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The Rogue


Imperator of Arms

Apparent Age


Played By

Leonardo DiCaprio

Faction Membership

The Children of War
Imperator of Arms

The Rogue is a different sort of opportunist driven by greed, curiosity, or whatever with little regard for laws, taboos, and social convention. Is it underhanded to just be very, very resourceful? The Rogue could care less. Rules and Laws are obstacles, not barriers. It can only make the acquisition more exciting! They circumvent a problem rather than tackling it head on, and change environmental and social conditions to favor their needs. Traps? Locked doors? People that like to say 'no' a lot? Not going to keep him from his goal. He'll undo or work around it.

Everything (and everyone) is an asset, and this resourceful bastard will try to cash in on that.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Some people just can't stay out of trouble. They push the button, open the door, check the basement, or whatever it is they know they shouldn't. They can't help it. Adventure is fun.

Role in The Last Road

Vishys was born in the Bullet Farm.. Since he could crawl and reason and was small enough to get into tight spaces he, like the other kids, were tasked to go into mine shafts ad collect smaller things, and recollect bullet casings to be blessed in the forge and play attendant in the Crucible. he learned a lot about how to weld and how to even make a bullet. While this fascinated him the coal dust and gunpowder in heavy clouds ruined his lungs. Growing up it would become the thing to tank his immune system and some day he will, as they say there, "Drown in the soot" or a life of pneumonia, black lung, and inevitably lung cancer. Someone he will only know as his Guardian, who owed his father a favor, grabbed a few things and fled with him out into the wastes.

In the wastelands they met up with Sebas (Scholar) and his mother trying to find someplace away from the Crucible to be never told why. Sebas' mother took them to Citadel after his Guardian passed from the same sickness he was born to. Once there his friend was being taken up on the lift as intake. Vishys (not yet so named) climbed up not wanting to be separated from the only person he knew. The Warkids on the lift tried to throw him back but he caught a pantleg and scaled the warkid. When they tried to pull him off to push him off the lift again he bit the ear off the Warkid trying to pull him down. The War Mother said to bring him up and named him.

After living there for over 30 years in devoted service to the Garage waiting for his time to ride to Valhalla, he's taken a more philosophic approach to their purpose. A worthy death can only be given by the sacrifice of a worthy life and so he helps the Warkids gird for that day in arms and spirit. Some Imperators protect the road, and he protects the Garage like some tech priest of parts. Someone's got to know what we have, what we need, figure out how to make these things and get more dakka on the battle wagons, and reporting back to the monitors and War Mother that nothing's gone missing. All things passing through the Garage go by him and he's familiar with the Monitors and Scavengers as a result. As an expert armsman he also helps train the intake and the war pups how to fight and win.

Glory to those that gird us for war that we may do glorious battle to get the Citadel what She needs til Valhalla.

Views on the caste?: What does a man with a half-life concern himself with? That the Warkids lives have value to give their death value for the Rock so they can live forever gloriously in Valhalla. He has Afterlife problems to worry about for people, This life problems are someone else's to suss out. So long as the Garage gets what it needs. Praise be to the Engine.

Of the things he might connect with:

  • Imperator of Arms: He's the quartermaster of the garage. he tallies intake, inventory, usage, and what the Garage needs.
  • Tradesman: Really he's one to barter his skills as an engineer but also trades in A LOT of favors. Is there an arrangement you need made?
  • Technopriest: He believes in the V8 with absolute conviction. He will take someone to ground for challenging the beliefs that give the War Kids their purpose. Does he bless the weapons he makes? What War Kid doesn't?
  • Fox Hunt: Almost always accompanied by Sprocket his seeing-eye fox. She bites. he might let you feed her, or try.
  • Welcome Wagon: He's been here for over 30 years. He likes taking an active part in welcoming in new blood and helping them find fit and purpose. Did he help you?
  • Terrible Lungs: Has he seen you for help with his many injuries or those of others? Maybe some sort of reprieve for his ailments?


Brawn: Normal
+ Brawler (Positive)
- Shit Lungs (Negative)

He's got Black Lung from growing up in teh mines of the bullet farm, and lung cancer now. Long endurance is not his forte.
Finesse: Good
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)
+ Stuntman (Positive)

Like most Centurions he's a crazy sunnovabitch.
Brains: Normal
+ Engineer (Positive)

He's a weapons developer, but also an accomplished gearhead.
+ Excellent Memory (Positive)

He keeps track of everything in the Garage and can't read. You're damn right he's got a good memory.
+ Intuition (Positive)
- Blind Side (Negative)

He has 0 vision on his right side and affected hearing also.
Spirit: Normal
+ Unshakable (Positive)

Once he's set his mind on it...
- Superstitious (Negative)

...yeah fuck that.
- Zealot of the V8 (Negative)

If you are a War Kid this is not a problem. It is if you try to tell the Warchildren elsewise, or if you act against the faith.

Perks and Quirks

+ Adrenaline Boost

Can add an additional +1 die. Once per Scene.
+ Area Of Expertise: Weapons

Bullet, blade, explosives? It's all the same to him: Glorious! Can add an ADDITIONAL +1 to a Brains or Finesse roll once per scene in that field.
+ Found Item

+ Good Luck

Re-roll 1 die. Must choose which.
- Half-life (War Kids)

His lungs are just... the worst. Black lung, cancer, asthma. they better not go before he does.
- Hunted: Bullet Farm

32 years ago he took something with him when he left. They are really interested in getting back what is theirs. he is absolutely concerned about the War Mother forfeiting him if this comes to light.
+ Illiterate

Never had the aptitude, but he's traded a lot of lux over the years to be read to.
- Small Favor: Beast

For information he used to help Locke find what the other Coppers are up to.
- Small Favor: Creepshow

For specialized engineering help and occasionally small things to get by.
+ WITNESS ME!!! (War Kids)

Forego a Freak-Out Check and simply attack the source instead at a +1.


Vishy2.jpg VishysRoad.jpg

Scholar 2 madmax 3.png


Imperator (Charioteer)



Sprocket (The Last Road)

Weather & Explosive Ordinance Detector
While holding out against a raiding crew the Warkids dirty treats were on the menu. Desert fox is some damn fine eats. Vishys found in the process an orphaned infant fennec and rather than leave it there put her in pocket and took her with him back to the garage.

With a nose like no other she's become adept and useful at forecasting weather patterns by picking up the scent of the ozone or dust on the wind and feeling things as animals do and alerting her human.

Her other primary function is to see things Visnys can't which often manifests in being bitten so he looks that way. Less useful. She also has been trained to sniff out certain smells like explosives and gunpowder, and the like. More useful! This is great for finding explosives, guns, and ammo salvage.


Cade (The Last Road)

Savvy Pharmacist
Cade and his twin brother were separated by the caste system when his brother fell ill. Shame that. Always curious, and genes now suspect he was picked up by the Savvy after showing a want to try to not help but 'fix' the problem that was making people sick.

As he grew up he focused on finding everything he could about drugs, chemistry, and fixing the systemic issues not for one, but all. For now he helps the Organic Mechanics treat their patients, occasionally solving problems for Ph control of the water, and other chemistry conundrums. Maybe one of these fixes will help keep his brother alive? Maybe someday they can stop all of this so there's plenty again and no need. Maybe. For now there is work to do.

No badges for The Last Road.

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