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Also Known As


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The Optimist


Born Again Gardener

Apparent Age


Played By

William Jackson Harper

Faction Membership

The Savvy

Depeche Mode - In Your Room

I'm hanging on your words

Living on your breath

Feeling with your skin

Will I always be here

In your room

Your burning eyes

Cause flames to arise

Will you let the fire die down soon

Or will I always be here?

The Tea Party - Seven Circles

Here, here we are

Shelterless souls

Lit by the stars

And here, here we stand

Divided by lines

We've drawn in the sand

As the world keeps turning

And we keep on searching

For seven circles twisting

Here, here and now

Something must be

Sentient somehow

Because the world keeps turning

And I keep on searching

For seven circles twisting

Around these moments of our lives

Dancing on the edge of night

Everything we've lost is coming back again


'Hope' is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words - And never stops - at all." - Emily Dickinson

Neither blind nor illogical, the optimist finds a path through the darkness - while they believe in evil, they also know that good will ultimately prevail. Times can be terrible, but with work there is always light to be found. Less lonely, less stressed, for the optimist bad things can be changed with enough effort. They know that this can annoy those around them, but a little annoyance is a small price to pay for success and hope.

Archetype Roster Concept 

The world can be a better place. It has to be possible, or why even bother? You know you can pull it off, whatever it is, and things will be all right in the end.

Role in The Last Road





KissThisThen was born amongst the Pure, and given the name 'Prodeo' in the hope he would carry his parent's clear genetics forward. His mother was a well regarded Patron, and his Father was a Breeder. He grew up with a range of half sisters and brothers, and was generally content, kept away from the travails and difficulties of the rest of the Sanctuary. This gilded existence allowed him to develop an optimistic and bright approach to life, though he was somewhat naive.

Prodeo was content with life working on small repairs in the Sanctuary until he could attend to his studies. Here he read heavily, devouring whatever materials were available. He was aiming to be a Breeder, enjoying the idea of raising children for the next generation and instilling his knowledge and hope within them. While he respected the War Kids and Savvy, the life of lack was not for him, and he was frankly glad.

Unfortunately for Prodeo, when he was a teenager, he noticed a white spot appear on his dark skin. He managed to keep it hidden for a few months, but as the vitiligo gradually spread, it was seen by his mother. She took him to the other Patrons, and they decided it was a possible sign of impurity. Since the cause was unknown, his mother gave him the choice of leaving for the War Kids or the Savvy.

Prodeo tried the War Kids only for a short amount of time before it became obvious that he was poorly suited - especially since he was not remotely used to the rations there, or the fact that he could do what he wanted with his body. Without the predictable safety of Fortunate life, he had a sobbing breakdown, becoming known as a waste, and only his mother's influence ended up with him being shunted off to the Savvy. Terrified that this might be his last chance, he abandoned his name, and called himself after something one of the War Kids had said to him in a grovelling attempt to ingratiate himself.

Fortunately for the ex-Fortunate, his previous experience with studying and reading started to bear fruit. He was humble enough to keep his head down and study hard, and was eventually moved to mycology and fungal remediation as well as permaculture. He dithered between Reaper and Etherite before selecting Reaper and focusing intently on his system-approach to growing large scale robust integrated food systems. A 'garden' designed by KissThisThen looks like a wilderness at first glance, but every single element, from bacteria to refuse, are important. All living things have multiple tasks and roles, and the primary goal is creating a self-repairing, self-engaging system. He works heavily with mycology and has been known to produce drugs for the healers to use, though toxins are easier with fungi.

Now a completely converted Reaper under the Green Man, KissThisThen spends his days up to his elbows in dirt, examining, testing, tasting. He watches for signs of minute mineral deficiencies, he listens to the sound of insects, he enlarges and expands whenever he can. Some might see him as greedy for too much space, for KissThisThen is convinced that he could make an oasis of Sanctuary given enough time. Produce more food than could ever be needed. He has become a fanatic, a worshiper of mycelium and plant root exudates, talking to his garden, always, always whispering. It will be salvation.

Primary Producer - KissThisThen can provide certain types of raw materials that can be extracted from plants - gelling agents, fermentations, poisons, syrups that make people see things. While he gives what he produces as he should, those with Lux tokens can acquire these goods. The Fortunate have them whenever they desire.

Failed Fortunate - KissThisThen started life as most do amongst the Fortunate, except that his 'disability' only showed up in his late teens - he was all set to be a Breeder, which is exactly what he was happy to be. Other Fortunate might know about him - he begged to stay in a pretty public way and was very vocal.

Failed War Kid - KissThisThen flunked out of basic training a few months in. Whether it was the lack of stamina and discipline, being bullied for being a coward, or something else, he copped abuse and War Kids might know about him - he had a series of breakdowns and was very withdrawn.

Successful Reaper - Amongst the Reapers, KissThisThen is well regarded for his extensive ability to just 'get' how biological systems fit together. He has a deft touch with regenerative agriculture, and is good at detecting issues before they become serious.

Communal Mindset - KissThisThen believes in the Sanctuary and follows orders.

No body modesty - For the Reaper, clothes are for protective purposes only. He decorates himself with scarification or items tied out of plant material, but his clothes are either falling apart or not even on. Gloves and foot protection are more important to him.

Chatter - KissThisThen sings and talks to himself as a nervous tic since the War Children, a low-grade constant noise that only stops when he focuses. Other people sometimes find this annoying. He talks in his _sleep_.

Theories - Got a theory about something biological? How about sociological? KissThisThen has theories about everything and is constantly coming up with new ones. While he can seem very depersonalised and distant from his flesh, he comes alive in debates.


Brawn: Poor
+ Slow and Steady (Positive)

He knows how to pace himself to work quietly and uncomplainingly the whole day.
- Chronic Pain (Negative)

He got badly beaten amongst the War Kids and has joint injuries. Make a wrong move and they flare and he's out for the count.
Finesse: Normal
+ Improvised Weapons (Positive)

Almost ANYTHING the reaper touches can be used to put a hole in someone!
Brains: Good
+ Puzzle Solver (Positive)

He's great at seeing the big picture and finding solutions.
+ Photographic Memory (Positive)

Whatever he sees he has a good chance of remembering.
+ Plant Extracts (Positive)

He's amazing at pulling chemicals and drugs out of plants.
- Poor Hearing (Negative)

The smacking around did some hearing damage.
Spirit: Good
+ Determined (Positive)

He has managed to develop a honed willpower.
- Socially Inept (Negative)

Yeah. He he acts a bit off and that does NOT help.

Perks and Quirks

+ Area of Expertise

Advanced Mycology - Your college education or extracurricular activities give you an edge in a specific field. Can add an ADDITIONAL +1 to a Brains or Finesse roll once per scene in that field.
+ Area of Expertise

Permaculture - Your college education or extracurricular activities give you an edge in a specific field. Can add an ADDITIONAL +1 to a Brains or Finesse roll once per scene in that field.
+ Steel Yourself

Use before a Freak-Out Check to automatically succeed once per Scene for 3GP.
+ Versatile

Use a Positive quality in a tagential (other) Stat Check once per Scene.
- Big Favor: Kitten

You owe someone else a big debt.
- Big Favor: Xavier

You owe someone else a big debt.
- Communal Mindset

The character doesn't get things like jealousy, competition and profit. This can result in them making sacrifices that may not be strictly necessary, and often makes them seem callous to the feelings and desires of others. Savvy Only
- Reputation

Deserved or not, you got a bad rep, and it follows you. -1 Spirit on your first social roll once per scene. Others are encouraged to RP your reputation with and around you. - Only cares about plants!




Nice nice got a thing with the skin, but not like me, his mouth's not out of sorts with his head, got a quiet going thing, that thing, you know, well. He doesn't stop me from my green brethren. He don't go all diseased in the brain about it.

Scholar 2 madmax 3.png


Imperator (Charioteer)

He's down with the chatter, and he'll give it back, well that's the benefit of experience. When you've put your fingers down in the sand sometimes you realise there's more in there than silicates. Not much for the howling, but a lot for the chatback.



Designer of Glorious Chariots

We all build more than ourselves, so this is just paring for the horses for courses, but he helped me on my way. He stopped me going blood-silent, and now, well, I think, who knows. We could be, you know. We could talk. Everything's a motherfucking wheel, right.



Imperator of Arms

Look, he's been around here a while, and I don't know, maybe I've got something for blacklung. I'm not saying it's a cure, I'm not saying it won't kill, but maybe maybe, baby.



Savvy Pharmacist

Savvy longer than I am, but we got a lot to Chatter about together. It's going to be an entire thing, this whole future plan. In the meantime, painkillers. Flesh dies when it is distressed.



Organic Mechanic

Hookit. Did my work, when I had the work done did. Many faces, many hands, go into that tree on the chest, but it's going to need more, after I have a rest.


High Sign


KISSTHISTHEN owes Kitten a Major Favour: I remember when they were a babe in arms, all literal like. I was like, I don't know, five dozen, six dozen moons? What a little smoothy skinned babe. I wanted to be a Breeder after that, gotta snuggle those little sproutlings. Except things changed, and they always do, and now High Sign has this Way. This Way became My Way for a bit, and they took the fall.

Faustina Portrait.jpeg


Copper (Was a Counter)

Most of them seem to be all 'use this, do that' and don't understand how if you make the circle bigger, get some decay happening, work on some cyanobacteria modifications, maybe feed the rhizosphere...well, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Comptroller is more likely to get that. Systems-based-thinking.




KISSTHISTHEN owes Xavier a Major Favour: Yeah, so the other year, I guess things were less than amazing, they were less than. Good. And it, well, it got to a bit of the old coldness, it did, but Xavier spoke up: Said Shift Them. So shifted I was. It isn't that I'd die for them. It's that I'd die if they hadn't.

Beast LastRoad.jpg


Fortunate Companion / Fire Performer

I make him the odd burn salve. Sometimes he lets me spend time there. I like to close my eyes, and I think: It would be okay. For me. But he isn't happy, I think?


SKIDMARXXX (The Last Road)

Children of War
Whatever the hell is wrong with SKIDMARXXX, it must be a doozy. He - he? Maybe? - only ever shouts his name, rather than speaking it. Shouting seems to be his thing. He came in a while back as a War Child, and seems to sleep in that weird, stinky costume of his. He's rather Ride-or-Die, but he seems to really enjoy the company of others, especially KissThisThen for some reason.

He spends a lot of his time screaming at KissThisThen, who takes it in stride. He smacked KissThisThen around a fair amount while the now-gardener was in the Children of War, and seems to feel a built guilty about it. So now he hangs out with him, yelling at him to IMPROVE HIS MOTHERFUCKING MORALE.

SKIDMARXXX apparently has replaced his teeth with bullets 'SO THAT WHEN I BITE A MOTHERFUCKER I SHOOT THEM TOO' but since he wears that mask full time, biting has to be some sort of...metaphor? Analogy?


JunkWonderful (The Last Road)

Junk Wonderful is an Organic Mechanic who works on tattooing. She has been doing designs for the last five years - and practising on War Kids who have less interest in being 'perfect'. She has more recently started doing some scarification, specialising in shaded edging work.

Junk Wonderful is clinical, specific, clear, and neutral in tone. She never uses slang, she always uses precise terminology. It helps her deal with the screaming existential terror of her likely death - contaminated, she has cancerous patches on her body.

Junk Wonderful has had some of the cancers removed here and there, and relies on some of the plant extracts KissThisThen produces in order to help them heal.

No badges for The Last Road.

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