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Also Known As

Oliver'Oh' Nyoka

on MUX as



The Optimist



Apparent Age


Played By

William Jackson Harper

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'Hope' is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words - And never stops - at all." - Emily Dickinson

Neither blind nor illogical, the optimist finds a path through the darkness - while they believe in evil, they also know that good will ultimately prevail. Times can be terrible, but with work there is always light to be found. Less lonely, less stressed, for the optimist bad things can be changed with enough effort. They know that this can annoy those around them, but a little annoyance is a small price to pay for success and hope.

Archetype Roster Concept 

The world can be a better place. It has to be possible, or why even bother? You know you can pull it off, whatever it is, and things will be all right in the end.

Role in Carnival

Call it what you will - the rainbow-god of the Ashanti, Ouroboras, Jörmungandr, the creature of the Gnostic Pistis Sophia or the Kundalini serpent - many cultures have the concept of the great snake that purifies itself and the world through devouring its own shadow. An ancient alchemical concept, enough people have conceptualised, meditated, and believed in Ouroboras that his reality became a Truth.

The 17th century world view of America was of a magical land, filled literally and figuratively with gold. Conneticut itself was a hotbed of these concepts. And with those obessive alchemists came the Ouroboras, following the changes. The new obsession with chemical processes in the 18th century began to drain it of power. Yet alchemy continued - After six years of work two mortgages, several explosions, and two asphyxiations, researchers in California claimed to be able to produce the White Stone of the Philosophers. The Ouroboras was reinvigorated until 1934 when the researchers passed away, and practical alchemy vanished in a dust bowl.

The Soul of the World, with its power to move towards purity by accepting and devouring its own base nature, was strong. But the problem with essential truths that involve hope, acceptance, and self-improvement is that such things are hard and lack external reward. They are not as exciting as the rush to new gold, the creation of new sciences, nor the pleasures of the flesh. The times of the Depression make philosophy seem like a distant thing - it's hard to think about esoterica when you're starving. And gradually the great serpent has faded, twisting itself down to a restricted, controlled being. A man in a circus, attempting to devour the dark parts of himself, who remembered once encircling and purifying, destroying and recreating the world.

Pain and destruction has never stopped the Ouroboras. He will succeeed, and he will bring hope once more.

Oliver - though he often prefers 'Oh', is a contortionist at the Carnival. A rare example of the breed, he is both a front bender, and a back bender, and able to coil and curl his body with serpentine grace.

His flexibility allows him to work with the Spanish Web as a climber - contorting himself around the ropes and weaving back and forth until his partner-spinner has finished creating the complex knots and arrangements. While Oh is no master of the corde lisse, he can work with it and assist others in it. Due to his skills, Nyoka can end up in the position of assisting with machinery or other areas that require tight spaces.

The Ouroborus is an ancient alchemical beast of eternity and renewal, eating away at the old and creating the new. For the moment, when he has a few moments to himself, this one enjoys sunning himself or swimming. What he really wants to do is learn and grow, assimilating his own shadow nature, and he observes others in the Carnival to work towards this.


Brawn: Normal
+ Stamina (Positive)
+ Swimmer (Positive)
- Massive Metabolism (Negative)

A giant creature in a small body, the world serpent has to eat - a lot - all the time. No matter what. If it's people or nothing, he'll eat people.
Finesse: Good
+ Flexible (Positive)

So very bendy!
+ Reflexes (Positive)

Brains: Normal
+ Insightful (Positive)

Good at understanding the 'whys'.
- ENTHUSIASM (Negative)

- Blind Optimism (Negative)

Everyone's good, right?
Spirit: Normal
+ Brave (Positive)

Eating yourself takes courage

Perks and Quirks

+ Purify base elements (10)

Extract pure gold from diluted gold coins, purify water, and so forth. The simple alchemical processes. - Finesse
+ Fast healer (10)

Physical fast healing. Flesh knits, bleeding stops faster than normal. Purity is it's own reward. - Spirit
+ Final Transmutation (40)

The Ouroboras changes a being into their Ideal Self through his own focused talking and slow serpentine transformation that gradually reveals aspects of his monstrous/divine nature. This triggers an intense experience of revelation in the being, curing mental or physical illness or providing sudden insight. The effects can be unpredictable. - Brains/Brawn/Spirit depending on what is being transformed, mind or body or soul.
- Monstrous Diet (20)

Live rats, small dogs...and if starving, humans look great.
- Archaic Mind (10)

Alchemy is really how the world works, right?
- Bestial (10)

Those without inner strength (a good Mind or Spirit score) find his presence eerie and serpentine.
- Freak (10)

An iridescent quality to the skin over his cheeks, arms and spine that is distinctly and unnaturally scale-like.

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No badges for Carnival.

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Declaration of War
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What Then to Do?
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Fear and Loathing in Truth or Consequences
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Holden Gets a Hug
(2019-04-14 • Midway) Holden is drunk again. Bik gives him some tough love. Later, Diamanto and Benaim watch as Oh gives Holden a hug, serpent style.
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With Sequined Scales
(2019-04-12 • Egyptian Camp) Oh consults with Aya about costuming.
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Spanish Web
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) Benaim and Oh look at recruiting Philomena to the Spanish Web!
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Between a Rock and Several Hard Places
(2019-04-12 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) Urania informs the myths on what's to come and the various choices that they can make. Most of which seem difficult or horrible.
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So What's His Deal Anyway?
(2019-04-10 • Desert Wedding) Oh and Benaim have a serious talk.
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Disturbing Dreams
(2019-04-07 • The Edge of the Desert) Oh and Kemen discuss a dream of unmaking.
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The Sweat Tent
(2019-04-06 • Oh's Tent) Oh hosts a cleansing event in his tent. Diamanto and Kemen show up.
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Breakdown, Middle Of the Night
(2019-04-02 • Ignota's Tent) Some philosophy between beasts and a king.
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The Lady and the Snake
(2019-04-01 • Camp) Diamanto and Oh take some time to get acquainted, and a friendship starts to bloom.
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The Feast
(2019-03-31 • Farms and grazing land outside Nowhere, Colorado) In which the hungry bellies of three hunters are filled under Kemen's watchful eye.
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ReBirthday Party
(2019-03-31 • Carnival Grounds - Adult Area) The Children Of A Lesser God have a reason to celebrate. Everyone's Invited.
Cast  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Urania (as Urania)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Bik (as Bik)  •  Diamond Devil (as Diamento)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •  Hodr (as Holden/Owen)  •
(2019-03-31 • Leona and Kemen's Camp) Kemen finds a gift left by the faeries. Leona calls for blood. Faerie pranks ensue, kegs are brought out, and people come to drink and discuss Radio's offer.
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Return of the King
(2019-03-30 • Carny Camp) Sky brings Kemen back to camp, to an admiring audience.
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Threat Lodge
(2019-03-29 • Big Cat Pens and Oh's Tent) Diamento, and Kemen, and Oh visit Leona at the Big Cat pen; Oh turns up to offer a sweat bath, which Leona, Colorado, and Kemen try.
Cast  •   Sekhmet  •  Diamond Devil  •  Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •  The Unicorn  •
Sex Ed for Snakes
(2019-03-27 • Ouroboras' Tent) Kemen and Oh discuss, sex, hope, and purification.
Cast  •   Ouroboras  •  Osiris  •
On the Nature of Being
(2019-03-26 • Carnival of Wonders - Illuminated Sheepwagon) Oh and Sebastianus discuss the nature of being.
Cast  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •
All Together Now
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp) A small gathering around the 'Egyptian' camp turns into a brain storming and deep talk.
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •  Sekhmet  •  Nike  •
(2019-03-25 • Carnival Grounds - Big Top) The Big Top puts on a flashy show in Nowhere, Colorado to draw repeat visitors and spark belief in magic.
Cast  •   Dionysus (as Dean)  •  Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Sasha Savage (as audience)  •  La Llorona (as audience)  •  Thunderbird (as audience)  •  Mad Sweeney (as audience)  •  Taema and Tilafaiga (as Kiri)  •  Diamond Devil (as audience)  •  Osiris (as Kemen)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Manticore (as audience)  •  Theodore Walker  •  Aya Chione  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Kitsune (as The Tangerine Torpedo)  •
The Bearded Lady
(2019-03-24 • Bearded Lady's Tent) Kemen comes to see Diamanto in her tent, then walks her to her trailer, where Oh joins them.
Cast  •   Diamond Devil  •  Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •
An Afternoon in the 10-in-1
(2019-03-21 • Carnival Grounds - Ten in One) An afternoon in the 10-in-1, featuring Kit ballying for Greta, Gunter, Olivia, Excellent, and Oh.
Cast  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  The Director  •  Baldr (as Logan Odinson)  •  Coyote (as Kit)  •  Manticore (as Olivia)  •  Excellent Jiang  •  Itzhak "Itchy" Rosencrantz  •  Greta Hellstrom  •  Gunter Hellstrom  •
Wild Things
(2019-03-21 • Colorado Hills) Sekhmet and Osiris run into Oh out in the wilderness. A hunt ensues.
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •  Sekhmet  •
Before the Show
(2019-03-19 • Midway) Before the carnival opens for the day, a few performers gather by Diamanto's tent and visit.
Cast  •   Diamond Devil  •  Philomena Mitchell  •  Ouroboras  •  Nike  •  Hodr  •  Benaim Hakiem  •
April Showers Bring May Flowers
(1934-05-17 • Kemen's Camp) A group gathers to share news around Kemen's camp
Cast  •   Osiris  •  Ouroboras  •  Diamond Devil  •  Hodr  •  Sekhmet  •  Manticore  •