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Also Known As


on MUX as

The Rogue


Weather & Explosive Ordinance Detector

Apparent Age


Played By

The Rogue

Faction Membership


Role in The Last Road

While holding out against a raiding crew the Warkids dirty treats were on the menu. Desert fox is some damn fine eats. Vishys found in the process an orphaned infant fennec and rather than leave it there put her in pocket and took her with him back to the garage.

With a nose like no other she's become adept and useful at forecasting weather patterns by picking up the scent of the ozone or dust on the wind and feeling things as animals do and alerting her human.

Her other primary function is to see things Visnys can't which often manifests in being bitten so he looks that way. Less useful. She also has been trained to sniff out certain smells like explosives and gunpowder, and the like. More useful! This is great for finding explosives, guns, and ammo salvage.


Brawn: Poor
- So Small (Negative)

Sprocket only weighs 5 pounds. She's not what we'd call 'brawny'.
Finesse: Normal
+ High Agility (Positive)

Fennec foxes are as crazy fast as they are crazy hyper.
Brains: Good
+ Weather Forecast (Positive)

Picking up shifts in the wind (Ozone building, tremors, excess dust, rain, heat rising, etc.) Sprocket conveys her concerns and agitation though pretty consistent behaviors to alert when something is up. These include barking at the sky, tail agitation when there's a bad storm on the rise, trying to circle and hide from tremors, and the like. This is great on away trips.
+ Hide & Seek (Positive)

Sprocket is very, very good at finding things. Trained much like one would a puppy she's damn good scout. Her specialty is in finding explosives, ammunition, and weapons by smell. Also food. And Vishys. From teh same skillset if there is danger she knows how to find a good hiding spot. Foxes are crazy smart.
Spirit: Poor




Sprocket's Human

Imperator of Arms

The one not to bite.


The Human's Human

She's familiar with Sebas over time of being their driver and thus of 'her pack'.



Designer of Glorious Chariots

As part of the drive team she's used to Art and generally will not bite him.



Finder of Shiny Things

Nom-nom? Why no nom-noms? She might have feelings about this, but she's stopped trying since the bird probably outweighs her.


Bird Perch


Human said do not bite. Stop biting. Never do I get to do with the biting. Sometimes female dirt-digger has snacks though. Sprocket can not-bite for snacks. Has bird who cannot bite either. This is a dumb trade. Ooh snacks!

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