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Avataric Minion

Appearing In

The many minions of a greater avatar. They appear as children peddling newspapers, often in pairs or even packs, and can be relentless. While they can be dangerous in numbers, it's their ability to shape and bend reality that makes them truly frightening.

Components and Weaknesses


Everywhere You Turn
Every direction you run, every corner you turn there's more of them waiting for you. You cannot outrun them, and running grants no SP. You must hide from them or fight your way out.
Headline News
The news is the truth. Newsies can will things into being by stating them as fact. PCs usually get some form of resistance roll based on the nature of the statement.
Mists of Memory
Certain Avatars and their minions can erase memory, making gods and monsters forget aspects of themselves. Spirit is rolled to resist. The first use on a target in a scene must be something simple. The second can be more complex. A third successful use can erase all memory. This amnesia lasts 24 hours if the god or monster escapes alive, but a god or monster that dies while fully wiped cannot rise later and simply ceases to exist. Triggers a Freak-Out check in all gods and monsters present when used.


None currently known.

Appearances in the Story

Extra Extra
(2019-04-17 • Town Store) Some of the carnies go into town to get supplies before the caravan moves out. It very much does not go as expected.
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