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Harkaway Aerglo

Also Known As


on MUX as



The Optimist


Science Mission Co-Ordinator

Apparent Age


Played By

William Jackson Harper

Faction Membership


'Hope' is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words - And never stops - at all." - Emily Dickinson

Neither blind nor illogical, the optimist finds a path through the darkness - while they believe in evil, they also know that good will ultimately prevail. Times can be terrible, but with work there is always light to be found. Less lonely, less stressed, for the optimist bad things can be changed with enough effort. They know that this can annoy those around them, but a little annoyance is a small price to pay for success and hope.

Archetype Roster Concept 

The world can be a better place. It has to be possible, or why even bother? You know you can pull it off, whatever it is, and things will be all right in the end.

Role in Project Icarus

Harkaway Aerglo is the science Mission Co-ordinator. He oversees the science side of the research mission, collects reports, and comes up with coordinated approaches to problems.

Aerglo's family has for several generations selected deliberately for intelligence as a result of the pressures of global warming. Since birth, Aerglo has been carefully adjusted for life for the corporation, at his teacher's insistence - he doesn't see his genetic contributors as parents. Being as intelligent and...carefully, precisely designed as he is, Aerglo is more or less socially inept while being brilliant.

Some of those who report to him say he is a sociopath - certainly, he maintains a peculiarly bright and optimistic view on existence no matter what he has to break to understand it.

Harkaway is a specialist in military applications, particularly shielding and engineering alternative solutions to hard vacuum, hard radiation, and vast temperature differences. If you need something to survive the unthinkable, Harkaway is your man.


Brawn: Normal
+ Enduring (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Ambidextrous (Positive)
+ Delicate Touch (Positive)
Brains: Good
+ Mad Science Juryrigging (Positive)
+ Photographic Memory (artificial) (Positive)
- Cannot Function Without Medication (Negative)

Requires sleeping tablets
- Frequent Tool Use Causes Distraction (Negative)

Aerglo's artificial eye will cause him distraction due to data processing if he uses its scanner ability too often.
Spirit: Normal
+ Commanding - I Give the Orders Here! (Positive)
- Bad At Social Cues (Negative)

Perks and Quirks

- Big Favor - Conor Dunn/The Medic

What happens in sick bay STAYS IN SICK BAY!
+ Area of Expertise

Inhospitable environments are my jam.
- Corporate Lackey

I love Penumbra Corp! They gave me a budget!
+ Let's End This

Don't get in my God damn way.
- Reputation

Freak - Prone To Malaprops And Inappropriate Responses. Might Be A Sociopath
+ Spectrometer Lens

One Of Aerglo's Eyes Acts As A Spectrometer, With An Inbuilt Computer That Feeds Chemical Analysis Directly To His Brain. All Content Is ####REDACTED######


Aerglo1-Project-Icarus.jpg Aerglo5.jpg Aerglo6.jpg

No supporting cast found for this story.

No badges for Project Icarus.

Harkaway's Perfectly Boring Professional Journal

27th of the Sixth.

Hypothesis: The possession by the shadow-creatures likely has some form of limitation otherwise we would already be possessed. They appear to be wanting to get us outside, possibly to possess us.

From how _far away_ do the miners seem to get possessed?

Do things like rocks in the way slow them down?

Do they go for any particular types (hysterical?) before anyone else? Who holds out longest, and why? Basically, what is a safe distance?

Current Spaceworthy Status: Sebastian Angel Anita Blaise Braden Mads Tellur Luna Elizabeth Nyka Niko Mira Not on List: Conor Samantha

Status Update: Four of them on board ship, and also the twins. Focus on ensuring that Braden, Angel, Sebastian and Blaise are never in the same room together. Braden is uninterested in this and may in fact not remember me.

Phase One: Analysis of Situation up until now.

KV-273 landing went 'smoothly'. Ship is sealed and safe, but supplies are not as I would prefer to have them.

Situation is, in my opinion, roughly a week away from degrading seriously, especially once people work out the full implications of the intelligence and time delay. Our focus must be on survival, primarily. Note that Jazz Flower has similar skillsets with survival.

Scan systems: Not unusual. Shape shifting entity may be singular or multiple, not enough evidence to suggest whether there is only one giant entity that can split parts of itself off, or if there is a large one and 'three' smaller ones as Braden has so far suggested..

Only very minor time dilation on day one according to the twins. The distortion of space to the jump point is variable.

Biometrics within standard range of errors, save for malcontents who decide they will freak out whenever they feel.

Current Status:

  1. Angel
  2. Anita
  3. Blaise
  4. Mads
  5. Sebastian
  6. Luna
  7. Braden
  8. Nyka
  9. Niko

Not on List: Conor Samantha

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Courtesy gets you places.
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(2019-06-05 • Icarus - Lower Level - Research Labs) Harkaway brings Samantha up to speed on what's happened while she was locked in her pod. Anita tries to convince the doctor to let her help him.
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The Check-Up
(2019-06-05 • The Maze) Harkaway is off to get his check-up with Anita and runs into Bosch on the way.
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Theory and Practice
(2019-06-04 • Chaos Theory Lab) A meeting in the Chaos Theory lab leads to more chaos. You'd think they'd all see that coming...
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At Least Let Us Start Drilling for the Rare Earth Already
(2019-06-04 • Engineering Office) The laws of unintended consequences, unsafety in numbers, and the scientific proof of the theory of the preservation of beverages.
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(2019-06-02 • Engineering Chief's Office) Various people seek libations and/or inspiration in Blaise's office. Some even find it.
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Do the Time Warp Again
(2019-06-02 • Harkaway's Lab) Amidst all the bad news, there is worse news.
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Walking Wounded
(2019-06-02 • Med Bay) Anita clears Angel for duty. They then team up to convince Harkaway to accept needed medical treatment.
Cast  •   Li Ting  •  Harkaway Aerglo  •  Angel Ocasio  •
Wake Up and Brace
(2019-06-01 • Research Stasis) The Science and Research teams all have a rude awakening and get beat up by the crash landing.
Cast  •   Li Ting  •  Nyka Kolvek di Mercurio  •  Sebastian Rozgold  •  Braden Flower  •  Dr. Blaise di Mercurio  •  Father Kellan Riordan  •  Harkaway Aerglo  •  Alannah St. George  •  Elizabeth Ryan  •  Sister Francis  •
Penumbra - Better
(2019-05-28 • Penumbra Orientation) Penumbra Corp Setup
Cast  •   Li Ting  •  Samantha Davies  •  Ronnie Bosch  •  Harkaway Aerglo  •
Post-Briefing Briefing
(2019-05-27 • Penumbra Office) After learning about Project Icarus, a quartet of the crew get to know each other.
Cast  •   Samantha Davies  •  Li Ting  •  Harkaway Aerglo  •  Ronnie Bosch  •
The Whole Story
(2019-04-30 • Icarus - Lower Level - Med Bay) The morning after Teller's brawl with Jeremiah, he receives a few visitors. The mad scientist, the wayward husband, and the other professional busybody.
Cast  •   Dana Teller  •  Angel Ocasio  •  Braden Flower  •  Harkaway Aerglo  •
R and R
(2019-04-28 • Rec Room) Preparing to launch, a few crew members head up to the rec room to unwind. Angel and Harkaway have a charged reunion.
Cast  •   Angel Ocasio  •  Braden Flower  •  Samantha Davies  •  Jasper Bloom  •  Li Ting  •  Harkaway Aerglo  •

Little known fact: His name is a poem, and probably the best thing Penumbra gave him. Harkaway Aerglo translates to: The one who rounds up the faint light of the stars