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Dashiel Hogarth

on MUX as

The Scholar


Sleight of Hand Magician/Trick Contraption Builder (Midway), Roustie

Apparent Age

Late 20s

Played By

The Scholar

Faction Membership

Midway Sleight of Hand Magician

Role in Carnival

Young, brash, and formerly a rich kid, Dash is Sebastianus' most recently acquired devotee. He'd be a classic case of bored rich kid run off to join the circus, except it's not quite like that. It's closer to 'bored rich kid convinced magic is real and humans can learn it stumbles across a manticore and pesters him enough that he invites him to join the carnival as one of the manticore's followers'. It's not a completely one-sided deal; Dash brought an influx of money and mechanical skill, and all he asks in return is a chance to try and understand the magic of the carnival's wonders. He's sure there's some sort of explanation behind it all, something he just needs to sort out, and then, humans will continue the traditions of magic rather than letting them die out.

Sebastianus humors him, not unlike an adult cat playing with a cub. Or a meal. After all, if his patronage can belong to anyone, it's someone who has decided to find a way to learn something which is thought to be impossible. And, any time the carnival is near Dash's alma mater, Sebastianus has Dash get him entrance to the library's special collections, so he can handle the rarer texts from a time when learning was writ pure.

The following archetype players and/or staff members have permission to use this Supporting Role as needed: Colorado, Coyote, Baldr

Rube Goldberg Machines: In true 'overly complex solutions are the best' fashion, Dash builds contraptions to amuse people in the Midway. They do simple things, like produce treats for kids or stamp metal slugs with amusing designs, for a penny to a nickle, depending on the result.

Sleight of Hand: While working on this whole 'humanity can learn real magic' thing, Dash settles for the next best thing: sleight of hand, which he performs in the midway sometimes. He has a number of unique tricks which involve little gadgets he makes. Sometimes they work...sometimes, they don't. Look, he never said he was good at it.

Former Rich Kid: Dash's father is an industrialist, and he comes from a well-off Illinois family. He went to college at the University of Chicago.

Nosy: Of course Dash loves Sebastianus the most (really, he does!), but he wants to know ALL about the other wonders as well.


Brawn: Normal
+ Stamina (Positive)

Staying power, he has it.
- Fainting Spells (Negative)

...he has it, if he doesn't pass out randomly.
+ Strong (Positive)

He's the heavy lifter of the group, for sure.
Finesse: Poor
+ Delicate touch (Positive)

Dash is quite good at working with tiny, finicky components, like the parts of the various contraptions he tries to make.
Brains: Good
+ Well Educated (Positive)

Dash went to college at the University of Chicago for engineering.
+ Perceptive (Positive)
Spirit: Normal
- Gullible (Negative)

He wants to believe...a little too much.
- Overconfident (Negative)

He's got this. (Even when he doesn't.)

No badges for Carnival.

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