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Kylie Shorley

on MUX as

The Penitent


The Penitent


Tenochtitlan Refinery Docking Tech

Apparent Age


Played By

Eliza Dushku

Guilt. Responsibility. I need to make it right.

Things weren't supposed to go this way, and I want to help. I need to make it up to you.

Is it for you, or is it to make me feel better about my own guilt?

I'm sorry.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Somehow, it's your fault. You did a bad thing, but now you can atone and make it right. Balance the scales. Your burden is heavy, but it's yours to bear.

Role in Alien Mutation

You're not proud of your past. When you were young, you worked on Sevastopol Station, and when things there went to hell, you became one of the looters and pirates. You even shot a woman and you don't know if she lived - given how that whole nightmare ended, she probably didn't. You got out on one of the last hijacked ships, then promptly had your crew turn on you, take everything, and ditch you on another station. You've changed your name and gone incognito ever since.

Now you work on the docking level of the refinery at Tenochtitlan Station. You pilot power loaders, move cargo through the umbilicus, and oversee the unloading. It's hard work, but it's honest. You're not hurting anyone. You're not stealing. You just want to live your life better than you were, before.


Brawn: Normal
+ Endurance (Positive)
Finesse: Good
+ Power Loader Driver. (Positive)
+ Running (Positive)
Brains: Normal
+ Techie (Positive)
Spirit: Normal
- Greed (Negative)
- Regrets (Negative)
+ Friendly (Positive)



Exotic Entertainment Synthetic

Weird Synth who brings me all kinds of fancy goodies. Not bad, but weird.


James Fisher (Alien Mutation)

Dock Worker
James' first time in space is working the docks of the Noc, and he attached himself to Kylie as a mentor figure very quickly upon realizing her experience in this line of work.

Active Character:
Alien Mutation

Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is

matched only by its hostility.

Ash - Alien

What Happened?
(2018-09-25 • Noc - Afterburner Bar) Shorley finds Michel after the recent alien encounter.
Cast  •   Michel Thorne  •  Kylie Shorley  •
The Clock is Ticking (Part 2) - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badass
(2018-09-22 • Back Corridors & Warehouse) The trackers find the hive, and chaos ensues.
Cast  •   Dr. Michael Strickland  •  Kylie Shorley  •  Wolfram Kinneson  •  Michel Thorne  •  Callum McClane  •  Ramona  •  Kira  •  Mia  •  Raymond Chong  •  Claire Mills  •
Best Way To Die
(2018-09-21 • Eclipse - Total Eclipse) Chatter in the Eclipse.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Gianna Harris  •  Dr. Alexis January  •
My Best Synth Friend
(2018-09-19 • Noc - Main Concourse) Kylie and Ramona share a moment.
Cast  •   Ramona  •  Kylie Shorley  •
The Trackers Work
(2018-09-16 • Eclipse - The Promenade) The S team gather to start working on a plan.
Cast  •   Dr. Jenette Sterling  •  Kylie Shorley  •  Dr. Michael Strickland  •
Not a good time for emotion
(2018-09-15 • Eclipse suites) After vanishing for a night, Shorley wonders where she was.
Cast  •   Michel Thorne  •  Kylie Shorley  •
Tour of the Eclipse
(2018-09-13 • Eclipse - The Promenade) Kylie sees Ramona again, reactivated.
Cast  •   Ramona  •  Kylie Shorley  •
(2018-09-12 • Eclipse - The Promenade) A volunteer sweep almost walks into a trap.
Cast  •   Luke Graves  •  Kira  •  Dr. Jenette Sterling  •  Kylie Shorley  •
Who's Nice?
(2018-09-12 • Eclipse - Supernova Theater) Chatter between Alexis and Kylie
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Dr. Alexis January  •
(2018-09-09 • Eclipse - The Promenade) People and cats reunite after the Promenade seals off.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Michel Thorne  •  Dr. Michael Strickland  •
Sudden Decompression Sucks
(2018-09-07 • Eclipse - The Promenade) Two survivors meet up with some of the residents of the upper levels of the station.
Cast  •   Venus  •  Robert "Bob" Trevalsky  •  Dr. Alexis January  •  Kylie Shorley  •
Shorley She Made It
(2018-09-06 • Noc - Main Concourse) Shorley breaks land-speed records.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •
Stress and Panic
(2018-09-03 • Noc - Main Concourse) Shorley meets some people in what is becoming the main shelter for the Noc workers.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Henry Erickson  •  Dr. Michael Strickland  •
Visiting Pants
(2018-09-02 • Shorley's Quarters) As promised, Driscoll makes a delivery to Shorley.
Cast  •   Rhys Driscoll  •  Kylie Shorley  •
An Offer of Escape
(2018-08-31 • Noc - Danny's Diner) Thorne and Driscoll keep each other informed with current events at the diner.
Cast  •   Rhys Driscoll  •  Michel Thorne  •  Kylie Shorley  •
What to do?
(2018-08-30 • Twin Star Observatory) Kylie Shorley finds Katja after the EVA's encounter in the cargo dock.
Cast  •   Katja Numminen  •  Kylie Shorley  •
Gossip and Blackjack
(2018-08-26 • Eclipse - Casino Floor) A small gathering in the casino leads to some thoughts (and concerns) on the Joes...
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Gambler2/Cooley  •  Bailey Marks  •  Claire Mills  •  Katja Numminen  •  William Sommerset  •  Michel Thorne  •
(2018-08-26 • Eclipse - The Promenade) Kylie is wondering what to do -- And happens across Ramona with a similar curiosity.
Cast  •   Ramona  •  Kylie Shorley  •
Celebration Cut Short
(2018-08-26 • Noc - Cargo Dock then the Twin Star Observatory) The Hephaestus crew go to the Twin Star to celebrate their cargo unloading in style before a drunk Ian ruins the good mood with tales of killer Working Joes.
Cast  •   Amara Adams  •  Rhys Driscoll  •  Aaron Hartmann  •  Hiroshi Kurokawa  •  Ian Brennan  •  Michel Thorne  •  Kylie Shorley  •
Word Gets Around
(2018-08-23 • Noc - Danny's Diner) Shorley finds Thorne and demands some answers. She gets them...but so does Thorne.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Michel Thorne  •
Hephaestus Repairs Part 1
(2018-08-23 • Noc - Cargo Dock) The crew repairs the umbilica to the Hephaestus so that the cargo can move again.
Cast  •   Rhys Driscoll  •  Amara Adams  •  Kylie Shorley  •  Aaron Hartmann  •  Hiroshi Kurokawa  •
Revealed Past
(2018-08-20 • Afterburner) Hannah Riordan gets information out of Kylie Shorley after the explosion on the Noc.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Hannah Riordan  •
We Will Rock You
(2018-08-19 • Noc - Cargo Dock) The Hephaestus and cargo bay are rocked by a sudden explosion.
Cast  •   Aaron Hartmann  •  Rhys Driscoll  •  Kylie Shorley  •  Violet "The Kid" Zane  •  Hiroshi Kurokawa  •  Rashid Khan  •  Amara Adams  •  Gavin MacVanish  •  Aaron Hartmann  •  James Fisher  •  Maria Silva  •  The Director  •
To Blend or Not to Blend
(2018-08-15 • Afterburner Bar) Kylie is tinkering, Kira is not drinking, and each becomes curious about the other.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Kira  •
Looking for Answers
(2018-08-15 • Near the Diner, Lower Levels) Shorley and Hannah Riordan meet up after shift and chat a few minutes. Something is revealed that is of particular importance to the Overseer's daughter.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Hannah Riordan  •
Better Late Than Never
(2018-08-15 • Noc - Cargo Dock) The Hephaestus finally docks.
Cast  •   Rhys Driscoll  •  Violet "The Kid" Zane  •  Kylie Shorley  •  Gavin MacVanish  •  Aiden Thayer  •
Getting to Know You
(2018-08-14 • Noc - Afterburner Bar) Michel meets with Kylie for the planned date. There's talk of power loaders. And dancing.
Cast  •   Kylie Shorley  •  Michel Thorne  •
Not a Robot
(2018-08-12 • Noc - Afterburner Bar) One of the Ludovica's security complement has a personal issue in the Afterburner.
Cast  •   Michel Thorne  •  Kylie Shorley  •  Silas Kane  •  Luke Graves  •  Ramona  •  Hannah Gibbons  •
Beer and Darts
(2018-08-07 • The Afterburner) A glimpse into the lives of those who live and work on the 'Noc.
Cast  •   Raymond Chong  •  Katja Numminen  •  Kylie Shorley  •  Ramona  •