The Rebel

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The Rebel

Known As

Adam Winterbourne
Malcolm Hargreave

on MUX as

The Rebel

Has Been

Science Tech USCSS Hephaestus
Heir to the Business

Apparent Age


Played By

Stephen Amell

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The system is a trap, and authority is a prison. Buck the system, question authority, and always be true to yourself. Your integrity is all you really have.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

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Prosperity's Price

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Rebel Alien.jpg

Adam Winterbourne (Alien Mutation)

You, Captain Ward, and the recently-retired navigator, Yeardly, were the original founders of the full-share collective that is the Hephaestus. It was your baby, the last of the independent long-haulers, a true collective crew. You were rebels and rockstars in the mining world for staying indie and not selling out. It's been a long run, filled with ups and downs, butt maybe it's coming to an end. Yeardly bailed at the end of the last haul. Ward is talking about cashing out after this one. You're over fifty, and being the anarch space miner is a young man's game. You still value your independence and are proud of what you accomplished, but you aren't sure you have it in you anymore. If Hartmann wants to keep it going, maybe you can be convinced to stick around a few more years, help him consolidate shares, and leave things in his hands. Or maybe this is it for you. You don't have all the answers.


Malcolm Hargreave (Prosperity's Price)

Malcolm is the first in line to inherit the Hargreave legacy despite the fact that he doesn't share the same failings that his father caters to: he doesn't drink to excess, he doesn't chase every skirt in town, he isn't really a lying bastard, nor does he have a score of children to his chagrin. In fact, Jack wasn't always a lecherous bastard. If anything, his keen intellect was passed on to his son early on to educate and instill a sense of hard-work. Malcolm is the beneficiary to the fruits of past sacrifices and tributes but he sees no reason to keep the ties that bind anymore. They've been established and he has been trying to figure out a way to rectify ancient mistakes. The more that Jack drinks, the more Malcolm becomes at odds with his father when it comes to decision-making in all ways except business. Malcolm is quite good at managing the booze industry and keeping morale high with the laborers they employ.

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