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Georgina "George" Lester

Also Known As


on MUX as

The Rebel


The Rebel


High School Senior

Apparent Age


Played By

Kaya Scodelario

Faction Membership

Lester Family
Blacksheep amongst blacksheep.

Burnout - Green Day

I declare I don't care no more

I'm burning up and out and growing bored

In my smoked out boring room

My hair is shagging in my eyes

Dragging my feet to hit the street tonight

To drive along these shit town lights

Jeremy - Pearl Jam

Daddy didn't give attention

Oh, to the fact that mommy didn't care

King Jeremy the wicked

Oh, ruled his world

Jeremy spoke in class today

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

With the lights out, it's less dangerous

Here we are now, entertain us

I feel stupid and contagious

Here we are now, entertain us

Round Here - Counting Crows

Round here, hey man, got lots of time

Round here, we're never sent to bed early

Man, nobody makes us wait

Round here we stay up very, very, very, very late

You Learn - Alanis Morissette

I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone

I certainly do

I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time

Feel free

Everything Louder than Everything Else - Meatloaf

They say I'm wild and I'm reckless

I should be acting my age

I'm an impressionable child in a tumultuous world

And they say I'm at a difficult stage

But it seems to me to the contrary

Of all the crap they're going to put on the page

That a wasted youth is better by far

Than a wise and productive old age


As self-reliant as you are self-destructive, you refuse to follow anybody's rules but your own. No matter what the world expects of you, you do what you want, when you want, and you never apologize. You're not always sure what you're fighting against, but you'll find something! When people push you, you push back. And you Always. Question. Everything.

Archetype Roster Concept 

The system is a trap, and authority is a prison. Buck the system, question authority, and always be true to yourself. Your integrity is all you really have.

Role in Bonds of Blood

This boring little town, how you long to get out. The drugs and the alcohol can only blunt the edge so much, and sometimes you just have to scream. The literal bastard child of the possibly trashiest family in town, it's not like there are many expectations to live up to, but somehow, you still manage to disappoint. Not that you care.

You wanna know about me? Sure, I'll tell you all about me, but I can pretty much guarantee you won't like what you hear. My dad knocked up my mom, like, two wives ago. Or something. I don't know. I never really bother to pay attention when someone tries to explain it. He's a fertile asshole, end of story. So, blah, blah, blah, they get married when Dick and I are, like, 12, and then before we even get used to having him around, he's split and it's back to the three of us again. Not that it matters. He's useless whether he's around or not. I mean, at least we still are his kids, not like some of my half-not-siblings, however the fuck that works.

You keeping up so far? Need me to draw you a picture? 'Cause I can pretty much guarantee it'll be pornographic... No? Okay, man, your loss.

So yeah, I guess you could say it was a... what did you call it? "Difficult upbringing"? Yeah, okay. Ha. Sure, it was that. Whatever that means. Is anyone's upbringing [i]easy[/i]? Yeah, we were broke as fuck and nobody showed up to parent-teacher night, but money is just a construct and school is just brainwashing anyway, so screw it. I'd drop out if I weren't waiting for them to kick me out, anyway. Not gonna make it easy on them, you know?

- Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble - If it gets her in trouble, she's usually down. George tends to run with the burnouts, punks, druggies, etc., and has a loose regard for personal property. No doubt she is known to local law enforcement.

- Lester Fester - She's a Lester with a stripper mom and a rep for being deranged and dangerous. She's got a big mouth and a bad temper, but no muscle unlike some of her other family members.

- Get the Party Started - Small town bores her, and she's always looking for distraction. Parties, mischief, hell, pretty much anything that will keep her entertained, she's joining in.

- Cans are for Labels - She's very flexible in who she'll hook up with, but refuses anything long-term or serious.


Brawn: Poor
- Weakling (Negative)

Her idea of a workout is carting a six-pack home.
Finesse: Good
+ Nimble Fingers (Positive)

Dextrous and deft, she's good at picking things up without being noticed.
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)

The 5 Ds of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.
+ Sneaky (Positive)

She has a talent for getting around unnoticed.
Brains: Good
+ Independent Thinker (Positive)

She takes nothing at face value and will make her own mind up about everything.
+ Observant (Positive)

She notices more than people might think...
+ Quick Thinking (Positive)

Not book smart, but clever, she can come up with ideas quickly -- at least when she's not drunk or high.
- Question Everything (Negative)

It's exhausting, and it gets her into more trouble.
Spirit: Normal
+ Iron Will (Positive)

She does only what she wants, and nobody is going to change her mind.
- Big Mouth (Negative)

She says what she thinks and she seldom thinks nice things.
- Trouble-Magnet (Negative)

Self-destruction leads her into trouble.

Perks and Quirks

+ Bloodline Boon: Lester - Feral Intimidation
+ Bloodline Trait: Lester - Keen Senses And Animal Friendship
- Bloodline Taint: Lester - Temper
- Bloodline Bane: Lester - Lunacy And Silver Allergy
+ Youthful Exuberance
- Unreliable
- Reputation: Deranged And Dangerous
- Jilted Lover II: Sheena Sheedy
+ Obscure Death


RebelGeorge94-2.png RebelGeorge94-3.jpg RebelGeorge94-4.jpg

Beast Lester1.jpg

Big Bro-ish

Factory Worker/Boxer

Brother from another mother, literally. But dad sucks, so he's sort of a role model for her? Not that she'd ever admit it.


Fake Bro

Senior in High School

We were half-sibs until we weren't, but you're still considered blood, which counts for something, as much as anything counts for anything with George.


Other Fake Bro

Student/Smug Little Shit

Another half-sib that isn't. You come as a pair, so you get the same write-up. Muah.



High School Student

Ass-kicking Amy. We haven't scened yet, but I think they'd get along!

No supporting cast found for this story.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

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