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La Llorona

on MUX as



The Penitent


Burlesque Performer/Whore

Apparent Age


Played By

Eliza Dushku

Faction Membership


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Guilt. Responsibility. I need to make it right.

Things weren't supposed to go this way, and I want to help. I need to make it up to you.

Is it for you, or is it to make me feel better about my own guilt?

I'm sorry.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Somehow, it's your fault. You did a bad thing, but now you can atone and make it right. Balance the scales. Your burden is heavy, but it's yours to bear.

Role in Carnival

Coming To America

Call her Lamia, and remember the daughter of Poseidon, the Queen that earned the jealousy of Hera, cursed into a child-eating serpent monster after an affair with Zeus, her own children killed. By herself or Hera, the story changes with the telling of it. In Hellenistic folklore, it was not children that she hunted for, but the conception of her shifted into that of a sultry seductress who enticed young men and devoured them.

Call her the Succubus, a demon in female form that would seduce men, draining the very life of them, making them her own until it killed them.

Call her the Rusalka, river spirit, malicious to mankind, though it were not always so. Luring and drowning those to their deaths that fall under her charms, an unclean spirit.

Call her La Llorona, the woman who had everything, except the attention of her own husband. In jealousy, she drowned her own children, and was overcome by grief. She searches for them even now, to seek her lost children. Any children. Other children. They are often not seen again.

A combination, and a retelling of the same story appropriated time and time again by various cultures over the years created a handful of beings. One of those beings has ended up here, a mixture of lust, longing, and regrets over her lost children. No longer is she left offerings, no longer is she feared like she once was. And disappeared children get a lot more attention these days ... but she can still bask in the adoration of others at the most basic level.

Carnival of Wonders

Call her Lorraine. Dancing for the filthy masses of mortals wasn't how she imagined her existence ending up, but it's mildly better than sitting in a river hoping for the right people to come along to scare the life out of -- literally. Bedding them for their brief moments of adulation in her arms is definitely better, and allows her to lean into that aspect of herself even further.

And sometimes, when it's quiet enough, some who won't be missed might never be seen again after an evening with Lorraine.


La Llarona

Her default form, the weeping woman. The monster.



Her favored form. Lorraine is who she most often will be seen as.



La Llorona is sometimes more comfortable and at home in this guise, however.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Good
+ Athletic (Positive)
+ Dancer (Positive)
Brains: Poor
+ Perceptive (Positive)
Spirit: Good
+ Alluring (Positive)
- Lazy (Negative)

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshifter (Human)

She has a couple of human forms she likes to take, most commonly that of Lorraine.
+ Shapeshifter (Animal)

Lamia is often depicted as a woman with a serpent like body.
+ Minor Power - Mesmerism (Spirit)

Can entrance and mesmerize mortals, making them suggestible or pliable. They must be no worse than neutrally disposed to her. Cannot make them do anything life-threatening to themselves or others. Uses Spirit.
+ Minor Power - Incorporeal shift (Brawn)

For one round she can become incorporeal, appearing as a translucent humanoid shape. Uses brawn.
+ Minor Power - Surprisingly Strong (Brawn)

Can lift up to 600lbs and perform feats of strength. +1 to Brawn rolls for the scene. Uses Brawn to activate.
+ Versatile
- Monstrous Diet

She feeds on life in various forms. Most often it's blood, but she can consume flesh as well.
- Fortune's Fool

Legend says she's bad luck to be around.
- Too Pretty

It can draw all sorts of attention.
- Weakness (Minor)

She really struggles to cross a circle of candles or incense. She can be bound/barred by circles cast against her.


Gran Brigitte

Runs the Cooch Tent



Mad Sweeney

Bally of the Burlesque

He talks me up and helps with the show. I try to leave him gifts and get good luck.

Scholar 2 monstr 4.png


Burlesque Dancer, 'The Illuminated Man', Calligrapher




Callie the Mermaid





We met a long time ago, now we meet again. Helps me sleep.


Maria Vicario (Carnival)

Vendor, Jewelry Craftor
Maria is a bitter woman who lost a child to La Llorona. She didn't believe, and found her son drowned with the monster taking credit for the act. She broke a little, at both the realization of what truly exists in the world and what happened to her child.

Now, Lorraine wants Maria's other child as well. The fear this inspires is a delight for her. Some creatures were not made to be worshiped, after all, but to be feared and appeased. Maria keeps the location of her daughter secret, and works for La Llorona and the Carnivale, and lives in fear of the woman ever learning where her daughter is.

It's enough, for now.


Tom Summers (Carnival)

Tom was just someone who wanted to see the Carvinal, ended up in the tent that provided the adult entertainment, and found himself swept away in it all. He's fallen for Lorraine, and fallen for her hard. He works now, with the Carnival itself, doing manual labour, and spending any free time he can get in the Cooch tent watching Lorraine. He's figured out what she is, and strangely, it's just made him even more enamoured of her.

Sometimes, Lorraine even deigns to notice him back. Just enough to keep him coming back to her.


Nancy Smith (Carnival)

Lorraine and Nancy hit it off in the days before the Carnival. Nancy is enamored of the Succubus and would pretty much do anything for her. When it came time to join the carnival, she came along. Sometimes they're a double act. Nancy feels herself blessed to be part of Lorraine's existence.

No badges for Carnival.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
(2019-05-05 • Ballgame) Nikki takes Lorraine to show the Weeping Woman something of her plans.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Nike  •
Bearing Gifts
(2019-04-29 • Apothecary Tent) Lorraine, Urania, Low-Key, and Diamanto visit Hypnos' opium den and come bearing gifts.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Hypnos  •  Diamond Devil  •  Loki  •  Urania  •
Paradise Found
(2019-04-18 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) The group sent to town for supplies returns with dire news and a mob not far behind them.
Cast  •   Bik  •  Urania  •  The Unicorn  •  Coyote  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Manticore  •  Gran Brigitte  •  Osiris  •  Hodr  •  Hypnos  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Dashiel Hogarth  •  Ouroboras  •  Urania  •  Artemis  •  Thunderbird  •  La Llorona  •
Hollywood, Where Dreams Go To Die
(2019-04-10 • Lycium Cinema) Several of the carnival troupe visit Truth or Conesquences' cinema in order to meet with Ishtar.
Cast  •   Alecto  •  La Llorona  •  Bik  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Áine  •  Hodr  •  Manticore  •  The Unicorn  •  Gran Brigitte  •
Blowing Smoke
(2019-04-08 • Apothecary Tent) In the guise of Thomas Mayne, Osiris pays a visit to Hypnos' den of iniquity with a request and finds it crowded. Lorraine grimly weighs the possibilities, Holden and Diamanto discuss marriage, and Theodoro and Elene become kissing cousins.
Cast  •   Hodr  •  Artemis  •  La Llorona  •  Osiris  •  Hypnos  •  Diamond Devil  •
Twilight Revelations
(2019-04-03 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Mephistopheles chats with the carnies about radio. Afterwards, more carnies continue the conversation.
Cast  •   Bik  •  Olivia Isaacson  •  Hypnos  •  La Llorona  •  Nike  •  Osiris  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Confidant1/Hodr  •  Áine  •  Director1/  •  Coyote (as Kit)  •  Chiva  •  Diamond Devil  •
The Gas Station
(2019-04-02 • A Gas Station) Nikki and Lorraine stop at a gas station to refuel. Things get dark. (NSFW log)
Cast  •   Nike  •  La Llorona  •
War of the Worlds
(2019-04-01 • Nowhere) A large group travels to hear The Radio's message.
Cast  •   Coyote  •  Bik  •  Manticore  •  Sekhmet  •  Hypnos  •  Áine  •  La Llorona  •  Mad Sweeney  •  The Unicorn  •  Director1/  •
ReBirthday Party
(2019-03-31 • Carnival Grounds - Adult Area) The Children Of A Lesser God have a reason to celebrate. Everyone's Invited.
Cast  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Urania (as Urania)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Bik (as Bik)  •  Diamond Devil (as Diamento)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •  Hodr (as Holden/Owen)  •
Tempting Consequences
(2019-03-31 • Truth or Consequences) Nikki drives Lorraine and Cedric and a few others to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico ahead of the rest to drum up some interest for the Carnival's arrival.
Cast  •   La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •
Time and Change
(2019-03-28 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Two wonders chat about the changes of time and perception at camp in the later hours between shows.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Urania  •
Sing me to sleep
(2019-03-28 • Apothecary Tent) Lorraine stops by the apothecary tent to get some help sleeping.
Cast  •   Nike  •  La Llorona  •  Hypnos  •  Urania  •
Priests and Cannibals
(2019-03-27 • The Colorado Wilderness) Lorraine, Leona, and Kemen stumble on Dean and Diamanto and their thiasus.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Sekhmet  •  Osiris  •  Dionysus  •  Diamond Devil  •  Maahes  •  Ethel Whitmore  •  Philomena Mitchell  •  Georgia Stavros  •
Backstage Tea
(2019-03-26 • Backstage at the Cooch Tent) Lorraine and Rana plan to help Philomena out.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Rana Shani  •  Philomena Mitchell  •
Radio Blah-Blah
(2019-03-26 • Nikki's Tent) Lorraine drops by Nikki's tent and learns about the radio message.
Cast  •   Nike (as Nikki Victor)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) The Big Top puts on a flashy show in Nowhere, Colorado to draw repeat visitors and spark belief in magic.
Cast  •   Dionysus (as Dean)  •  Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Sasha Savage (as audience)  •  La Llorona (as audience)  •  Thunderbird (as audience)  •  Mad Sweeney (as audience)  •  Taema and Tilafaiga (as Kiri)  •  Diamond Devil (as audience)  •  Osiris (as Kemen)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Manticore (as audience)  •  Theodore Walker  •  Aya Chione  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Kitsune (as The Tangerine Torpedo)  •
Going Nowhere Fast
(2019-03-21 • Nowhere) Nikki shows off her car to Dean and Lorraine on a trip to Nowhere, where they run into Rana, Leona, and a more unexpected familiar face...
Cast  •   Dionysus (as Dean)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Zeus (as Sky)  •  Osiris (as Rana)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •
Drinking from a mug
(2019-03-20 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Lorraine and Nikki finally catch up since the carnival came to Nowhere. Dia joins the conversation.
Cast  •   La Llorona  •  Nike  •  Diamond Devil  •
Lost in Wonder
(2019-03-19 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Two townie urchins sneak into the Carnie Camp. Chaos ensues. Conclusion: Found in Wonder
Cast  •   Osiris (as Aya-Kemen)  •  Coyote (as Kit)  •  Baldr (as Logan)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Greta Hellstrom  •  Gunter Hellstrom  •
With Wonder and a Wild Desire
(2019-03-18 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) People try out some new things at the Big Top tent during rehearsal and gain some familiar idle spectators. Afterwards, they mingle before the night's shows require rest and ready.
Cast  •   Mad Sweeney  •  Diamond Devil  •  Áine  •  Sekhmet  •  Kitsune  •  Theodore Walker  •  Lawrence Kelly  •  Erik Burton  •  Maahes  •  La Llorona  •
Something Sexy This Way Comes
(2019-03-17 • Carnival Grounds - Cooch Tent) The fine people of Nowhere, Colorado are entertained by the Carnival of Burlesque.
Cast  •   Manticore  •  La Llorona  •  Mad Sweeney  •  Georgia Stavros  •  Mal Winchester  •