Psychopomp: Touch (Quirk)

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Anyone you touch gives you visions of their death, or the death of loved ones. This is NOT a good or enjoyable thing as you experience it as if it were your own. The effects of this quirk happens every single time you touch anyone. Requires a Spirit Check, no GP or re-rolls, to avoid going into shock and panic.

Psychopomp Touch FAQ 

1. Is it finger touch or any contact between naked skin? Does it have to be a touch initiated by the PC with Psychopomp? Does touching clothes trigger it off or does it have to be skin?
Skin contact of any kind.
2. Can the vision change? If I touch someone and see through their eyes that their husband kills them, can I tell our vengeance/justice goddesses who will then kill the husband before it happens and therefore invalidates the vision? Is it a concrete Fate or something that suits the conditions at the time of the touch?
It changes every time. The future isn't static, and everyone dies. It's not a power and not meant to be used as such.
3. What happens when you touch another of the PCs? Do I see their death?
See above.
4. What happens when I touch myself?
No. It doesn't happen from self-contact.
5. Who provides the visions? If I touch another PC, can I pose any vision I wish since it could be different the next time I touch them? The point of the quirk is to have a nasty vision that is distressing and debilitating - should there therefore be no details at all? Or unremembered details to prevent it being used as a power?
Since it's of no story consequence, you can make it up, let them make one up, or just refuse to say IC.

Psychopomp: Touch is a quirk. Taking this quirk provides 20 points you can spend on perks in character creation.

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