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Also Known As

Kit Cody

on MUX as



The Rogue


Sideshow Bally Talker

Apparent Age


Played By

Leonardo DiCaprio

Faction Membership

Sideshow Bally Talker

"Chasing the Sun" - The Wanted

We've only just begun

Hypnotized by drums

Until forever comes

You'll find us chasing the sun

They said this day wouldn't come

We refused to run

We've only just begun

You'll find us chasing the sun

"Rascal King" - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

YA legendary character

When? Only then

Where? Only there

A hero or a hooligan?

Well, that part's never clear

Pride or shame, it's all the same

Who's innocent and who's to blame?

Politics or just a game?

Well in the end they knew his name

The last hurrah?

Nah! I'd do it again

The Rascal King behind the bars

Or the one in front of them

"Welcome Me" - Indigo Girls

Welcome me to a haven given,

it's well received into my open arms.

I ran in my sleep through shaking tremors,

I had the splitting earth echoing in my ears.

I'll be the first to praise the sun,

the first to praise the moon,

the first to hold the lone coyote,

the last to set it free.


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The Rogue is a different sort of opportunist driven by greed, curiosity, or whatever with little regard for laws, taboos, and social convention. Is it underhanded to just be very, very resourceful? The Rogue could care less. Rules and Laws are obstacles, not barriers. It can only make the acquisition more exciting! They circumvent a problem rather than tackling it head on, and change environmental and social conditions to favor their needs. Traps? Locked doors? People that like to say 'no' a lot? Not going to keep him from his goal. He'll undo or work around it.

Everything (and everyone) is an asset, and this resourceful bastard will try to cash in on that.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Some people just can't stay out of trouble. They push the button, open the door, check the basement, or whatever it is they know they shouldn't. They can't help it. Adventure is fun.

Role in Carnival

Coming To America - Chasing the Sun

In the beginning the Earth was Frozen and cold and the Night God went about making the stars creating a path between the heavens and the mortal earth. Some say Coyote came here when he stalked a path connecting the heavens to the 4th world creating the Milky Way. He battled the 10 evil moon gods to free the sun and bring warmth, and fire, to the land of eternal winter to allow the humans there to know light and joy. Man rejoiced and Coyote laughed.

There are many legends shared as Coyote's people lived in harmony with his many children. He taught them how to survive, how to listen, and how to be clever in getting and creating the things they need. Conversely, he has also taught his humans the dangers of creating traps for their greed, arrogance, and carelessness. Sometimes he has taught by his example as his heart is often bigger than his brain in seeing the holes in teh path ahead of him. Above all, he loves his people, and loves to be loved by them.

Dog Without a Bone

The last hundred years have been heartbreaking for Coyote. Many of the gods joined the carnival to seek adulation in a world they are abandoned in. Not Coyote; his people never stopped loving him, but there are those that have been forcing his people to stop being. With the gentrification of North America being pushed by industrialism the way of live for the Tribes of Coyote are dwindling. They lose land, their way of life, and many are forced to abandon their very culture to conformity for the sake of survival.

Having found Missing Coyote takes his stories now with him joining the Carnival of the very gods that were brought over by the people who destroyed his. They travel the circuit that follows the migration paths of his children and their lost tribes checking in on them, and bringing them word from one another, a story, some hope to hold onto that Coyote has not forgotten them. In the big top he narrates the beauty of Missing's dance with bears and music keeping the lost legends alive to delight one more child to remember the animals are listening. In the Midway he's been selling stories and legends with trinkets and jewelry to those that seek to find, and get them to believe enough that they can keep him long enough he can help his lost survive.

He is a lost romantic in love with a time that is over trying to consort with his people's hope helping them remember their prayers for help to figure out how to endure are not wasted; so his people know they are loved and not forgotten.

Old Dog's New Tricks

One more time around the circuit. Those whose love burns like the stolen sun will survive being hunted and endure never to be extinguished.

These days Coyote tells his stories as the bally for the sideshow. It suits him fine. Everyone needs help, and he made the promise to them he would not forget them or let them be forgotten.


True Form

When Coyote isn't busy being a human and telling the stories of their people and their sideshow acts he's often and comfortably found milling about in his natural form for this Earth.


Kit Cody

Faces (Sideshow Bally Talker)

The man is in love with the stories of his peers, the seduction of words in a mortal's ear to entice them to want to know more of his fellows, and his fellows themselves. He calls to the masses to bring them near; the majesty of the freaks, and the mystery of the sideshow ring. He will call them all with promises of pomegranates full and fine. Never has nature's finest salesman felt more at home than helping pull the adulation from a human's heart, and the coin from a mark's pocket.

This is the face he usually wears to deal with townies and rubes. He learned this trick when Wolf wore the sheep of a skin to get what he wants.

CoyBally1.jpg Kit3.jpg Kit2.jpg Kit4.jpg

Ma'ii (Wa-ya)

Vendors (Craftsman/Jeweler; Man behind Eyes & Ears on the Midway)

When he's among his people he is among his people. Sometimes watching, usually dancing, sometimes creating, and always telling a story. He always makes sure his companions are always venerated. He is also a formidable craftsman and while he could help the Rousties ( I mean he could) his love is for fine work and is more often found putting finishing work on something or making jewelry that will be sold to someone later with a story. But OH! Does he make fine presents!


Some things pretty consistent:

  • Indigenous Animal Spirit: Coyote. Yes. That one. Father of Coyotes, dogs, foxes and the like. Historically he's had scuffles with interlopers. Recent years, less so.
  • Lover Not a Fighter: He is an instigator, but not usually found in direct confrontation. Correction: Often finds the middle of conflict he's in no way built to deal with. Halp!
  • Consummate Story Teller: It is hard to say if all of his stories are true, but they are always valuable for something. He loves little more than telling the stories and getting others to love what he loves about them.
  • Voice of a Crooner: Oh Coyote can sing and is well known for it. He can sing you the song of his people or even charm the plaid off a golfer. He has a fondness for ballads and sing-a-longs.

Future Facing:

  • Rallying the People: Kit's hosting a popwow with the People; all the people in the area. He's going to tell them what is really happening and the threats Radio and this 'new era' bring to their people.
  • Ghost Dance: He's going to lead the gathered Nations in a Ghost Dance to drive off the colonists. In this offering himself up as a sacrifice blessing the land with his own blood and life energy to consecrate it and empower those gathered with great fortune.
  • Ressurection: He will come back to life. He will rise and let the people see. He will let them see and believe and remain himself. Instead of changing himself hes focusing on giving his people a resurgent faith in their cultural roots to prevent that from being lost to help himself and the other First Walkers.


Brawn: Poor
- History's Worst Hunter (Negative)

God for all the pretty and the flattering he is just a shit fighter. Seriously he couldn't hit a duck if it was taking a nap. Some day, roadrunner, some day.
Finesse: Good
+ Deft Punk (Positive)

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, but can Jack the quick go do this trick?
+ Father of Thieves (Positive)

He stole the sun... and everything beneath it ever since. Hell he'll steal your heart and your wallet.
+ Quality Craftsman (Positive)

He's not only the Prometheus of his peoples but he's a hell of a jeweler as well!
Brains: Normal
+ Cunning Little Bastard (Positive)

Some people have a knack for getting what they want. Coyote's a damn architect at it!
+ Highly Observant (Positive)

He can read a crowd or a person and pick up on motives adeptly, and finding things? Hell that's just his specialty.
- Easily Enticed (Negative)

>.< Right on the tin. When he's on a roll he just has the damnedest time walking away. If it appeals he just doesn't know when to back off.
Spirit: Good
+ Compelling Voice (Positive)

He sings on the midway selling eggs back to chickens. He's North America's first confidence man and hasn't slowed down a bit.
+ Unflappable (Positive)

When a situation changes so do Coyote's plans. Abruptly. He doesn't even get mad about it, but he does get even...starting now.
- Claustrophobic (Negative)

He like many of his brethren he was born to run free. It's also hard to plan an escape without a lot of room to change one's mind.
- Overly Sentimental (Negative)

Caring comes at a cost. This has caused him to risk his pelt for the stupidest shit to cheer someone up, or even hold onto a part of them, or a moment a little longer. He likewise can get just morose at partings from people, places, and things significant to him which take a while to recover from.

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshifter (Human)

Coyote can take on other guises at will, changing age, ethnicity and gender. You can rearrange Brawn, Finesse and Spirit to fit the new guise. 2GP per use, includes changing back. Casual daily RP does not require expenditure
+ Minor Power: Call the Pack (Spirit)

Coyote can call his children to him (coyotes, foxes, dogs in the wide vicinity). With deft feet and snapping jaws and clever minds he can ask a bit of them, and they are happy to help the old man.
You can influence and alter existing things. 3GP per use. Requires a Stat Check of associated stat (Spirit). If the roll fails, no GP is spent. Casual daily RP does not require expenditure
+ Minor Power: According to Plan (Spirit)

The odds are ever in his favor. Tipping the hand of chance he can decide which way the wind is going to blow for someone. This is especially useful since his boon companions seem to fall in questionable favor.
You can influence and alter existing things. 3GP per use. Requires a Stat Check of associated stat (Spirit). If the roll fails, no GP is spent. Casual daily RP does not require expenditure
+ Indigenous Diaspora (Cult)

This is not a group of fanatics, but the children of lost tribes, and those who have lost their home to their lands being claimed and their way of life threatened. hose orphaned by disease and circumstance who called to Coyote the Clever to steal the sun for them again to help them survive. He answered promising them as they keep his stories he will keep them a home with him. He employs them to help him tend the others and press his pursuit to help their people.
You don't have SRs, you have a small cult of worshipers that are part of the carnival. You can tap them for up to 15GP per Chapter and die once per Chapter for free. Further deaths per Chapter must be paid in GP or by lowering a stat.
- Too Pretty

You're inhumanly beautiful, and stick out no matter how hard you try to fit in or look normal. Mortals become obsessed with you. More than once has a hunter tried to claim Coyote's pelt for his own. More than once he's gotten in a bar fight for being too canny or wooing someone already spoken for. You can only hate the ones you love though, and sometimes even love leads to trouble. Then again for Coyote, everything leads to trouble.
- Moon's Enmity (Major Weakness)

He is responsible for the death of 9 of the 10 Evil Moons in his first act to steal the sun for human kind and create 'day'. Coyote takes damage from direct moonlight proportional to how intense it is not unlike a vampire with sunlight. This is why he even uses an umbrella at night if he wanders out. During the full moon, he loses his minor power to affect luck (According to Plan), and cannot heal normally for those 5-6 days. After tha he will start the mending process but until then burns, cuts, and such stay brand new without intervention That Moon is not his friend, and it has not forgiven. He is more than well aware.
- Diurnal

You can only be out and active during the day. You can be awake at any time, but are sluggish and confined to your tent or trailer unless you possess an SR. Look He stole the sun for a reason and frankly the humans have been pretty grateful for it! Now he's got the last survivor of the 10 Evil Moons kinda pissed at him. Inside is so cozy...and warm... and not out there where he is hunted by Moon. He calls it 'relaxing for the evening' and others call it a lifelong habit of laying low.

Coyote has been doing the circuit for a long time and in that time has watches his many children be forced off their lands. It is not that the People of the Land have forsaken him, it's that the People of the Land are being hunted to extinction and their way of life snuffed out. One by one Coyote has heard them call to him "Coyote, make us clever. Coyote find us a way!" and Coyote listened. on the circuit he's collected the diaspora of those born here first. Sometimes they stay long enough to find their family again. Sometimes they pass on into the Sun Lands, but always they are cherished by Grandfather Coyote.

At the Carnival they are on the Midway serving as Rousties, Security, and game operators. They are primarily Coyote's Eyes & Ears on the Midway and look for opportunity for him, and early signs of trouble to send up to Security. They will spot an easy mark for one of the performers, a pocket to pick, someone in need who wants to belief that needs to be sold a promise. They find the weak and the gullible. They find the lost and the wanting. Sometimes they find more of their own needing protection. Always they are watching. Always they are listening.

When the Boss says "Put some Eyes & Ears on that" this is who he's talking about, and Coyote is happy to have his People do just that.


The Old Man

Role: Coyote
Age: Who knows.
Played by: Sometimes Leo DiCaprio, and sometimes a legit coyote.

Coyote is the trickster that stole sun for man, and shaper of the world. He is also he those pray to for answers when they have no way out of their situation and need help. He helps them. Sometimes, and often, he is JUST a coyote. This change in appearance puts off his People not at all.



Role: Sidekick, Security
Age: 4

Inali is... a fox. That said her manners are pretty impeccable considering. Rarely is the Old Man without her, though she can be found with Missing (...Found Missing... Missing and found again... it's complicated). While the Pack looks after the People she looks after Coyote, looks cute, catches rabbits, and lets him know who is acting rather really questionable. The old man's keen senses aren't as keen as they used to be. He relies on her quite a bit to pick up what he may miss.


Tybalt Dufresne

Role: Mouthpiece/Hustler
Age: 24
Played by: Joe Jonas

Tybalt has the difficult distinction of being half Cajun/Half Natchez and entirely wanted in the great state of Louisiana, and not often welcome many other places. In over his head he turned to his mother's roots and called to Coyote for help while he was on the lam. As coincidence has it Coyote was in the area, answered and brought him on. Tybalt knows how to fight and how to survive. He makes sure the People don't give up and has been a sterling example of be quick- be clever.

He can often be found working security, and taking care of physical issues that arise and knowing who to engage to end problems before they become a bigger problem...often at a profit.

Loner Mesingw 3.jpg


Bear Tamer

Old friend, I will not let you grow dormant so soon. There is another hunt, and another adventure. Our time has not passed, you will see.

Beast Thunderbird.jpg


The Thunderbird




Callie the Mermaid

We pass like the sun and moon, but in those hours between I love to hear your stories, and in the day share them to the world in highest regard where they belong.



The Unbreakable Man/Roustabout




Sideshow Marksman


Unicorn rado 1.png

First and Last of His Name




She Who Avenges

Whip Artist

You're good to my people and helped me out. You have the same from me in return.



Mean Dog

Yes, yes you are a good boy (eeeeh better than me most days admittedly), and you're home now. Keep looking after Alice. That's how we do it around here. Proud of you, kid.


Inali (Carnival)

Sidekick (The People)
Inali is the great-granddaughter of Coyote. It's complicated. Animal spirits man. She's most often seen accompanying the 'old man' or in the company of Missing, running and hunting up rodents because, let's be honest, her granddad is a terrible hunter. She looks after him and makes sure he doesn't starve and helps keep an eye on the people for him. Who ever suspects fox spies?

No badges for Carnival.

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