Bloodline Trait (Perk)

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FREE. Every member of the Family gets these. Always active, not limited use.

Thistle: Spirit sensitivity and resistance. Can roll Spirit to sense the presence of ghosts/spirits nearby (Vampires included), and get +1 on rolls resisting their powers.

Bloomquist: Luck and charm. Get +1 for luck ONLY on rolls where they have no positive quality or bonus of any kind, and get +1 on rolls to charm their way into or out of something.

Marchant: Dignity and class. Get +1 on rolls to resist intimidation or intentional fright (not all Freak-Out Checks), and +1 on rolls involving manners and decorum.

Freeland: Tenacity and drive. Get +1 on rolls to succeed against the odds (where they are at a negative of any kind), and +1 to finish something they've started.

Lester: Keen senses and animal friendship. Get +1 on any roll involving their senses, and can roll Spirit to befriend animals and interact positively with them.

Bloodline Trait is a perk. It can be purchased for 10 points in character creation, or may be available free with faction membership in some stories.

This perk is or has been available in the following stories  •  Bonds of Blood  •