and sometimes there are murmurs he's not as ride or die for the Last Road as he should be. In reality, his heart is a ticking time bomb, and sooner or later he's going to fall over dead.
  • Barter System - Sebas seldom makes much use of his own lux, preferring to barter it for specific things; information, stories, rare items like anything with writing on it, something useful in a pinch.
  • Rare Blood Type - Sebas is, much to his misfortune, B-. This means he can only receive blood from a universal donor, or another B- person. ...which mostly amounts to someone who's O-. Bright side: he can donate to anyone who's B or AB! You know, if they don't mind the risk of contaminated blood...


Brawn: Normal
- Heart Flutter (Negative)

Sebas has a congenital heart defect which causes him to have heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and cyanosis.
+ Strength (Positive)

For all that Sebas' heart is his weak spot, he's strong and sturdy otherwise.
Finesse: Normal
+ Wheel Man (Positive)

Sebas has exceptional hand/eye coordination, especially behind the wheel of a war machine.
+ Sharp Objects (Positive)

Sebas is very handy in a fight when it comes to sharp things like shivs.
+ Agile (Positive)

Sebas is fast and deft on his feet.
Brains: Good
+ Perceptive (Positive)
+ War Engineer (Positive)

Although Sebas' focus has always been on driving, like all blackthumbs he learned the ins and outs of war machines, and wouldn't be half the driver he was if he didn't know the rigs inside and out.
- Under-educated (Negative)

Although Sebas is a skilled Charioteer and warrior, and knows a good deal about the Wastes and the Sancutary's enemies...that's about all he knows. Animals? Plants? If it's not an engine or a vehicle he's not going to know what to do with it.
Spirit: Normal
+ Grace Under Pressure (Positive)

The more stressful a situation gets, the calmer he stays.
- Ride or Die (Negative)

Sebas is very Ride or Die for the Sanctuary...which makes him a little irrational when people try to convince him anything could be wrong with it.
- Paranoid (Negative)

Sebas is highly suspicious of everyone else's motivations, save one or two specific people.

Perks and Quirks

- Doomed

Like most warchildren, Sebas is on borrowed time.
- Hunted

What will get him first--the Church of the All-Seeing, or his heart condition? Only time will tell...
- Half Life (Caste Freebie)
+ Adrenaline Boost
+ Area of Expertise

The Art of War - Sebas feels that Sanctuary can only continue to survive if the sacrifices the warchildren make of their lives are used to the greatest benefit possible. He'll deny no one their chance to ride Valhalla, but he takes a dim view of warchildren throwing themselves on enemies without trying to be effective. He's put a great deal of effort into studying Sanctuary's enemies, their motivations, their resources--and that of Sanctuary itself.
+ Wasteland Lore

Sebas has cultivated contacts among various Scavengers, having come from the Wastes himself.
+ Found item
+ Witness Me (Caste Freebie)



Imperator of Arms

My brother, no matter that we share no blood. What does that matter in this world, where all blood's gone sour, and will be our end?


Little Spider

Organic Mechanic

The clever little spider who saved my dark eye when it might have been lost to infection (or worse) and helped remove and eventually cover up the cult's tattoo. We all owe her a great deal, though few wish to admit it.


Little Brother

Designer of Glorious Chariots

As skilled with mechanics as he is with artistry. I won't lie, our rig and wheels are the envy of all, and with good reason.


Colorado the Unfortunate

Useless War Boy

Sometimes Fortunate fall and turn out just fine as one of the Mother's.

...and sometimes, they don't.

Scholar 2 sr dash mm.jpg

Dash (The Last Road)

Children of War
Dash was born in the Wastes, but given up to Sanctuary as a toddler; he has occasional seizures of a mild variety that absolutely preclude him being Fortunate, despite his otherwise good physical condition. The Mother of War chose him for his strength and because he's sure to die from one of these episodes sooner rather than later, but in the mean time he can do quite well among her get.

He's always making little devices with spare parts, and trading them to Scavengers for more spare parts. He primarily works on Sebas' rig, but in truth Sebas will put him where he's needed. As long as he's tied to the rig (so if he has a seizure he doesn't simply fall off) he's ideal as a combat mechanic, being steady handed even when the going gets tough.

Scholar 2 olivia mm.png

Zayith (The Last Road)

Savvy (Reaper)
Zayith was reading and writing from an early age, and so the Green One claimed her for the Savvy straight away. She's contaminated, though not sick; it's some manner of genetic inheritance that's rendered her sterile and somewhat small, but otherwise quite healthy and agile. She often finds her way onto Savvy teams who've gone out into the Wastes to find new organics and other useful salvage, or to trade at Barter Town. She's particularly skilled in ecology and helping maintain the delicate balance of the Garden.

No badges for The Last Road.

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