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Known As

Sebastian Munson
Bastian Roen
Sebastian Rozgold
Sebastian Lester

on MUX as

The Scholar

Has Been

Chief Groundskeeper
Burlesque Dancer, 'The Illuminated Man', Calligrapher
Horse Trainer
Imperator (Charioteer)

Apparent Age


Played By

Rufus Sewell

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Anyone you speak with for more than five minutes can tell you're a scholar of some variety. Your family members knew you'd dedicate yourself to the pursuit of higher learning when you came of age, and you didn't disappoint. You're the academic who's read every book and paper on the subject (even the dicey ones with bad references); the researcher whose living space is nothing but research paraphernalia; the philosopher whose head is always pondering a question, be it new or old. You don't forsake your personal connections for this, but it's a near thing; it's not that you don't love them, it's that you're so easily distracted by your work. You constantly struggle to remember that not everyone is as focused on the nuances of knowledge, historical and current, and how to seek it out and make proper use of it, as you are.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Education. History. Facts. These are the building blocks of society, and you are their loyal subject. You strive to understand the world around you and learn something new in every situation. You can never know too much.

In the Facility

Facility Persona

The Scholar's most notable feature is one that also persists in his roles: he has a white streak through his otherwise black hair, and his eyes are heterochromatic, one green and one brown. He's nearly always middle-aged in the facility, a man in his prime, though with the black portion of his hair going white earlier than he might prefer. His accent is 'Anywhere, West Coast, USA', almost like he's from several states at the same time (or is trying to make you think he is). He's easily distracted, getting lost in thought on the regular, and endlessly curious about the Facility and what it might imply about the Archetypes' situation.

Things That Linger

The Scholar always has mismatched green and brown eyes and a white streak in his otherwise black hair, and his roles always seem to have some form of affiliation with the wilderness.

The Scholar's Door

Door symbol sm.png
A young man reading in a comfortable chair, with a great bookcase behind him which serves as the face of a dam holding back a lake in a great wilderness.

The Scholar's Room

This room could easily be mistaken for someone's private library if it weren't for the bed, bathroom, and walk-in closet. There's very little empty wall-space; it's floor to ceiling bookshelves, and they're all packed. Not just with books--there's also spiral bound notebooks, photograph collections, random collections of stapled or sewn papers, and various recorded media from tapes to more modern formats. The walls have only two pieces of art (a print of Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms, and a painted woodblock of a Slavic folk tale in bright, vibrant colors); the rest of the hangings are parchment or vellum pieces mounted in frames and specimen collections with field notes (birds, insects, plants). A large, comfortable, wingback chair in dark red upholstery and ebony wood occupies one corner, with a matching ottoman and a burlwood table next to it. The table has an array of books with silk ribbon bookmarks dangling out of them and an old-fashioned, Tiffany glass lamp depicting dragonflies and lilies.

The bed's a comfortable and inviting king with a pillowtop and the softest sheets in dark wine purple and bronze brown; this is the kind of bed that envelopes the sleeper after a hard day's work. The closet has an eclectic mix of clothing, from finely cut, casual suits to everyday jeans and long-sleeved Henley t-shirts. The bathroom is tiled in black and white, with a large, black, claw foot soaking tub at the center, complete with step stool, a tray spanning the width of it, two burlwood side tables on either end, and a great, stainless steel drencher overhead. The sink is a colorful bowl in dark blue, green, and purple crackle, almost like the interior of a geode, and the fixtures are all stainless steel.

Memento Mori

Prosperity's Price

A ring in heavy silver, with most of the exterior carved copper. The copper is carved in thick swirls and swoops, evoking the wind and the hills of the desert. It's a Southwestern ring, a rancher's ring.

Pas ring.png


A large Sisters of Mercy t-shirt.


No memento mori from this story yet.

Project Icarus

A piece of paper with a simple line of script written in Faroese, calligraphy style:

In his house he waits, dreaming

Bonds of Blood

A black, acoustic, twelve string, Fender guitar with mother-of-pearl inlay.

The Last Road

No memento mori from this story yet.

The Scholar is a tall, broad-shouldered man of around six feet in height. His black, curly, unruly hair has a broad white streak through it which is accompanied by small hints of additional white here and there. The lines at his eyes and roughness of his face suggest he's somewhere around 40. Middle-age has softened the angular set of his jaw and high cheekbones, and his otherwise pale skin has a faint olive tint that compliments his prominent, mismatched eyes, one brown and one green. His build is on the solid side of average, making him seem imposing, yet he carries himself with the reserve and care of someone far less sturdy.

He seems unable to decide how to dress; one day he'll be in an elegantly cut, casual suit, the next a plaid shirt with denim jeans. He's easily distracted, his attention wandering quite frequently, and he speaks with a husky baritone voice.


Scholar 2 fac 5.png

Colorado facility 1.jpg


Ghost-Husband in another life.

I am to think of you when I sit alone
or wake at night alone,
I am to wait, I do not doubt I am to meet you again,
I am to see to it that I do not lose you.



The one who came in.



Surrogate son or brother-in-law, he and I have been close family twice now. Like Colorado he helps me see outside the boxes I can get stuck in.

Cy wilcox.jpg

Josiah Wilcox (Prosperity's Price)

Town Urchin
Josiah, generally referred to as Cy, is a sly teen who lives with his family in town; his father is a ferrier. He'll trade for information, both favors and money.

Mattie novak widow scholar.jpg

Mattie Novak (Prosperity's Price)

Big Sister Black Widow
Mattie Novak and her husband moved to Prosperity a little over 20 years ago to start a family and found a farm. Not ten years later, she'd lost both her daughters to Reapings and her husband to pneumonia. Although capable of tending the goats and geese herself, she realized what she really needed was some form of family to look after. Too old and used for most men to consider, she joined the Widows instead. She's never shown an interest in leading, preferring instead to mentor the younger women and be there when they need tending, be it physically or emotionally. She's dangerous with a rifle or a shotgun, but moves stiff from an old injury obtained when trying to save one of her daughters from Mudkin.

Olivia harrington.jpg

Olivia Harrington (Prosperity's Price)

Wild Girl
Olivia is the youngest daughter of a black family with a tiny subsistence farm. Her older siblings--both daughters as well--have already married, but she can't be bothered to suffer a man to marry just so she'll have a livelihood. This isn't helped by the fact that her father practically raised her as a son, teaching her the ways of being a ranch hand and how to shoot and hunt and ride a horse properly. This worked out in the end, because the Munson family--aware that there was no way Sebastian would stop going out on his hikes, nor would he ever be able to manage a gun--hired her to keep an eye on him since his older brother, Stacker, was still in the military. They could afford better, but it's not easy to talk someone into being what amounts to a bodyguard for a Marked Naturalist with a raven that follows him around.

Ostensibly she's learning veterinarian skills from him, which even Olivia will admit is useful, but in reality, she's his minder. (At least the pay's alright.)

Scholar 2 sr slasher.jpg

Dashiel Bauer (Slasher)

Eager Beaver Lodge/NFS Intern
Dashiel Bauer is the son of Captain Isabel Bauer, an Army surgeon Bastian met during his medical leave (and subsequent discharge). Cpt. Bauer and Bastian became close friends; he credits her with getting him back out of his parents house and into college. As a result Dash is like a nephew to him, and is at the Lodge doing an internship as part of a National Forest Service program. He's a bright kid, former track star chewing his way through a college degree and trying to decide where his career with some branch of the Department of the Interior will take him. Unfortunately, he's a little easily lead, which is why Bastian is expected to keep an eye on him.

Olivia robinson.png

Olivia Robinson (Slasher)

College Student/Sorority Girl
Daughter of a concert pianist and a lawyer, Olivia Robinson opted to forsake her father and mother's Alma Maters (UCLA and UCR, respectively--the horror!) to head up the West Coast and attend the University of Oregon. Mostly to escape her parents, in all honesty; she loves them, but goodness they're smothering. They come and visit her all the time and it's MAD embarrassing.

She's a physics major, planning to go into Astrophysics once she graduates. Her sights are set on MIT, and she has the grades to get in there too. Her list of extracurriculars is a mile long, and she regularly tutors on the side for cash (her sorority sisters get this for free!). She will NOT, however, do anyone's homework for them.

Scholar 2 sr olivia carnival.jpg

Olivia Isaacson (Carnival)

Acrobat and Costumer/Seamstress
Olivia was Sebastianus' first devotee. He saved her life (in the process of obtaining a meal, it must be said), and for days after she wondered about the mysterious beast she only caught a glimpse of in a dark alley in New York City. One night, visiting a closer friend who worked at a cabaret, she saw him in his human form during his act, and recognized his tattoos (really, his illuminations). She knew those markings had to belong to the same being.

She was careful in how she approached him, because she suspected she was dealing with something from one of her gran's half-remembered tales, a beast from the old times. She sought a gift to bring him, something to convince him to listen for a moment, and found an illuminated manuscript page in a flea market. She merely thought it would remind him of his markings, but it was more precious than any gold to him. It earned her his undivided attention, long enough to tell her story, and that in turn earned her his trust. (What else was he, but a creature of story and myth?) They struck a deal: she would be his assistant, and he would keep her safe. She had no family, and he felt a mutual loneliness (though of course he'd never admit such a thing openly, yet Olivia feels he makes it known in all he does). She's been trying to make sure he eats only bad people; fortunately, there's no shortage of supremely awful people out there. Training the Object of Her Worship to focus on them? That's been a struggle.

She created the bracelets Sebastianus' devotees wear. Each is a set of five colourful, cylindrical beads formed from small pieces of illuminated manuscript. The manuscript beads are strung together with small, black beads carved with vines and flowers.

Scholar 2 sr dashiel carnival.jpg

Dashiel Hogarth (Carnival)

Sleight of Hand Magician/Trick Contraption Builder (Midway), Roustie
Young, brash, and formerly a rich kid, Dash is Sebastianus' most recently acquired devotee. He'd be a classic case of bored rich kid run off to join the circus, except it's not quite like that. It's closer to 'bored rich kid convinced magic is real and humans can learn it stumbles across a manticore and pesters him enough that he invites him to join the carnival as one of the manticore's followers'. It's not a completely one-sided deal; Dash brought an influx of money and mechanical skill, and all he asks in return is a chance to try and understand the magic of the carnival's wonders. He's sure there's some sort of explanation behind it all, something he just needs to sort out, and then, humans will continue the traditions of magic rather than letting them die out.

Sebastianus humors him, not unlike an adult cat playing with a cub. Or a meal. After all, if his patronage can belong to anyone, it's someone who has decided to find a way to learn something which is thought to be impossible. And, any time the carnival is near Dash's alma mater, Sebastianus has Dash get him entrance to the library's special collections, so he can handle the rarer texts from a time when learning was writ pure.

Scholar 2 sr sachin carnival.png

Sachin Joshi (Carnival)

Trained animal act (binturong) and Cook
Sachin joined Sebastianus not long after Olivia did. The carnival was passing through a small town when Sebastianus felt something he never thought he would again: a summons. A young man, desperate for aid from any avenue, had followed the advice of a fortune teller and performed a ritual at her suggestion. Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps that fortune teller herself wasn't merely a huckster; whichever it was, Sachin's call was heard by Sebastianus.

Sachin's family was in a precarious legal situation which could easily see them deported back to India, and his parents had already given up everything to come to the country some thirty years earlier. It was the only home Sachin and his sisters knew. Sebastianus was able to subtly alter various documents to get them out of their bind, and Sachin, amazed and in Sebastianus' debt, chose to go with him.

Sachin began in the carnival as a cook, and in the process of seeking a carnival act for himself discovered he was quite good with animals. Sebastianus procured a binturong for him (Olivia suspects this was related to an incident at a zoo when they passed near Chicago), and he's gradually taught the animal, which he named Shashthi, to do various tricks with her prehensile tail.

Scholar 2 ic dash 1.jpg

Dashiel Valenza (Project Icarus)

Mining Engineer
Dash is an engineer, and a good one, if not the best. He's perfectly happy to be out in space fixing machines, though. The pay's good, lets him help out his parents and sisters back home in California.

Scholar 2 sr dash mm.jpg

Dash (The Last Road)

Children of War
Dash was born in the Wastes, but given up to Sanctuary as a toddler; he has occasional seizures of a mild variety that absolutely preclude him being Fortunate, despite his otherwise good physical condition. The Mother of War chose him for his strength and because he's sure to die from one of these episodes sooner rather than later, but in the mean time he can do quite well among her get.

He's always making little devices with spare parts, and trading them to Scavengers for more spare parts. He primarily works on Sebas' rig, but in truth Sebas will put him where he's needed. As long as he's tied to the rig (so if he has a seizure he doesn't simply fall off) he's ideal as a combat mechanic, being steady handed even when the going gets tough.

Scholar 2 olivia mm.png

Zayith (The Last Road)

Savvy (Reaper)
Zayith was reading and writing from an early age, and so the Green One claimed her for the Savvy straight away. She's contaminated, though not sick; it's some manner of genetic inheritance that's rendered her sterile and somewhat small, but otherwise quite healthy and agile. She often finds her way onto Savvy teams who've gone out into the Wastes to find new organics and other useful salvage, or to trade at Barter Town. She's particularly skilled in ecology and helping maintain the delicate balance of the Garden.


Sebastian Munson (Prosperity's Price)

Upon meeting Sebastian it takes about 30 seconds to determine why, despite being a bright young man and one of the older Munson grandchildren, he was passed over for any sort of family leadership role: he couldn't be more unsuited for it. Born with a constellation of odd characteristic that added up to a Devil's Mark (bicolored eyes, left-handedness, and a prominent white streak in his hair), he further disqualified himself by growing up to be uncoordinated and incapable of the ruthless acumen necessary to run such a family business. A shame, too, since he's a natural born problem solver and graceful under even the most extreme pressure. But he still wanted to be useful to the family, and his love of nature at least provided the ability to make him into a veterinarian, so off to college and veterinary school he went. He returned in the wake of finishing his studies to establish himself in town as another vet, but no one's going to forget he's a Munson (or the fact that he's still new to practical veterinary work outside of a school), so he has his work cut out for him.

He's stopped dying the white streak in his hair out of spite, because he can't do anything about his eyes, so why bother. He did, however, learn to use his right hand for writing because every document is designed for it, and it's useful to be able to use both hands equally well. He trades the various townspeople a little money or a favor for interesting specimens, and has over time amassed a rather large collection of butterflies and moths, birds, bones (some prehistoric), nests, eggs, and plants he's dried and pressed. He keeps them all in a side room, where he takes field notes in his spare time.

Sebastian is the younger son of one of Widow Munson's middle sons, Benedict Munson; his older brother is Stacker Munson. Stacker and Sebastian both have Devil's Marks, and their mother died in a Reaping when they were very young. Their father took this to mean death would shadow him everywhere, and left the town, abandoning the boys to be raised by the rest of the family and moving to the East Coast. There he remarried and had another child, Bathsheba, who is Stacker and Sebastian's younger half-sister.

Scholar 2 roen.png

Bastian Roen (Slasher)

Bastian always loved nature, and growing up in rural Oregon was a big part of that. Still, he dreamed of seeing far off, exotic locales too, one day, and he got his wish. Just not how he would have wanted to. He was drafted for Vietnam in '68, got to see beautiful tropical jungles and kill foreign people in them for a few years, then got medically discharged in '71, a broken shell of his former self. He became a shut in for a number of years, slowly venturing back out to hike, and eventually wrote a few books on the area. He even pushed himself to go to college and get a Masters. He never fully re-integrated into society and still has telltale symptoms of what will one day be called PTSD, but he's mostly functional again.

After his parents passed, he took the offer of head groundskeeper at the Eager Beaver Lodge since there was nothing left tying him to home but memories and ghosts. One of the major draws of the position is a small cabin separate from the lodge and boathouse that he gets to live in, allowing him privacy and a small garden of his own. For much of the year he's the one in charge of nearly everything, a book keeper or manager oversees the business side and the hotel, but everything else - maintenance, the grounds, facilities - that's all him. He's only been in the position a little over two years, but the staff have come to appreciate the fact that he's not a hardass and doesn't care about a bit of weed or drinking after hours. His loner, solitary nature and PTSD does make him the subject of plenty of wild rumors and much speculation, though. If he knows, he doesn't seem to fight it.

Scholar 2 monstr 4.png

Manticore (Carnival)

Coming to America

For as long as mankind has existed, they've recorded their knowledge--mythologies, theories, histories--by hand. Before written language, they drew; when written language took shape, they drew and wrote. Eventually, they blended the two, giving rise to rich documents and tapestries and murals blending imagination and learning into a single art form. A number of learned beasts sprang forth from this tradition, and one of these was Sebastianus, a manticore.

He came into being during the third century, formed by scholars illuminating their texts with miniatures as they recorded their myths and legends. He was a muse to them, a guide, encouraging and frustrating by turns. Due to the text which formed him, he was also a predator to them, as any idea run rampant is to an academic. With a voice that could break a mortal mind and a voracious appetite for their flesh, he often hunted them even as he inspired them. He is a symbol of knowledge as power and danger wrapped in one, capricious and graceful in the manner of all cats, beautiful and horrifying to look upon, with a voice both dreadful and glorious voice.

Once an inspiration to the scholars of Europe, appearing all over their works, Sebastianus' power waned as illumination became rarer when Europe left the Renaissance period. Tapestries and murals remained; a feeble replacement for his true power, but enough to sustain him. When Europeans moved West to colonize new lands he went with them, hopeful that they might be inspired--by him or their own new experiences--to take up textual illumination again, but it was not to be. Printing presses and cameras came into being. Mankind no longer wrote their knowledge and discoveries by hand; they mass produced them, and Sebastianus weakened further still. Though he still loves what mankind writes, he's cut off from its power due to his nature. Modern books and libraries are bittersweet to him, temples which have been emptied of their true iconography and turned into an art market of cheap replicas.

Carnival of Wonders

No matter what shape he takes, his skin is covered with the illuminations that birthed him. They're a wonder to mortals, these tattoos (for this is how they perceive them), and in this way he found a new source of power. If he could no longer inspire mankind to learn, he could at least let them marvel at the sight of him. It wasn't the same, not by a long shot, and yet it was the fate of the very texts from which he'd arisen; to be marveled at, to be looked upon, to be placed on display. He can alter his markings at will, and does so to suit a performance. And that's what he's been doing, for decades: displaying himself. It's what he has left now.

He joined the Carnival in the early years at the urging of a devotee--his first, Olivia--who realized its acts for what they were, and knew he would be better off there than scraping by in New York City, skulking among the libraries of its universities and earning a meager living in cabaret shows. He seldom accepts work as a prostitute unless the price is appropriately exorbitant (or the Carnival is that strapped for cash), sticking primarily to burlesque and striptease. Any time he's not on stage he's covered from neck to ankles to wrists, his illuminations hidden from casual view, even in heat and humidity. He'll make an exception in the Burlesque Tent itself, since his fellow Providers aren't patrons, but outside of that or the sheep wagon he and his devotees stay in he's fully clothed. No one gets the goods for free. When the Adult Tent is dark, as it sometimes must be, he'll be found among the vendors, selling calligraphy and his own personal illuminated pages. (It helps that if someone doesn't like exactly what he has he can change it with a touch of magic.)

Mankind's knowledge is still a source of power to him, if not potent as it once was; accordingly, he's at his strongest when they're near cities with any sort of institution of higher learning, or a particularly well-endowed library.

Each of his devotees wears a bracelet: a set of five colorful, cylindrical, paper beads formed from small pieces of illuminated manuscript. The manuscript beads are strung together with small, black beads carved with vines and flowers.

Scholar2 ic 2.jpg

Sebastian Rozgold (Project Icarus)

Born to Faroese parents who hardly knew what to do with him, Sebastian was speaking, reading, and writing well in advance of any of his peers. His capabilities in early schooling didn't go unnoticed, and his parents found themselves the beneficiaries of scholariships for their son from interested parties, allowing them to send him to the best schools. Unsurprisingly, it was language that he was drawn to, but not //just// human language--all manner of language, from computer to animal, living and dead, pictographic and symbolic as well as scripted. The encryption and decryption of language as well, which is (even Sebastian has to admit) where the real money is, at least these days. Corporations love to keep their secrets, so his encryption algorithms have made him a fair bit of money, and are the thing most of the linguistics community knows him for. That, his mismatched eyes and wild head of hair with its white stripe, and his fantastically bitchy attitude.

He was reading and speaking over a half-dozen languages by the time he had his undergraduate degree, and has nearly doubled that number since. Though he's only 30, he's had his PhD for eight years. Cryptography makes money, but his heart's in cryptology--the unraveling of mysteries as old as mankind. And what greater mystery is there than Project Icarus?

Unknown to Sebastian, it's the benefactors of his early years who've arranged to put him on this asteroid. He's an asset, and now it's time for them to reap the rewards of developing him.

Scholar 2 blood 1.png

Sebastian Lester (Bonds of Blood)

Sebastian is Karl's younger brother, and generally known as the 'smart' Lester. His parents couldn't afford to send him to a four year school, so he had to content himself with an AA from the community college and a whole lot of hands-on experience working with horses as taught to him by his predecessor at the Ortiz Stables. He's helped them turn out numerous National Champions in trail, halter, and gymkana, and oversees most of the horse-related operations for the family. The Ortiz Family are rich, so can afford to keep Sebastian employed regularly, and he also accepts work on the side when he has time for it.

He rents a modest ranch house from one of their equally rich neighbors, the Wellingtons. It's nothing fancy, but it has three bedrooms, (so his twins don't have to share space) and AC, and it means he doesn't share walls with anyone, which is how he likes it. Their mother, Ariane, is a rich banker who, while working in Phoenix for a couple of years, met Sebastian and wound up pregnant. After a difficult pregnancy, she quickly realized that a horse trainer's wife was not what she wanted to be, so she moved back to London rather than make an honest man out of Sebastian. She sends money and cards like clockwork, and sometimes even shows up for a birthday, but in general the majority of her interactions with them are to hit up Sebastian for a little alone time if she's in the state. He knows he should say no but can't quite bring himself to. For one thing, she's gorgeous, for another, they money really does help with raising the kids.

He's also the least volatile of his family members--if still a little more prone to punching first and asking questions later--and the weirdest looking, with a big white streak in his hair and eyes that don't match, one brown and one green.

Challenger of Demons

Challenged the contract with one of the demonic benefactors of the founding families of Prosperity.

"People shouldn't call for demons unless they really mean
what they say." — C. S. Lewis

Don't Come 'round Here No Mo

Battered, bruised, bloody, and badass.

"A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head." — Howard Tayler

Bad Kitty!

Defeat Barbas, the Lion of the Pit,
on Mythic difficulty!

"Greed has taken the whole universe, and nobody is worried about their soul." — Little Richard

Belphagor Banishing

"Losing your life is not the worst thing that can happen.
The worst thing is to lose your reason for living."
— Jo Nesbo

First Story:
Prosperity's Price

Things went right to hell, huh?

"And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings." — Meister Eckhart

Active Character:
Prosperity's Price

All Hell, no handbasket.

"Can't you hurry this up a bit? I hear they eat dinner in Hades at twelve sharp and I don't aim to be late." — Black Jack Ketchum

Off Into the Sunset

Survived the events of Prosperity, Nevada,
in Prosperity's Price.

"You're gonna have to hold on tight, because this rodeo
is just getting started." — Joya Ryan

Active Character: Slasher

You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside

Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

Aerosmith - Young Lust


It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led

Somewhere beyond the pavement

You'll find the living dead.

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo

Tom Petty - Zombie Zoo

Eat Your Heart Out
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(2019-03-09 • The Scholar's Library) The Scholar and the Creepshow discuss her transformation.
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A Commercial on the Radio
(2019-03-08 • Parlor) Creepshow shows up with a new face, the radio plays an advertisement, people question what this place even is.
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(2019-03-06 • The Facility - Parlor) The Vigilante and the Scholar meet for the first time in the Facility, and are joined by the Rogue for a discussion of their situation.
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How to Court a Creepshow
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Home on Deranged
(2019-03-03 • Anywhere Room - Eugene, OR - 1990) PDG and Coward take Rogue and Scholar to see what the boys did with Lyle's inheritance in 1990.
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It's Complicated
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The Down Side of Me
(2019-03-02 • ) The Soldier and the Scholar hash out the Soldier's awakening and the Scholar's death in Lakeview.
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Croissants and Considerations
(2019-03-01 • The Facility - Parlor) A meeting in the Parlor between the Addict, the Martyr, the Scholar, the Coward, and the Confidant.
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Soft Surroundings
(2019-03-01 • The Coward's Blanket Fort) The Coward wakes up from the events at Beaver Lake, and the Scholar invades his room.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Coward  •
The Heart's Filthy Lesson
(2019-02-28 • Eclipse - Twin Star Observatory) Creepshow introduces Scholar to Ramona.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Creepshow  •
Rude Awakening
(2019-02-28 • The Facility - Parlor) The Soldier's first awakening is less than easy; the Addict's, somewhat more so.
Cast  •   The Soldier  •  The Scholar  •  The Creepshow  •  The Martyr  •  The Addict  •  The Confidant  •
After the Ashes
(2019-02-26 • The Facility - Parlor) Two family members reunited after their deaths in Lakeview.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Rogue  •
(2019-02-25 • Anywhere Room - Inland Empire) The Creepshow and the Scholar plant some seeds.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Creepshow  •
The Violence of Truth
(2019-02-16 • The Facility - Parlor) Creepy and Scholar discover the TV's controversial programming, while Misty tries to help Martyr cope with his first Facility awakening.
Cast  •   The Explorer  •  The Martyr  •  The Rogue  •  The Creepshow  •  The Scholar  •
Fear and Self-Loathing
(2019-02-16 • Creepy's Dungeon) Creepy and Scholar break down some walls
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Creepshow  •
So That Was A Thing
(2019-02-16 • Creepy's Dungeon) The Scholar checks on The Creepshow After Slasher
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Creepshow  •
The Face of an Untenable Situation
(2018-12-30 • Facility- Parlor) When too many people with heavy tidings on the mind get together, it paints a picture of where they're really all left standing-- a place with no answers. It doesn't settle well with some while others mentally rally against the concept.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Defender  •  The Penitent  •  The Scholar  •  The Melancholic  •  The Bravo  •  The Capitalist  •
The Dispensary
(2018-12-27 • The Dispensary) There's a gathering in the dispensary and a mess to be cleaned up.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Rogue  •  The Addict  •  The Deviant  •  The Dabbler  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Christmas Feast
(2018-12-24 • Facility Dining Room) An experiment with the dispensers leads to an evening of good food and good company.
Cast  •   The Confidant  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Addict  •  The Bon-Vivant  •  The Caregiver  •  The Scholar  •  The Coward  •  The Artist  •
Low Places and Whiskey Spaces
(2018-12-20 • The Coward's Room) A familiar family trio work through some things. Whiskey can't make everything right, but it can sure make things animated and full of hugs.
Cast  •   The Caregiver  •  The Coward  •  The Scholar  •
And If I Recover
(2018-12-20 • Anywhere Room - Sunset Crater Volcano) The Scholar and the Coward have a conversation in a place they have and haven't been before.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Coward  •
Love is a Chain
(2018-12-19 • Facility- Parlor) Caregiver and Scholar have an emotional reunion. The parlor grows with more reacquaintance, but not everything is smooth sailing.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Caregiver  •  The Coward  •  The Penitent  •  The Bravo  •  The Capitalist  •
Drinks and Indian Food in the Parlor
(2018-12-17 • The Facility - Parlor) A meeting in the parlor.
Cast  •   The Scholar  •  The Coward  •  The Loner  •  The Adjudicator  •  The Rogue  •
He I was Seeking
(2018-12-16 • The Facility - The Scholar's Room) The Scholar awakens in the Facility, and finds the Coward waiting for him.
Cast  •   The Coward  •  The Scholar  •