Shaitan (The Pedagogue)

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Also Known As

The Wasteland Devil

on MUX as



The Pedagogue



Apparent Age


Played By

Rob Lowe
India Gants

Faction Membership

Lone Wanderer

This is someone who lives to learn, to uncover, to discover, and then pass that knowledge on to others. They are old school, preferring putting pen to paper and chalk to board to write down their thought processes, and lecture face to face rather than via screens. They shepherd knowledge and learners, while being ever open to learning themselves.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Learning and teaching, that's what's important. You will never know even a fraction of everything there is to know, and that inspires you to try. Teaching others makes you happiest of all.

Role in The Last Road

Shaitan, the Wasteland Devil, is a Scavenger, the last of her group, the Far-Seekers. The group was known for scavenging further than any other groups, looking for new places and things to loot well beyond the picked-over known places. The group met their demise past the edges of the known Wasteland, encountering something terrible, when Shaitan was 23. She was the sole survivor, and refuses to talk about what happened. Whatever it was, it visits her in nightmares, and she loathes and avoids sleeping,if she can.

She has been on her own for five years now and, without her tribe of Scavengers she struggled to be allowed into the Sanctuary to trade. It was Vishys that made her a deal, he'd get her a Scav trading spot in the Capital in exchange for gettinng first pick of her salvage, and 20% of the Lux she earned from the rest. Sometimes he forgoes that picking in exchange for maps, or being read to, as he is illiterate.

She's known for mapping the Wasteland areas she goes to, being very sharp-witted, tactical, fierce, and clever, which has been the key to her survival out there. She drives a battered and chunked together vehicle which has a small hauling compartment in the rear for salvage. Her constant companion is a crow she simply calls "Bird".

  • Scavenger - She always has things to sell, and knowledge to trade for Lux or favors.
  • Pure
  • 50dw (28 years old)
  • A+ blood type
  • Bird - Her pet crow is good at spotting shinies in the Wastes.
  • Cartographer - She makes maps.


Brawn: Normal
- Insomniac (Negative)

In the Wastelands, lengthy or deep sleep is dangerous. And worse when it's plagued by nightmares. She is often tired from lack of sleep, and when it becomes an extended time without, she may hallucinate.
Finesse: Normal
+ Driving (Positive)

She drives a clunked together vehicle with storage space for her finds out in the Wasteland. She's been driving it since she was 10 years old.
+ Firearms (Positive)

She is well-trained in, and quite comfortable with guns of all sorts.
Brains: Good
+ Cartography (Positive)

She maps the Wasteland areas she goes to.
+ Salvage Appraisal (Positive)

She has a good eye for what things found in the Wastes are worth back in the cities.
+ Wasteland Survival (Positive)

She knows when to move, and when to seek shelter, what can be eaten and what is poisonous, where dangerous creatures or groups reside, and paths that are safer to take.
Spirit: Normal
- Depression (Negative)

She suffered the loss of her Scavenging tribe, along with all her blood relatives. It haunts her, and she feels incredibly alone and often gets trapped in a cycle of dark thoughts.
- Ornery (Negative)

Shai is not easy to get to know, and her way of greeting people is often a growl if she dislikes you, or a grunt if she tolerates you. She doesn't make friends, just associates she trusts enough to trade with.

Perks and Quirks

+ Area of Expertise (Salvaging)
+ Danger Sense
+ Wasteland Explorer
+ Wasteland Lore
+ Self-Sufficient
- Big Favor - Vishys

He used his influence to get her a trading spot in Sanctuary. In return, he gets first pick of her salvage and 20% of the Lux she earns off the rest.
- Hunted

Something or someone slaughtered the entire scav tribe known as the Far-seekers, leaving only Shai alive. It is still on the hunt for her.
- Reputation

She is not very sociable, harsh and not there to make friends, which also makes it harder to have people to trust or have her back. She tends to respond to insults with fists or a gun.
- Outsider


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Imperator of Arms

She owes him for getting her into Sanctuary to trade. They made a bargain. She may have a teensy soft spot for the geriatric War Kid. She'd never tell him so, though.



Weather & Explosive Ordinance Detector

Vishys' explosive detecting Fox. Cute. If she keeps pestering Bird though, she might get pecked to death.


Bird (The Last Road)

Finder of Shiny Things
The crow was injured when Shaitan found it 2 years ago. She nursed it back to health and it bonded with her for feeding it. He is good at finding shiny things in the Wastes, and knows a couple of commands. He's kind of an asshole though, tending to peck or bite at anyone who comes near him that isn't Shai.

No badges for The Last Road.

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