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The Scholar

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Role in The Last Road

Children of War
Dash was born in the Wastes, but given up to Sanctuary as a toddler; he has occasional seizures of a mild variety that absolutely preclude him being Fortunate, despite his otherwise good physical condition. The Mother of War chose him for his strength and because he's sure to die from one of these episodes sooner rather than later, but in the mean time he can do quite well among her get.

He's always making little devices with spare parts, and trading them to Scavengers for more spare parts. He primarily works on Sebas' rig, but in truth Sebas will put him where he's needed. As long as he's tied to the rig (so if he has a seizure he doesn't simply fall off) he's ideal as a combat mechanic, being steady handed even when the going gets tough.

Ways to connect with Dash:

  • Nuts and Bolts: He's an engineer first and foremost, and a fan of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it and if it is broke just make it more complicated'.


Brawn: Normal
+ Strong (Positive)
- Seizures (Negative)
Finesse: Normal
+ Deft hands (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Engineer (Positive)
- Gullible (Negative)
+ Thinking Under Pressure (Positive)
Spirit: Normal
- Obstinate (Negative)
+ Loyal (Positive)

No badges for The Last Road.

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