Tasted Blood (Quirk)

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Restricted to SENIORS ONLY. In the past month before the story starts, you tasted Vampiric blood without realizing it, and are now one step down the path to becoming a Vampire. The side effects so far are minor, and you don't even consciously notice them or that anything is wrong. You're clueless for now.

The sun's a bit bright to you now, and you try to avoid it where you can, but it's Havasu and it's hot so that's not too strange. You struggle to wake up in time for school and feel more awake at night. Again, this may not even be something new for some of you.

Other things may come up in Directed scenes.

Tasted Blood is a quirk. Taking this quirk provides 20 points you can spend on perks in character creation.

This quirk is or has been available in the following stories  •  Bonds of Blood  •