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Also Known As


on MUX as

The Pedagogue


Finder of Shiny Things

Apparent Age


Played By

The Pedagogue

Role in The Last Road

The crow was injured when Shaitan found it 2 years ago. She nursed it back to health and it bonded with her for feeding it. He is good at finding shiny things in the Wastes, and knows a couple of commands. He's kind of an asshole though, tending to peck or bite at anyone who comes near him that isn't Shai.


Brawn: Poor
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Good
+ Command - Seek (Positive)

This tells Bird to take flight and look for anything shiny in the vicinity
+ Long Whistle (Positive)

When Shai blows the whistle, Bird knows to return to her.
+ Two Short Whistles (Positive)

When Shai blows the whistle in two short bursts, Bird knows he needs to fly down and hide in the back of the truck.
Spirit: Normal
- Hates Everyone Else (Negative)

He bites too! Caw Caw!

Perks and Quirks

- Reputation

Bird is an asshole.
+ Area of Expertise - Shiny Hunting

Spots shiny things in the Wasteland

An American Crow. Black on black. About 3 years old.




Wingless Bird


His owner, or in his eyes, partner. She feeds Bird, Bird finds shinies. She has no wings, and no feathers, and she is very large, but he still sees her as a bird.


Fuzzy Pest

Weather & Explosive Ordinance Detector

When they visit Sanctuary, this strange creature with the big ears keeps trying to be friends. Bird needs no friends!


One Eye

Imperator of Arms

Wingless Bird is friends with One Eye. He smells of strange things only men do, bang bang oil and boom stuff. Don't like him. But mostly ignore so as not to upset Wingless Bird by pecking out his other eye.

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