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The Scholar

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Dr. Joseph Eisenreicht

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The Scholar

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Education. History. Facts. These are the building blocks of society, and you are their loyal subject. You strive to understand the world around you and learn something new in every situation. You can never know too much.

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Alien Mutation

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Dr. Joseph Eisenreicht (Alien Mutation)

Where a xenobiologist studies the anatomy and physiology of an alien species, you study their environment, culture, and behavior. While no concrete proof of sentient life has been found, there exists a lot of anecdotal and circumstantial evidence, and even the most basic of non-sentient alien species still exhibit behavior norms, societal interaction and the like. It's the difference between knowing everything anatomical about a lion and knowing how a pride works.

The Company needed an expert to get into the Xenomorph's behavior, and you were chosen. You've been given all of the notes from the Nostromo, and hours upon hours of video from Sevastopol Station before it lost link with APOLLO, and you're probably the best expert on how a Xenomorph behaves in its various stages of life and what to expect from one. It's as fascinating as it is terrifying. The android on the Nostromo summed the alien up best: The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. You're on Grey's side on this - they shouldn't make one.

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