Lynch (The Penitent)

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Also Known As

Lynched Julia

on MUX as



The Penitent



Apparent Age


Played By

Eliza Dushku

Faction Membership


Guilt. Responsibility. I need to make it right.

Things weren't supposed to go this way, and I want to help. I need to make it up to you.

Is it for you, or is it to make me feel better about my own guilt?

I'm sorry.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Somehow, it's your fault. You did a bad thing, but now you can atone and make it right. Balance the scales. Your burden is heavy, but it's yours to bear.

Role in The Last Road

War Child. Charioteer. Bad leg.

Were you born in Sanctuary or out in he wastes?

Born in the wastes. Delivered by a single parent, her father, to Sanctuary who was in a rush and was never seen again. Maybe he couldn't take care of a child. Maybe he didn't want to. At the very least, he didn't abandon her.

Are you pure (completely healthy), contaminated (minor but clear defects/health issues), or sick (cancer present)?

Like most war children, she is sick as. The leg for a start, she can't walk without the brace made for her, but getting around is clunky and slow. But the constant coughing hints at some real problems.

What caste are you in? What position do you hold in it?

War Kids. Charioteer. She joined them early on and did her time as a child. Now she can drive. She can practically make a vehicle get up and dance. Just don't ask her to do the same thing.

What are your character's thoughts/views on their caste and Sanctuary as a whole?

It's a life. It doesn't matter. She tries to do good things for people. People get to live. Sometimes people have to die. She feels bad about that. But sometimes people do bad things to her. Like string her up and leave her for dead. Hence the name. She survived.

Vroom vroom.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Normal
Spirit: Normal

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