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Also Known As

Logan Odinson

on MUX as



The Pedagogue


The Unbreakable Man/Roustabout

Apparent Age


Played By

Rob Lowe
India Gants

Faction Membership

The Unbreakable Man
Head Roustie

Colossal we come these renegades in the ring

Where the lost get found at the crown of the circus king

Don't fight it, it's coming for you, running at ya

It's only this moment, don't care what comes after

It's blinding, outshining anything that you know

Just surrender 'cause you're calling and you wanna go

Where it's covered in all the colored lights

Where the runaways are running the night

Impossible comes true, intoxicating you

Oh, this is the greatest show

We light it up, we won't come down

And the sun can't stop us now

Watching it come true, it's taking over you

Oh, this is the greatest show


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This is someone who lives to learn, to uncover, to discover, and then pass that knowledge on to others. They are old school, preferring putting pen to paper and chalk to board to write down their thought processes, and lecture face to face rather than via screens. They shepherd knowledge and learners, while being ever open to learning themselves.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Learning and teaching, that's what's important. You will never know even a fraction of everything there is to know, and that inspires you to try. Teaching others makes you happiest of all.

Role in Carnival

Coming To America

We were here before the Spaniards, the English, the French. We were here before everyone except the Native Americans. Leif, the son of Erik the Red, brought us to the continent shortly after the turn of the millennium. The first millennium that is. Vinland was founded in the valley of the gulf of St. Lawrence, and a ship repair station was built at L’Anse aux Meadows. They populated Leifsbudir, Straumfjǫrðr, and Hóp, and over time began moving southwards into what would become America centuries later, for trade or war with the skrælingjar.

We were almost forgotten, until Columbus made a big to-do about the New World, and ships began arriving. With them came some of our people, from Greenland, Iceland, and Scandinavia. Many remembered, in their bones and their fiery blood, the old gods. They woke us from our slumber once more, drawing us down from Vinland with beliefs in Odin and his sons: Thor, Baldr and Hodr, and the adopted Loki. The told their children the tales of the Valkyries, the Jotunn, and the threat of Ragnarok, and left their offerings to us in the woods. Only the indigenous gods of the Native Americans have walked this soil longer than we have. But we were never as strong here as they were.

And we would be weaker still, when the onslaught of Christianity would dub us gods of paganism, make us criminal to worship, put our people at risk of death or ostracism should they raise their faces to the summer sun and thank Baldr the Beautiful for it’s light. We withered, and still do. Only a smattering of our people still think of us as more than stories or myth. We needed to find a new source of worship.

The Unbreakable Man

Baldr's memory is spotty when the last century or so is concerned. So much of the knowledge of the Norse gods, their lives, and their rich mythology has faded from this land. His wife, Nanni, and his son, Forsetti, have already been forgotten, and so they are no longer in his memory. This has caused a strange situation for the once loving and high living god. He believes he has no family, no love, because he is Baldr the Pure, and thus he is chaste. If he stops being chaste, he will cease to have powers.

Odin and Thor and Loki are still well known thanks to literature and art in the modern day, but many of their kin have faded or are on the cusp of it. Baldr and Hodr are especially vulnerable, having only appeared in the Prose Edda, a level of scholarly literature few in the Depression can find, let alone read. They joined the Carnival at its inception, desperate to find some form of worship.

Some time ago, Loki tricked Hodr into serving Baldr a cup of tea steeped in mistletoe, the one thing that his mother did not get to swear not to harm him. It destroyed his voice. Since then, he's carried a slate, like those used by school children, on a chain on his belt and a piece of chalk on a string around his neck, to write out what he needs to. He also knows some sign language, but not many of the Carnival workers do. Lars Holmgren does, though, and acts as his voice in most situations. He has also compiled a notebook of instructions regarding the Carnival's set up and take down, the building and running of the various rides, etc, which he uses to teach new roustabouts.

Baldr typically hides his true form from all but the Carnival members. He most often takes the form of Logan Odinson, the oddly young Head Roustabout who works hard, and teaches new people the ropes of setting up and taking down the show, and operating the rides.

Baldr occasionally takes his true form and performs on the midway as the Unbreakable Man. Rubes can pay money to throw things at him and watch them bounce off. This act is usually only performed on the final night in a town, because it has the risk of starting a riot among the bible-clutching folk who see an impossibly beautiful man who cannot be hurt. He's been mistaken for Jesus, or Satan, equally, and both are equally bad for the show.


Logan Odinson

Roustabouts (Head Roustie)

Logan is a young Roustabout who helps out up and take down the Carnival at their stops. During the day he often works the Colossus, the carnival's ferris wheel, alongside Lars Holmgren.

PD-Logan2.jpg PD-Logan3.jpg PD-Logan4.jpg PD-Logan5.jpg

Baldr has begun looking into the concept of immunizations and vaccinations, as they are the mortals small taste of his invulnerability. Smallpox in 1796, Pertussis in 1914, Diphtheria in 1926, and Tetanus on the way in 1938. But it's in 1935 that real progress is seen on a Polio Vaccine,and the decades long rush to perfect it begins. Baldr is looking at a campaign that could use his image in two ways. First, his myth of being invulnerable showing immunization as a super-human power. Second, how even the strongest can be felled by something tiny, like a preventable disease (his death myth) as a cautionary tale to get immunized.


Brawn: Good
+ Baldr the Warrior (Brawler) (Positive)

He is an excellent melee and fistuffs combatant.
- Baldr the Dreamer (Insomnia) (Negative)

Baldr often has terrible nightmares. On the day after one, he gets a negative to Brawn rolls.
Finesse: Normal
+ Baldr the Nimble (Excellent Balance) (Positive)

He is very adept at climbing structures like the Ferris Wheel, due to excellent balance.
Brains: Normal
+ Baldr the Teacher (Teaching) (Positive)

He is very good at helping others learn, despite the obstacle of his muteness. He uses writing to teach.
+ Baldr the Wise (Roustie Know How) (Positive)

He knows how to put up and take down the Carnival with his eyes closed. He knows where everything goes, and where everything is, which paths are quickest to what spots.
Spirit: Normal
+ Baldr the Brave (Fearless) (Positive)

There are few things that cause the Unbreakable Man to fear.
+ Baldr the Beautiful (Charismatic) (Positive)

Even in his human guise, he is bursting with charisma, even when covered in dirt and grime and looking poor as a churchmouse.
+ Baldr the Leader (Leadership) (Positive)
- Baldr the Silent (Mute) (Negative)

Baldr lost his voice to Loki's mystical meddling and a cup of tea steeped in mistletoe. Although he carries a slate to write on, and knows ASL, how many Carnies can read, or know ASL? Lars is the one he relies on for his voice, and he can only tell things to his twin through an intermediary as Hodr is blind.
- Baldr the Pure (Naive) (Negative)

Baldr is somewhat naive, despite being an ageless god. This is mostly because much of his immediate family and pantheon have faded in America and been stricken from his memory. He is too trusting much of the time.
- Baldr the Generous (Overly Generous) (Negative)

Known for his mythically epic levels of generosity, Baldr keeps very little money for himself, giving it all to other Carnies in greater need. He has a ratty little one man tent with a bedroll, and very few items to call his own. He's been known to even give up his tent for the night to the needy, and sleep beneath a wagon.

Perks and Quirks

+ Shapeshift (Human)

Baldr takes the form of human Roustabout, Logan Odinson, most of the time. It's his means of blending in as a difference from his other-wordly beautiful god-visage. He's still a very pretty young man, who draws the eyes of the attendees. Logan appears to be in his late teens, young, lean but strong, and works on putting up and taking down the carnival. He often works alongside Lars Holmgren on the operation of the Wonder Wheel, the carnival's ferris wheel.
+ Power (Major): Invulnerability - Brawn

The Unbreakable Man cannot be harmed by anything on Earth, other than mistletoe, the one thing his mother forgot to get a pledge from to never harm her son. 5GP per use. Requires a Stat Check of associated stat If the roll fails, no GP is spent. Results are determined by the Director in the interest of balance and story.
+ Power (Minor): Prophetic Dreams - Brains

Baldr gets prophetic dreams. Sometimes they are helpful. Sometimes they are just of his future death which will cause Ragnarok.3GP per use. Requires a Stat Check of associated stat. If the roll fails, no GP is spent. Results are determined by the Director in the interest of balance and story.
+ Power (Minor): Light Manipulation (Freebie) - Finesse

He is the god of light, and as such he can increase or decrease the light from existing sources. 3GP per use. Requires a Stat Check of associated stat. If the roll fails, no GP is spent. Results are determined by the Director in the interest of balance and story.
- Weakness: Mistletoe

A ingestion of something merely steeped in it stole his voice permanently. Per legend, a little dart made of it could pierce his heart and strike him dead. And all the norse folk know this weakness, so do their worshippers, and anyone that reads the Poetic Edda.
- Superstitious

Baldr and the people have all forgotten he was once married to Nanni, and had a son (Forsetti). He believes that his moniker, Baldr the Pure, stands for his chastity, and that if he loses his purity, he will lose his powers. This is strong enough that if he strays, he might actually lose one of his powers each time until there are none.
- Fortune's Fool

Baldr has some pretty bad luck, when you think about it. Not only is he plagued with bad dreams (which cause him to lose sleep and thus make mistakes), he seems to have a hard time in stressful situations (ie scenes) where his inability to communicate verbally trips him up, or something just goes wrong. He usually blames Loki for meddling.
- Too Pretty

Baldr the Beautiful. That is what they called him. Light, joy, purity, the summer sun, are all embodied in this son of Odin. You're inhumanly beautiful, and stick out no matter how hard you try to fit in or look normal. Mortals become obsessed with you.


This youth appears to be in his late teens or early 20s, long and lanky with a lean musculature that indicates a life of hard work. His dark hair looks like it's had some pomeade put into it to try and keep it out of his eyes while he is working. His eyes are a bright and piercing blue, his nose slight, bottom lip full, and jaw strong. He is dressed in ratty jeans a size or two too large, tightly belted at his waist, with a henley that may have been white once, now mostly gray. Over it is worn a plaid flannel shirt, and work boots cover his feet, the laces a mess. His face is smudged with dirt, like most everyone's here in the Dust Bowl, and his nails are filthy. He has a tool belt, with work gloves tucked into it, and a chain on it attached to a school slate he keeps tucked in the back of his pants. Around his neck is a string with chalk tied to it.


PD-Baldr2.jpg PD-Baldr3.jpg PD-Baldr4.jpg PD-Baldr5.jpg Baldr6.jpg Baldr7.jpg Baldr8.jpg Hiero.jpg Hiero2.jpg



Sideshow Marksman

My beloved twin brother. I forgave him for his mistake that cost me my voice. I know it was Loki's manipulation that did it.


Gunter Hellstrom (Carnival)

Freakshow Dwarf
Brother of Greta. He is a dwarf at only 3 feet 7 inches tall, a sharp contrast to his older sister, who is over 7 feet in height. He is know for his sharp wit and cantankerous personality, also in sharp contrast to his gentle sweet sister. He performs in the 10-in-1 as Lit the Dwarf, names after the Norse Dwarf kicked into Baldr's funeral pyre by Thor in the Edda.

The pair came over from Finland as children, and their mother told them the stories of the Norse pantheon, including tales of the Jotunn and the Dwarves, to make them feel comfortable in their skins. They joined the Carnival of Wonders a year ago, after meeting Baldr and realizing he was the god himself. they worship him.


Greta Hellstrom (Carnival)

Freakshow Giant
Sister of Gunter. She performs in the 10-in-1 as the Jotunn, claiming to be a Norse Giantess. She is over seven feet tall, and wears men's garments that have to be altered to fit her height. People can pay extra to be photographed beside her to show how enormous she is.

The pair came over from Finland as children, and their mother told them the stories of the Norse pantheon, including tales of the Jotunn and the Dwarves, to make them feel comfortable in their skins. They joined the Carnival of Wonders a year ago, after meeting Baldr and realizing he was the god himself. they worship him.


Lars Holmgren (Carnival)

Lars is a Roustie with the Carnival of wonders, and a secret worshipper of Baldr. He and his sister came to this country from Sweden a decade ago so his sister could teach at a school for the deaf, and carried the beliefs of the old country with him.

He lived with his deaf sister until the Carnivale came through two years ago, and he recognized Baldr for who he truly was. As the god had lost his voice, he joined to serve as one for man, as he knew ASL due to his sister's deafness.

He works as a roustabout and often mans Colossus during the day.

No badges for Carnival.

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