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Also Known As

Nina Von Brandt

on MUX as



The Rebel



Apparent Age


Played By

Tatiana Maslany

Hozier - Foreigner's God

((I know most of us probably will take this, but can you blame me??))

She moves with shameless wonder

The perfect creature rarely seen


Her eyes look sharp and steady

Into the empty parts of me

Queen - Princes of the Universe

I have no rival, no man can be my equal

Take me to the future of you all


No man could understand

My power is in my own hand

Tiamat - Brighter Than The Sun

We could wander in the garden of Eden, baby

We could do anything tonight, maybe

We could even touch the sky

If we just get up on our feet and try


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We need systems to survive. Every community needs norms, laws and organization in general. To be with people is to live in a system.

Unfortunately, every system contains within it the potential for misuse and corruption. Laws are only as good as the police and judges who enforce them, taxes are only as good as the politicians who spend them, and so on. To willingly persist in a broken system is to allow yourself to be broken, too.

Rather than choose to let things fail slowly, to be the frog in the boiling pot, we have to remain vigilant about the systems and hierarchy around us, always ready to do our best to fix what’s broken-- or tear it all down, if we have to.

‘Who watches the watchers?’ is a job for all of us.

Archetype Roster Concept 

The system is a trap, and authority is a prison. Buck the system, question authority, and always be true to yourself. Your integrity is all you really have.

Role in Carnival

OOC NOTE: Any god/monster types have permission to know Nina's Coming to America and Carnival of Wonders bits of her sheet IC, and/or have met her at some point. :) She traveled a lot, and has been around since Egypt. Those who've known her before, know her to be wildly optimistic, quite fond of her fellow gods/monsters and humanity in aggregate, culture, and art in general.

Coming to America

The Phoenix can’t be bothered with trivialities like when, precisely, she was born. Timekeeping is drudgery, and drudgery is one of the many things that mortals are for. It did happen in Egypt, in a time of great plenty. In those days, she was known as the Bennu, a goddess herself. She basked in their praise and worship, but just as importantly, she reveled in the idea that Egypt was the center of civilization.

When Alexander the Great conquered the Achaemenids, one world and one time in history died, and Phoenix died with it. When she came back, (spending GP accrued long before Cyrus the Great was ever born), she was renewed in more or less her present state, as the Phoenix instead of Bennu. She was a monster rather than a goddess, but one who belonged to many peoples instead of just one. To this day, she feels Alexander did her a favor. He was dead before she returned, but it didn’t matter. Keen to explore a new center of civilization, she made her way to Greece. From then on, she simply followed whatever she perceived to be the center of mortal culture, moving from novelty to novelty. She spent a great deal of time meandering through the Roman Empire, delighted by all the new sights and songs. Her travels led her to many places, and offered her an opportunity to meet almost everyone who was anyone in myth and legend.

By more modern times, she ended up in Britain, enjoying being at the center of their trading empire, where goods and stories all flowed. The loss of power and faith wasn’t lost on her, but she refused to worry about it, changing with the times the way she always had. She was an early adopter of the United States as well, coming over shortly after the Revolutionary War. She wasn’t sure about them until the French backed their independence, but after the dust settled, she found her way to the East Coast.

The Carnival of Wonders

Since then, she’s been content to wander the country, paying little attention to the particulars, surviving as a singer, a dancer, a teller of tales. She was a relative latecomer to the Carnival itself, arriving in the winter of 1933. Though she does not share her community’s dire view of these ends times, she does want to spend these difficult times with family and friends. She offered to be their fire eater because it appealed to her to get paid simply for eating supper in public.


Nina Von Brandt

This is who Phoenix generally walks around as.

I Wanna Be Where The People Are: Nina is drawn to popular entertainment. While no one mortal is important enough to keep track of, mortal culture is of the utmost interest. She’ll attend anything from an impromptu social gathering to a trip to see fine art, so long as it’s about something mortals created with passion.

Show Stopper: Phoenix is more than merely beautiful, she’s radiant. That makes her an excellent distraction or diversion if shenanigans are planned.

Catching Up On Old Times: There’s a pretty good chance Phoenix bumped into anyone at the Carnival in antiquity, and she’s enthusiastic about trading stories, whether they’re true or, perhaps, a little embellished.


Brawn: Poor
+ Tireless (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Good
+ Eagle Eye (Positive)
+ Monster Encyclopedia (Positive)
Spirit: Good
+ Charismatic (Positive)
+ Regal (Positive)
- Above It All - Standoffish To Mortals (Negative)
- Poor Judge of Physical Hazards (Negative)

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshifter (Human)
+ Adrenaline Boost
+ Major Power: Born of Flame (Spirit)

The Phoenix is a being made of the fire of creation itself. Any wound, ailment or other physical harm she sustains that could be otherwise naturally recovered from is healed at an accelerated rate (per the similar Minor versions others have of this power), with her seeming feverish in proportion to the amount of harm being healed. A hangover would be a mild temperature, cancer would see her burning up. She may also share the power with others, but that requires an external source of flame. The Phoenix may cure the incurable: inoperable tumors, fatal diseases and sometimes even death itself through an expenditure of GP and applying cleansing flame to the affected area (in the case of whole body problems like disease or death, full immersion is required). The Phoenix's power transmutes the fire into raw healing energy. Unfortunately, the process of renewal is chaotic, and will leave anyone healed physically changed in some way: different eye color, different hair, younger, older, since she has a hard enough time telling mortals apart pre-injury. The greater the healing, the greater the change: on those rare occasions she has raised the dead, they were difficult to recognize.
+ Minor Power: Sister To The Conflagration (Finesse)

The Phoenix cannot simply summon flame from nothing anymore, (apart from upon her death), but is still able to control it. She can dampen, direct, amplify and otherwise control existing fire for displays of power or use as a weapon.
- Too Pretty

Per both ancient times & medieval Phoenix lore, the Phoenix was called 'The Royal Bird' and associated with royal purple dye, and it was known for its vibrant colors. It was said to stand out from all other birds. I imagine Nina/Phoenix throws in intentional flaws into her human forms that most humans wouldn't even notice. A bit of frizzy hair on a perfect face, or a beauty mark, stuff like that. (Given her Psychopomp: Sight, I think she has only a vague idea what a 'standard' human looks like.)
- Monstrous Diet

The Phoenix, as a being made of fire and light, can't really digest 'normal' food unless it is *literally* on fire at the time, or extremely flammable. She's just as likely to eat coal and wash it down with cooking oil or guzzle down gasoline as set a plate of potatoes on fire and drink it with a blue blazer cocktail (invented in 1862).
- Psychopomp: Sight

The Phoenix is so brimming with healing and light that all mortals look faded and dead to her already. Gods and monsters look basically as themselves, though quite a bit 'dimmer' than she does, but she's completely out of touch with what your average human looks like, as she sees them in various states of decay at all times.


RebelNina1.jpg RebelNina2.jpg RebelNina3.gif Nina4.gif Nina5.png RebelNina6.jpg


Gunther Roth (Carnival)

Personal Assistant
Note: Gunther Roth is his name... which Nina/Phoenix tends to get wildly wrong.

About a decade ago, Phoenix was in a small town somewhere in the Midwest, singing for her supper. A kindly older gentleman invited her to board at his house, explaining that his children had all long since moved on, and his wife was dead. She went, and they traded stories half the night. She learned that Gary had been an immigrant, coming to America with nothing to his name, and he’d worked his way up to owning his own paper mill. Unfortunately, poor George was now dying of a wasting disease that the doctors couldn’t even name.

Phoenix decided that he was much too nice a person to die so young, and so she convinced Greg to let her try to help. Her suggestion was crazy, but he had little to lose, and so he let her cure him. He came out of the flames looking less than half his original age, with a face no one in town would know. They left together, and he offered to help her navigate the human world, something that he swiftly saw that she needed.

She and Gabe have been inseparable ever since.


Andre Bergeron (Carnival)

Note: Andre Bergeron is his name... which Nina/Phoenix tends to get wildly wrong.

Phoenix has never been big on cults. As delightful as being surrounded by a gaggle of worshipers can be, they hinder her mobility too much. Ever since her transition away from being Bennu, she has preferred to keep her entourage as light as possible so that she doesn’t need to keep track of them.

However, right before joining the Carnival of Wonders, Phoenix realized she would need more help than just Gomez. While her personal assistant is fantastic at names, dates, currency and a host of other details she can’t be bothered to remember, he doesn’t know much about clothes. Phoenix didn’t really come to the Carnival knowing what she would do, but she realized she needed to dress well for it, even in an exotic manner.

Fortunately, Gavin asked around, and pointed her toward Alvin, a tailor who’d fallen on hard times after sustaining a nasty injury to his right hand with an awl. Phoenix made him a similar bargain to Gary’s: his health restored for his service for a time. Alfonse came out of it far less changed, but no less loyal.

Her tailor friend is very boisterous, and very French. He’s having a little trouble adjusting to the rough-and-tumble nature of the Carnival, but is delighted to be in the presence of miracles.


Milena Požárová (Carnival)

Note: Milena Požárová is her name... which Nina/Phoenix tends to get wildly wrong.

About five years ago, Phoenix was a singer for an upper class club in Chicago. At least, Greg assures her it was Chicago. The place was beautiful, served sumptuous food and was lovely to work at. Mandy was the most talented cook there, and Phoenix’s favorite to boot.

It was also, quite coincidentally, a very inflammable locale. Phoenix was not the one to find out the hard way. To this day, she doesn’t know why it happened, but assumes a simple accident. Regardless, most of the club-goers were able to flee through the main exit. Unfortunately, a flaming ceiling beam fell and blocked the kitchen entrance, trapping Melanie.

Phoenix told Graham to go too, not wanting him to suffer if he didn’t have to, and then she sprang into action. She wasn’t strong enough to move the beam, but transforming into a bird allowed her to get into the kitchen. Melanie was dying when Phoenix got to her, but cleansing her injuries was a simple matter in the midst of the burning building.

In the chaos outside, nobody noticed Phoenix helping one more person out of the wreckage, especially given that not even her own mother would’ve recognized Mindy at that point. In the time since, Phoenix has taken her on as her ‘personal chef.’

Maxine is extremely grateful for all of this, but she feels a little stifled: she’s still not used to making lovely dishes and then burning them to cinders. Given half a chance, she’s eager to cook for any of the others at the Carnival, and Phoenix doesn’t mind her sharing her talents.

No badges for Carnival.

Early Morning In the Rockies
(2019-03-16 • Carnie's Camp) Before dawn, a few carnies gather to talk, shower, and eat shawarma.
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