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Appearing In
Prosperity's Price

The six miners who slowly starved, forced to eat each other to survive until none were left. They are now forever cursed to hunt humans and eat their flesh. They can be killed - though it takes a lot to do so -but they always rise again the next Reaping.

DAMAGE TOKENS: 20* (see below)

Components and Weaknesses


King of Beasts
Wild animals often follow them, hunting with them. Wolves, coyotes and even bears are common.
Ferociously Fast
They cannot be outrun on foot. Running from them gains no SP beyond the first 4, and no running roll can allow for escape from a Kill Scene. Horses can outrun them.
Scent of Blood
Once they smell blood, they cannot be shaken. Hiding from them gains no SP if the character is bleeding.
Teeth that Bite
A bite does 1d6 SP to the victim.
Claws that Catch
A swipe of their claws does 1d4 SP.
Each round that they are above 0 in Damage Tokens, they regenerate 3.


They are nocturnal, and must retreat from sunlight.

Appearances in the Story

Last Stand in Prosperity
(2018-12-15 • Prosperity - Town Square) Jody DeWitt names his family's Champion and all Hell breaks loose. The town must come together one last time to vanquish the demon, Belphagor.
Cast  •   Hector "Heck" DeWitt  •  Isaac Munson  •  Arthur McTavish  •  Jonah Hargreave  •  Adelaide “Addie” DeWitt  •  Colorado Colton  •  Nettie Hargreave  •  Evan DeWitt  •  Martin Munson  •  Caleb Colton  •  Jody DeWitt  •  Angeline Moreau  •  Rory McTavish  •  Cillian McTavish  •  Llesenia Santi  •  Sebastian Munson  •  Ashley "Ash" Dalton  •  Excellent Jiang  •  Ruby Hoak  •  Colt Buckner  •  Belphagor/Igor  •
Tiny Leviathan
(2018-12-09 • Old Mine) Leviathan, Queen of Envy, Serpent of the Lake of Fire breaks the contract and is then banished.
Cast  •   Jody DeWitt  •  Eilis McTavish  •  Colorado Colton  •  Adelaide “Addie” DeWitt  •  Martin Munson  •  Pierce Colton  •  Llesenia Santi  •  Rory McTavish  •  Nolan McTavish  •  Nettie Hargreave  •  Mattie Novak  •  Cillian McTavish  •  Grace Munson  •  Maria de Guadalupe (Lupe) Hargreave y Orzibal, AKA Bella Muerta  •  Excellent Jiang  •  Josephine Dalton  •  Angeline Moreau  •  Colt Buckner  •