Wasteland Raiders

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Raider Gang

Appearing In
The Last Road

There are numerous packs of nomads throughout the wastes, many of them barely more than starving animals. Some are more organized and proficient. Raiders come and go, it's a part of daily life. Usually they avoid big groups and convoys - especially War Kids - but a small group? Just a couple vehicles? That's what they survive on.

All Components below are optional. By default, Raiders get none. The Assistant Director or TD will state up front what Components the Raiders in a given scene have, if any.

Components and Weaknesses


Extra Gunner
Some bigger vehicles have room for an extra fighter, or fighters. Each extra man grants an additional 2DT to the vehicle.
Armored Vehicle
Some vehicles are reinforced and provide cover and armor to those on or in them. Each level of armor gives 1DT that must be cut through before the people inside are injured. For example, an armor level of 3 means the first 3DT done to the vehicle is soaked by the armor. Armor levels range 1-5.
Nitro Boost
Some vehicles can be fed nitro for a massive burst of speed. This can be used once per scene to lower a PC driver's SP by 1d3. It cannot being them below 1SP or kill, it's simply for catching up.
Heavy Weapon
Some vehicles are mounted with a heavy weapon, usually a high caliber gun. On these vehicles, one fighter does 1d5 SP damage per shot instead of 1d3. If there are multiple fighters, all others take DT/die first, leaving this one for last, then the driver.
Ramming Weapons
Some vehicles have blades, spikes, and other things mounted to the front or sides to cause vehicle damage. On these vehicles, the first successful ram/railroad attack damages the vehicle and puts the driver at -1 on all driving rolls going forward.


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Appearances in the Story

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