The Mudkin

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Appearing In
Prosperity's Price

Hands that reach up out of the muddy ground during and after a flash flood, some believe that they are the restless dead from previous Reapings, hence the name. They reach up and grab feet, hooves, even wheels and bog them down in the mud, pulling them under like quicksand. They can strike day or night, but only while the ground is wet.

DAMAGE TOKENS: 1 per hand* (see below)

Components and Weaknesses


Many Hands
Many, even dozens of hands at a time can reach up out of the mud. The initial roll to avoid being grabbed is Finesse (with reflex-based qualities adding a bonus), but once grabbed it becomes a Brawn check to get free. A failed Finesse roll results in 1d10 hands grabbing the victim. They do not cause SP loss upon initial grip.
Mud Flats
Characters must navigate the area - not just a single attempt. Succeeding on a Finesse roll one round is usually not enough. The Director will say how big the muddy area is and how many rolls must be made to get through it.
Drag You to Hell
Each round after being grabbed, the victim must roll Brawn (strength qualities give a bonus, as does assistance from others as normal). On a failure, they lose SP equal to HALF the number of hands grabbing them, rounded up (1-5). A basic success holds the victim steady - no ground gained or lost. An exceptional success breaks free of a number of hands equal to the match value of the roll. Only once the victim has broken free of all the hands can they escape.


Hands Can Bleed
Shooting the hands can help. Each successful roll to shoot at the hands removes a hand from the struggle as it lets go and sinks below. A failure results in a miss. A failed roll that includes a 1 and top number (6/8/10) results in hitting the person you are trying to help, costing them 1SP.

Appearances in the Story

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