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Detective Mason Cross

on MUX as

The Pedagogue


Police Detective

Apparent Age


Played By

The Pedagogue

Role in Bonds of Blood

Mason Cross has lived in Lake Havasu all his life. He only left for college to get a BS in Criminal Justice, then returned and entered the police academy. After 5 years as a patrol officer, he passed the Detective's Exam at the age of 28. Now a Detective Sergeant, he works diligently to investigate the murders and disappearances in the city.

His brother and his wife are religious fanatics, so they're estranged, but his brother's child, Rooney, has gotten mixed up with a gang to get away from them. He has tried to give her a place to go, but so far she hasn't taken him up on it.

  • Detective in the LHPD
  • Uncle of Roo Painkiller
  • Brother and his wife are VERY religious


Brawn: Normal
+ Brawler (Positive)

He's good in a fist fight.
Finesse: Normal
+ Firearms (Positive)

He's skilled with pistols and shotguns.
Brains: Normal
+ Investigation (Positive)

He's a detective!
+ Forensics (Positive)

He's good at finding and collecting evidence.
Spirit: Normal
+ Interrogation (Positive)

He is skilled at getting suspects to talk.
- Hot-tempered (Negative)

If his buttons are pushed, he can get violently angry.
- Alone (Negative)

He is estranged from his overly religious family, and his niece is tied up in a gang of some sort.
- Functional Alcoholic (Negative)

The things he sees haunt him. He drinks them away.


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Gang Kid

Niece. Smart but troubled. Her parents' religious fervor only made matters worse over the years. As soon as she turned 18 last year she bolted, and there's nothing you could do about it. You offered to take her in, but she's skittish. Now she runs with Payne's gang.

No badges for Bonds of Blood.

LHPD Interview - Theodore Marchant
(2019-08-19 • Lake Havasu Police Department) Theodore Marchant is brought in for an interview with Detective Cross.
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