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Appearing In
Prosperity's Price

Evil spirits, usually unseen by the naked eye, that lurk and cause tragedy wherever they can. Not all are ghosts or remnants of the dead, but some particularly terrible people live on as Shades after death. Many are just thought to be demons or devils, creatures of Hell set loose by the Reaping. While most never take a form or shape and cannot directly harm a person, some can.

DAMAGE TOKENS: Special* (see below)

Components and Weaknesses


All Shades are incorporeal, though a few can take a tangible form. This means that they cannot be harmed by physical means unless they become tangible. They also cannot directly harm the living. They must be warded off via Compel Evil with Spirit.
They can manipulate objects by applying force. Slamming a door, knocking over a lantern, etc., are all within their means. They can cause great calamity this way, up to and including death.
Soul Terror
A Shade that passes through a person stirs an intense feeling of dread within them. Treat as a Freak-Out check, but the effects last for the scene on a failure.
A rare few can jump into a person and puppet them for a short time. Same as above, but a failure hands full control of the victim to The Director.
Take Shape
Those who can solidify are able to do anything a living person can, including use firearms. They have 4-8 Damage Tokens, and go incorporeal on 'death'.
Very rare, but a few can ignore commands and compulsions outright, but will eventually leave. These are the worst and most powerful of Shades and must simply be survived.


Compellable Evil
By using Compel Evil, most Shades can be ordered to leave.

Appearances in the Story

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